Location: Ames Cemetery, Greenwood, Maine

Jan. 3, 1827
Æ. 50

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Comment by Kathleen Baxter on August 1, 2010 at 2:41pm
Ezra and Polly were my four times great grandparents. I am so grateful for this photograph. Thank you so much.
My grandmother was Maud Bradford, daughter of Luther, son of Ezra, son of Luther, son of this Ezra. Not much creativity in the name department.
Kathleen Baxter in Minnesota
Comment by Chris Dunham on August 1, 2010 at 2:50pm
Hi, Kathleen, welcome to the site!

Ezra didn't live in Greenwood long. He was a resident of Augusta when he bought land here 11 Oct. 1825, and died a couple of years later. His widow remained here and received town support as late as 1844, but moved off to Boston before 1850.
Comment by Kathleen Baxter on August 2, 2010 at 8:56am
Chris, I thank you so much for letting me know, and I say you deserve extra stars in your crown for all of this you are giving us on the web! Good grief! How do you KNOW this stuff? This is fantastic information. I stumbled on the site this weekend, I am your worshiping fan!
Two years ago, I did go to Greenwood; I was presenting in Portland and came in a day early to drive up there (and was stunned to discover that Poland Spring water actually comes from a real place--I always am excited to have it because I know I am in the northeast somewhere. We sure do not have it in Minnesota) .
I spent more time than I should have rooting around your tree and the Maine site and have Daniel Field(s). widow's pension application. Which I got on Footnote, but it all ties together so beautifully.
My great great grandfather Ezra marched with Sherman to the sea. My husband is from South Carolina, this does not go over so well.
I am curious as to how you determined that the Tabeys are all siblings....and everything I have seen you do is a great model of being meticulous, so I believe you!
Comment by Chris Dunham on August 2, 2010 at 12:09pm
There is circumstantial evidence that Mary "Polly" (Tobey) Bradford was the sister of Noah Tobey, and daughter of Nathaniel and Nancy (Tapley) Tobey. When she married Ezra in 1800 she was living in "the Plantation of Little River" (now Lisbon Falls), which is right up the river from Topsham, where Noah Tobey was living. Her daughter Olive's death record confirms that Polly was born in Kittery, where the Tobeys originated. Ezra lived in the same neighborhood and was buried in the same little cemetery as Noah Tobey and his mother.

One thing I neglected to mention was that Ezra sold his 70-acre homestead in Greenwood to his eldest daughter Betsey in October 1826. This was just a few months before his death, and—as it was unusual at the time for a 50-year-old man to sell all his land to an unmarried daughter—I suspect that he was gravely ill and wanted Olive to stay and care for her mother when he passed away.
Comment by Jay D. Hanscom on August 4, 2010 at 7:38pm
I've noticed that you have an extensive (and unknown to me) knowledge of Ezra Bradford and Polly Tobey. I'm teaching a Local History course here in Bethel, and the Project is covering all of the, "residents" of Ames Cemetery. Our research team (the students) have made many connections, but one that keeps alluding us is how come Ezra Bradford and Nancy Chase are buried there. I read your previous post, and would like to ask where you found all of your, "circumstantial evidence" and especially where you found the information on where Ezra bought and sold his land.
Oh, and one final question, our team thinks that Ezra Bradford's tombstone has an inscription on it that says, "Humble War Lt.", any leads or thoughts on this? Thank you so much!
Comment by Chris Dunham on August 4, 2010 at 9:32pm
Ezra's marriage to Polly— 23 Jan. 1800 at Little River Plantation, Lincoln County—was recorded in Augusta. The land records come from the Registry of Deeds in South Paris. Ezra bought 70 acres of lot 4 in the 2nd range in Raymond's Grant, 11 Oct. 1825, from the heirs of Nathan Bixby [vol. 39, page 320]. He sold the land to Betsey L. Bradford of Greenwood, 19 Oct. 1826 [48:274]. Betsey and her mother sold to Alfred Wentworth 22 Nov. 1836 [59:77]. This land lay north of the cemetery, about halfway to the Irish Neighborhood, and was later occupied by Emanuel Lindley. You'll find "E. Lindley" living there on this 1880 map of Greenwood.

Nancy Chase was the mother of Noah Tobey and Polly Bradford. Ann "Nancy" Tapley married Nathaniel Tobey 17 July 1768 in Pepperrellborough (now Saco). She became a widow, and in 1799 married as her second husband Judah Chase of Brunswick. After Judah's death, "Mother Chase" lived with her son Noah.

Incidentally, Ezra's death occurred in Greenwood, but was recorded in Plympton, Mass.—the town of his birth.

I took a look at a closeup of Ezra's inscription, and think it might say "Humble worth." The spacing of the letters does make it look like three words. I have found no evidence that Ezra was a veteran.

Comment by Chris Dunham on August 4, 2010 at 9:46pm
Sorry, make that lot 4 in the 6th range.
Comment by Kathleen Baxter on August 5, 2010 at 11:29am
Chris, again, I am stunned. I apologize for this late reply, I was temporarily without a computer for a couple of days due to leaving my cord --long involved story--but am back. You HAVE to be the local expert there, you must be a champion genealogist. Ezra's son Luther (my ggg grandfather) married Mary Wentworth so there goes another name that is also in your list here.
I am so excited to have found you and to have found that you are wonderfully generous and helpful.
Luther had four children, and only one of them had a child that reproduced--once. That was my gg grandfather Ezra, who also had three children and only one of them reproduced--once, my g grandfather Luther, and he reproduced once, my grandmother, and is that not a pathetically small number of descendants from someone like Luther who was born 200 years ago? My grandma reproduced twice, so things have picked up a tad, but I think Luther Bradford has fewer descendants than any of my ancestors from that time period. Which is SO off the subject.
But thanks, and I am hoping to have time in the next few days to really look at this cemetery and your information and do some googling as well.
Kathleen Baxter
Comment by Kathleen Baxter on August 5, 2010 at 11:34am
I have one more question and/or comment. My brother's daughter got into genealogy before I did, and was stunned to find that, on her mother's side, she also had ancestors who lived in Greeenwood, Oxford, Maine. They were Jordans. A direct ancestor (I am not sure how many ggg he was) was born there in 1836; he was Clement Jordan. At his one hundredth birthday party 100 years later, obviously, he told a reporter that he had no idea who all the people were at the party celebrating, but if he had a gun, he would shoot them!!!
Anything anyone might know about the Jordans would be amazing.
Kathleen Baxter
Comment by Chris Dunham on August 5, 2010 at 1:02pm
John C. Jordan was the son of Elijah, Jr., and Lucretia (Cummings) Jordan, who lived in Greenwood until the early 1840s when they moved next door to the town of Norway. They sold out there in 1854 and moved west to Green County, Wisconsin. Elijah was the son of Elijah and Elizabeth Leach (Cowan) Jordan, and Lucretia was the daughter of Elisha and Mary (Dolley) Cummings.

It appears that I'm related to your niece, as I also have Jordan and Cummings ancestors. In fact, I'm descended from the Bradfords of Plymouth County as well, so I guess that we're cousins too!


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