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James Alvin Flynn Family Tree


born;   1852

died;   1938

married;   3  June  1875  Machias, Maine

His Father;   Hiram Marston Flynn

His Mother;   Phebe Ann Tupper


Annie  M.  Foster

born;   27  Sept.  1855  Machiasport, Maine

died;                 1944  Machiasport, Maine (buried Church Hill Cemetery,…


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Hiram Marston Flynn Family Tree


born;   12  Aug  1818 - Machiasport, Maine

died;   1  Jan  1906 - buried Bucks Harbor Cem.


his father;   James  T.  Flynn

his mother;   Sarah  Marston

his wife;

Phebe Ann Tupper

born;   3  Sept  1820 - Jonesboro, Maine

died;   11  March  1895  - buried Bucks Harbor…


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James T. Flynn Family Tree

James  T.  Flynn


died;    12  June  1849  buried Church Hill Cem, Machiasport, Maine


his father;   James  Flynn

his mother;   Mary  Kinsella

his wife;

Sarah  Marston


died;   20  July  1865  buried Church Hill Cem., Machiasport, Maine

her father;  Samuel …


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Anemone cave is an ancient sea cave located by the Schooner Head Overlook parking area.  It was once one of the main attractions in Acadia National Park before the Park Service abandoned the cave and had…


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Edward N. Leavitt Family Genealogy


born; 3 Dec. 1839 Bangor, Maine

died; 29 April 1886

married; 14 Oct. 1866 Augusta, Maine

Father; Calvin Leavitt

Mother; Eliza A. Frost

(married 5 Aug. 1839 Bangor, Maine)

his wife;

Leafy Jane Pease

born; 18 May 1846 Augusta, Maine

died; 29 April 1917 Manchester, Maine

her first marriage;

Frederick A. Tiffany

born; Jan. 1844

died; 19 June 1864 Augusta, Maine

married; 14 Dec. 1863 Augusta, Maine…


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Looking for GGG Grandfather Henry Fritz

Henry Fritz is said to have been born in 1793 in Steuben. Earliest Census he shows up on is 1820 in Steuben.  At some point he married Mary Polly Clark and possibly Mary Clymer.  He had the following children William Fritz, Mariam Handy Parritt (Fritz), Sarah Stevens Fritz, John Fritz, Jesse P. Fritz Sr, and Pillsbury Stevens Fritz.

Any assistance in locating birth date, parents names, cemetery would be wonderful.  Taylor Fritz Worthington-Gilchrist

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Looking for parents of Donald J. Gregory

I am looking for the full names of the parents (including maiden of mother) of Donald J. Gregory who was born according to obituary 01 Jun 1916 Biddeford and dying in Bangor on 10 Nov 1986.  He is buried at the Riverside Cemetery in Orono.  He got married in -- Dec 1959 to Eva Bell (Lebel) who was previously married to a Edward Levesque.  

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The Tragic Death Of Lucreatia K. Douglass

Back in 1853 there was no Acadia National Park here, and the town of Bar Harbor back than was called Eden.  But even back than locals made their way to the precipice on the side of Champlain Mountain, and made their way up to a popular spot on the side of the Precipice known as The Great Cave.  The cave was a popular picnic site.  In those days Champlain Mountain was named Newport Mountain.

Now if you have read about this tragic accident on here in the past, you will now find new…


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This my my review of this product or tool often touted as a great tool for genealogy.  I had very high hopes for this site, since i not only do a lot of family genealogy but I also do a lot of research on Acadia National Park and its past history.  As it turned out this was one of the worst genealogy tools I have ever used which is riddled with problems from the get go.

The main problem, and there are several, is that now matter how well you craft your…


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While I was researching descendants of Samuel Fuller who settled in Maine after the Revolutionary War, I stumbled across Charles Alton Ellis, who is my fourth cousin twice removed. He was born in Parkman, Piscataquis County, in 1876. He was the son of David Brainard Ellis and Eliza Wharff…


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New member introduction

Hello all, I am a new member and looking for contacts who share my Adams, Smith, Fish, and Lamb Maine relatives. I am also looking for information about the Bartletts and Ulmers in Rockland Maine. My great grandmother was adopted by the Walleys of Middleboro, Massachussetts between 1865 and 1870. She is not on the MA 1865 MA census but is on the 1870 as a 6 year old. A recent contact indicated that it was thought that she may have been born in Rockland, Maine in July of 1863 and perhaps…


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Reflection on "The Descendants of Stephen Flanders of Salisbury, 1646" by Ellery Kirke Taylor, 1932

Source: “The Descendants of Stephen Flanders of Salisbury, 1626”    Author: Ellery Kirke Taylor

Published privately: 1932    58th out of 150 copies (Boston Public Library)

Taylor finds that Stephen Flanders, Sr. came to America probably from Salisbury, England in 1646.  He maintains that Flander's wife,…


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The Whiting Women Introduction

The Whiting Women Introduction


          What if almost everything your parents told you about their families wasn't true?  The stories they told you were just that, pieces of fiction woven together to create a better past than what really existed.  You might think that everyone's family closet has a skeleton or two.  Well, how about fifteen skeletons in the span of slightly more than 100 years?  I would say that you will probably…


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Ancestry dna

Soooo I took the ancestry Dna test along with my oldest daughter, youngest son, 2 youngest daughter, my mother,and my mother's 1st cousin who happens to be also 3 of my kids' great grandfather, also got my uncle (moms brother) to do the familytree ydna for the Male holman line. 1st off the stories about Holmans being Phelps is true cause all of your ancestors folllowing my Uncle Ronnie is all Phelps in the 1600-1800 but I still cant find when they/we had our name changed over. As for native…


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It is hard to imagine that a place as peaceful and beautiful as Acadia National Park is - that people die there from horrible accidents nearly every year. The most tragic death to me seems to be the young college student who had his entire life before him, who roped down to Anemone Cave, and ancient sea cave that can be entered and explored at low tide, with a friend. The two became trapped in the cave when a storm approached, which stirred up huge waves. Each time the pair attempted to exit…


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Hidden in the woods not far from the summit of Cedar Swamp Mountain in beautiful Acadia National Park are the remains of a plane that crashed into the side of the mountain during bad weather. It was in June 30, 1970 that pilot Robert McGaunn refueled at Boston's Logan International Airport, and as he approached Mount Desert Island he was met by bad weather.

The plane he was flying was a single-engine Piper PA-24 Comanche, and nearly all of the plane remains in the woods near the summit…


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Samuel Robinson, husband of Mercy Staples

I am looking for the parentage of the Samuel Robinson who married Mercy Staples about 1765 and died in Sedgwick Maine about 1785. Mercy then married Jonathan Torrey shortly thereafter.

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Looking for a full date of marriage for the following couple


     I am looking for a full date of marriage for the following couple:  Patrick Voisine and Rita A. Nadeau, in the Maine Genealogy Database it only states Jul 1960.  Family tells me the marriage occurred in Millinocket.  I would be grateful for the day in which they were married.  Thank you very much, please e-mail me directly at Allen

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Mary A (Fickett) Campbell

I am looking for information on a Mary Fickett born roughly 1815 (died after 1870) who married a Levi Campbell in Calais Maine.  I found their intent to marry which said her family was from Perry Maine but nothing more than that.  Does anyone have information on a Mary Fickett?  Some family members that I have spoken to have suggested that she could possibly be an Indian.  

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Edward Stephen Harris

I'm searching for Edward Harris, born 1802 in Portland, Maine, died 1883 in Dixmont, my GGGrandfather. I have direct descendants in Dixmont - various Stephen Edwards (my namesake). i can't seem to get any further back. I'm interested to know where he came from. I've found some hints that he came through Newfoundland, but I don't know when that would have been. Any hints, etc., greatly appreciated. 

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