This blog is about the Getchells History going back to 1600's.   The lines will go like this- Samuel Getchell-

Joseph Getchell of Wells- Capt. John Gatchell of Brunswick along with any new updates and comments made for this blog.     If you wish to email me. Please do at  Hope you enjoy the blog.  Also Please Join Me on Facebook with The Getchells Genealogy Group  is where you will find us, hope to see you there also. 

In Memory of Sylvia Fitts Getchell B. July 3, 1925-Nov. 17 2012  Wife of Leonard Getchell. It was my honor to have known you and speak with you about the Getchells line, you will be missed.   Hope to continue some of your work.!.

I wish to thank all of you who spent time sending emails etc to me on the lines of the Getchells.  I hope these blogs explain the history and most important the marriages and where they are buried in Maine.  The Getchells are related by marriage to the Bakers, Mckenneys, Nasons, Pearsons, Taylors.

The Getchells spelling is also noted as Gatchell, Gitchell, Gitchel.

I also finally got a hold of copy of Elizabeth Mosher book on Northport Getchells, More on this later.

I started this journey in 1995 with my brother rick who was also interested in the lines of our parents.  Although my brother is no longer here I will continue the work, sad to say that this Genealogy Journey is almost at a end.

Thanks for being with me bubba.   

I have had a lot of Questions about the Getchells DNA. so Lets start here my brother had a DNA test done which show  40 % Irish-37 % Scandiavian & 23 % other.    My dad always said there was dutch in the lines.  So where do we go from here?  My mothers Grand Parents were from Ireland. There buried in Lewiston Maine.

Lets start with Samuel Getchell

Generation I.

Samuel Getchell b. about 1618. He married a women by the name of Dorcas (last name not known.)

Dorcas died is Salisbury Essex Co. Mass. 12 Jan. 1684 as found in Salisbury Vital Records pg. 567. Also believed to be Native American.  Lineage Unknown.

three children born:  Susanna b. 1641- Priscella b. 26 Feb. 1648  D. 7 Feb . 1726 Boston Mass.

Samuel b. 8 Mar. 1657 Salisbury Mass. D. 7 July 1710 Salisbury Mass.  He married Elizabeth Jones.

Samuel Getchell Sr.'s grave not found.

Generation 2.

Samuel b. 8 mar. 1657 who married Elizabeth Jones daught. of Robert Jones and Joanna Osgood. She was born 24 Dec 1662 in Amesbury.  D. 24 May 1735 in Amesbury Mass. (V.R of Amesbury)

Children born:

Hannah b. 30 Jan. 1680 Salisbury Mass. (Pg. 114 Salisbury Births) She married Isaac Colby Dec. 5, 1701 in Amesbury.

Moses b. 15 Mar. 1682 Salisbury.

Elinor b. 3 Oct. 1683 Salisbury.

Elinor b. 2 Nov. 1684 Salisbury.

Dorcas b. 8 May 1685 Salisbury.

Samuel b. 12 Apr. 1687 Salisbury. Married Elizabeth Nason- Nason Lineage.

Mary b. 12 Apr. 1687 Salisbury. Twin to Samuel.

Joseph b. According to records he was born 1689 but no Salisbury records found.

Nathaniel b. 30 Jan. 1697 no Salisbury record found.

John b. 30 Jan. 1697 No Salisbury record found.

Joanna b. 22 May 1699 in Salisbury Mass. (pg. 114& 116 Salisbury Rec.)

Robert b. 13 July 1702 Salisbury Mass.

Generation III.

Moses b. 15 Mar 1682 married Judith


Zerviah b. 30 Dec. 1708 Salisbury Mass. (Sal. V.R.)

Hannah b. 22 Sept. 1710 Salis.

Judith b. 28 Jan. 1718 Salis.

Samuel Getchell b. 12 Apr. 1687 married Elizabeth Nason Daug. of Baker Nason & Elizabeth Hatch. She was born 23 Aug. 1694 in Kittery. York Co. Me. (pg. 23 Kittery V.R's)   They were married 9 Nov. 1714 Berwick York Co. Me.


Samuel b. 1716  Unknown.

John b. 2 May 1725. Unknown

Generataion IV.

Samuel b. 1716 Unknown. Married Alice Fry (not Abigail Hearl!!!!!)   LDS Record Says Samuel Married Allce Fry 19 Mar. 1736.  Also noted Samuel was in York-York Co. in 1735 intentions found in York in 1736.

Mary b. 12 Apr. 1687 Twin to Samuel. She married John Drisco date unknown at this time, children born is Salisbury Mass.   John Drisco is the son of John Drisco & Sarah Emerson.

Children born in Salisbury: Sarah Drisco -Joseph-Elizabeth-Moses-Judith-Joannah-

Generation IV

Samuel b. 1716 married Alice Fry (pg. 100 Kittery V.R's show int. of Mar. 19, 1736 )  Alice was born Jan. 31, 1713/14 she is the daug. of John Fry & Elizabeth she was born in kittery. (pg. 43 Kittery V.R's)


Dennis b. 1736 married Mary Holmes .   He last will proved Jan. 6, 1792.  Generation V.

James b. 1738 married Hannah Wittum -this line goes to Northport Me. (Waldo Co. More on this later)

Samuel b. 1740 married Ruth Reed  10 oct. 1771 (pg.11 of Marriage Returns of Lincoln Co. Maine. to 1866).

Elithu b. 1742.  D. 6 Sept. 1806 Bowdoinham Sag. Co. Me.  He was a ship builder he help build The Rainbow-

and The Vassalboro .

Nehemiah b. 1744 married Anna Bragg 23 July 1768 in Hallowell Kenn. Co. Me.  He died 19 June 1818 in Winslow Me.

John b. 1745 married Sarah Cloutman 21 Nov. 1766 in Lincoln Co. Me.

Dominicus b. 1746. Married Eunice Lewis 8 July 1776 in Winslow Kenn. Co. Me.

Generaton V.

Dennis Getchell b. 1736 Married Mary Holmes. Mary Holmes b. 1742 d. 1835 Albion Me. Marr date 17 Sept. 1760.

(Dennis Getchell also known as Maj. Dennis Getchell)  Dennis was a guide with Samuel Berry on the 1775 trip with Ben. Arnold


Abigail b. 1765

Elithu b. 1766 prob. Abagaduseet (now Bowdoinham) married Mary Savage daug. of Ed. & Mary Heal.

Edmund b. 1766 Married Abigail Savage. Daug. of Edward Savage & Mary Heal)

Remington b. 1767 Married Thankful Purington. (Graves not Found)

Dennis b. 8 Feb 1771. Married Rhoda Crosby  Gen. 6.

Margaret b. 1772 Married Jesse Balkam

Anstrus b. 1773

Lydia b. 1775.  D. 11 Sept. 1855  So. Bristonl (Boswell Corners) Ontario N.Y.   Married Joseph Boswell

David b. 1768. Married Phebe Bragg.

Samuel b. 1770  If Samuel is Dennis's  son he is not mentioned in his will along with the other children. (copy of Sylivia Fitts Getchell -(A Genealogy of the Family of Samuel (1)Gatchell (Getchell). Married Olive Pierce.

Fannie Getchell b. 1777  D. 24 Apr. 1851 Married James Flagg.

Mary Getchell b. 1780 Married Charles Hayden Jr. Buried Kenn. Co. Maine.

James b. 1738 Married Hannah Wittum. Hannah Wittum daug. of John Wittum & Lydia Ramsdell.

She was b. 31 oct. 1739 in the town of York-York Co. Me. (York V.R.s)  (This would be the Northport Waldo Co. Me. Line.)  Hannah Wittum Getchell  I believe  Died May 19 1814. Pg. 499 Wiscasset V.R. states :  Mrs. _____Getchell Widow of the late Mr. _______Getchell D. May 19 1814.  I think this is Hannah Wittum Getchell.  No grave found.


John Getchell Jr. b. 8 Dec 1766  died in Wiscasset.

Pelitiah b. 1767  Pg. 133 of Northport Vital records 1800 Census I find Pelitaih (note the spelling on this line is also Gitchell)   His father James is also alive and in the 1800 Census. But not after 1800. 

William b. ?  married Anna  no children found.

According to Embden Town of Yore  Dr. Edward Savage acquired John Getchell lot on Seven Mile Brook, Pg. 101.

Pg. 2 States "John Getchell Jr. who returned to Wiscasset in 1793, this property was 50 rods wide and one mile long,North and South from the brook."

This John b. 8 Dec. 1766 marries Keziah Mckenney, then Nancy Bailey.- ok his grave is in Wiscassett, with Marcy Getchell who's dates if there are correct belong to Marcy Dickerson , now Marcy Dickerson was surpose to marry John Getchell Nason.  He is son of Abraham Nason & Anna Hearl (errils) .John Getchell Nason married Marcy Dickerson  7 Nov. 1794.  John Getchell Nason b. Oct. 19 1770.  If this is the wife of John Getchell Nason Wiscassett Vital Records reads as follows:  Mrs. Marcy Getchell d. Jan. 16 1861 but does not state who she is wife of.    Headstone reading states she is wife of John Getchell.    Mercy Dickerson is the Daug. of Abjah Dickerson & Hannah. 

My question is where is John Getchell Nason buried?

Gen. 5.

Samuel b. 1740 Marries Ruth Reed 10 Oct. 1771 Lincoln Co. Marrage Rec states there were both of Vassalboro.


Nehemiah b. 1772 married Appia Thompson 10 oct 1809 in Anson Somerset Co. Me.

Samuel b. 1773 married Abigail Howes 3 Aug. 1806 in North Anson Me.  Samuel D. abt. 1820

Nathaniel b. 1775 married Rhoda Dawes 25 Dec. 1800 Anson Me.

Benjamin b. 1783 married Polly Black  28 Feb. 1802 Anson.

Mary b. 12 Jan. 1792 d. 3 nov. 1868  Married Jacob Savage.  She is buried Concord Corners Cemetery, Somerset Co. Me.

Ruth b.1796  married Robert Waite, 1818, & James Savage, (in 1870 Census Ruth Savage is with Husband James, and a Isaac Getchell is Living with them.)  Ruth Savage age 74, in that Census.  Isaac is 77.

Howard H. b. 1802 married Rhoda Albee 23 Dec. 1823 in Anson.

Elithu Getchell b. 1742. D. 1806 Buried Hill Cemt. Bowdoinham Me. Sag. Co. Married Mary (last name unknown)

Mary b. 1738  D. 7 Feb. 1821 Bur. Hill Cemt.

 Mercy Getchell b. 1761    D. 2 Apr. 1829  Bur. Hill Cemt. Bowdoinham Sag. Co. Me. She married Jethro Hatch who died 1792 Then she married James Bunker 1797.  Sag. Co. Cemetery rec. states she is buried Hill Cemetery Bowdinham Maine.

Gen. 5.

Nehemiah Getchell b. 1744 d. 19 June 1818 married Anna Bragg.


Polly b. 7 Apr. 1774 married Asa Redington.

Susanna b. 7 Sept. 1776 in Vass.

David b. 1 Mar. 1779 married Sally Clark 27 Apr. 1800 in Winslow Me.

Nehemiah b. 12 May 1781

James. b. 20 Nov. 1783

William b. 12 Nov. 1785

Asa b. 16 June 1787  D. 1 Nov. 1873  Married Charlotte Spear.  Generation VI.

Silas b. 1789  d. 1791.

Gen. 5.

John Getchell b. 1745  who married Sarah Cloutman 21 Nov. 1766 (This is the Getchells Corner Line in Vass.)

This line is related to Bennett Woods - Sarah Woods daugt. of Bennett Woods Married Hezikiah Cloutman.

William son of John in 1803 was owner of the store-(Vass. V.R's pg. 631.)  John and his wife grave has never been found.  John and all of his brothers were all in Vass. in 1771.  His brother Nehemiah was married there and his children were born there.  John and his brother Nehemiah were scouts for Arnold and there names are Arnolds journal.

Children of John and Sarah:

William b. 1770

John b. 1777

Abiel b. 8 May 1779  D. 3 Dec. 1855 Vass.  Married Letitia Harward.

Henry b.

Sarah b.

Susan b.

Gen. 5.

Dominicus Getchell b. 1746 marries Eunice Lewis

Note:1790 Census puts him in Vassalboro also Vital Records   When did Eunice die?

Children born (no Vital Records on Children yet)

Elias Getchell b. 1778 marries Eliza Tripp in 1805

John Getchell b. 30 July 1783 dies 13 Mar. 1868 in Pittsfield Maine. Cem. Record.

Elder William Getchell b. 6 Dec. 1793 Died 30 Oct. 1867. Married Mary Leavitt.

Dominicus Getchell (Jr. ) b. 1798 D. May 16 1874 76 yrs.  His first marriage to Hannah Baker was in 23 May 1819.  Hannah Baker b. 1795  D. 30 Dec. 1882.

These children are listed here because Dominicus was in Pittsfield Me.

Nehemiah Getchell b. 1772 married Apphia Thompson


William R. Getchell b. May 1810  marries Mary Thompson in 1831 

William R. Died 14 Oct. 1839. ( Cemt. Record)

Howard H. Getchell b. 1802 marries Rhoda Albee 23 Dec. 1823 in Anson. (Anson V.R's )

Children :

Edwin S. Getchell b. 1829 he married Mary Ellen Smith 1 Jan. 1851


Edwin C. Getchell b. 3 Oct. 1851 in Lawrence Essex Mass. Married Flora B. Walker 18 Aug. 1880 in Anson Me. (V.R's)

Charles A. Getchell b. 1857  marries Clara A. Walker  Charles Died 1918.


Maud M. Getchell .

Elias Getchell marries Eliza Tripp 1805  Eliza Tripp Getchell d.1890 Canada Married second time to William Betts.


Hirim 1808 - 22 Dec. 1860  Marries Charlotte Smith both buried Skowhegan Maine.

Louisa Elizabeth  Feb 2 1812 Married Amoas Taylor Hall.

Burnis 31 Jan 1813-1896 Married Betsey Taylor, daugt. of Joseph Taylor & Abigail of Starks Maine.

Isabella 1817-29 Jan. 1900  Married William Taylor son of Joseph Taylor & Abigail. (this Taylor line comes from Mass)

Pelitaih Getchell marries Mary Delano Walker 23 Jan. 1797 In Woolwich Me.


Samuel b. 5 Nov. 1800 Northport.

Thomas b. 29 Nov. 1802 Northport

Andrew W. b. 9 Mar. 1803 Northport.

Walker b. 24 Feb. 1807 Monteville. Me.  D. 18 Sept. 1866 Chico. ILL.

Solomon b. 16 Feb. 1809

Benjamin F. b. Jan. 14, 1811

John W. b. 15 July 1813

Mary Ann Getchell b. Montville Me.Sept. 26, 1814 (pg. 50 Montville v.r.;s ) Married Edmund Harriman Nov. 12 1838.

Children-Unknown - Buried- Unknown.

George Getchell b. Monteville Me. July 9, 1821.

Samuel b. 5 Nov. 1800 Married Sarah Barlett 13 Apr. 1826 Montville Me.


Alfred b. 4 Feb. 1828 Montville.  D. 14 Aug. 1902  Camel Me.

Sarah b. 15 Nov. 1833  D. 15 July 1856 Dixmont Penb. Co. Me.

Benjamin F. b. 19 Sept. 1835  D. 26 Jan. 1896

Levi B.  b. 1836 Dixmont Me.

Samuel  b. 1840

Pg. 7 Northport V.R I find the Family of Thomas Gitchell & Sarah:

Thomas Gitchell husbandman b. Nov. 29, 1802 D. Apr. 15, 1847

Sarah wife.


Sally A. b. Mar. 5, 1826 married Eleazer Hawes 24 Mar. 1846.

Lois A. b. Sept. 10, 1828 married Thomas J. Drinkwater Apr. 1848 both of Northport

Thomas A. (E) b. Feb. 11, 1830 pg. 80 Capt. Thomas E. & Lucy A. Alexander Joined in Marriage Sept. 13, 1857 in Nor.

Urania J. b. Mar. 12, 1832 Married Perez Tilson (No Graves found in Northport)

Mary E. b. Dec. 29 1834  Married Edwin Flanders (No graves in Northport)

Emily F. b. Nov. 16, 1836

Charles B. b. Apr. 18, 1838. Pg. 114 Capt. Charles B. & Hattie Chapman int. Dec. 3, 1879 Cert. Issued Dec. 8, 1879.

Andrew W. b. 9 Mar. 1803 Northport. Me. Waldo Co. Married Nancy Barlett


Joseph B.  b. 1824 Montville Me.

Daniel B. b. 17 Mar. 1828

Frances O. b. 1832

Jonathan B.  b. Aug. 1836

Edwin Pelitaih Getchell b. 1840  D. 18 Mar. 1913.

Walker Getchell married Ann Butler Daug. of Thomas Butler & Margaret Rogers

Ann was born 1795  Died. 2 Feb 1873


Margaret Ann b. 23 May 1828  Phippsburg Me.  D. 1 Apr. 1902

Prescott b. 18 Nov. 1830 Phipps. D. Apr. 28 1864 Phipps.

Alvan b. 7 Nov. 1832 D. 1907

Jane Mary b. 5 Apr. 1835 Phipps.

Adelaide b. 16 Nov. 1837 Phipps.

Walker b. 14 Mar. 1841 Phipps  D. 14 July 1889.

Prescott married Rachel Ann Center


Henry F. b. 5 Apr. 1855 Phipps

Addie Jane b. 20 Aug. 1857 Phipps.

Alvena Percy b. 9 Oct. 1859  D. 1956  married Quinnam Knight ( 3 Children) Bur. Cotten Cemetery Richmond Me, Sag. Co.

Walker Jr. married Harriet A. Jewell 6 Feb. 1866.  No Children listed at this time.

Abiel  Getchell married Letitia Harwood June 20, 1802 in Vass. She is the Daug of Thomas Harwood & Hannah Patten


Goodloe Getchell b. 23 Nov. 1802-1875

Mary Ann b. 3 July 1804

Horatio b. 22 Apr. 1807

Alexander b. 1809

Lucretia b. 1810

Emily b. 1813 Vass. d. 12 Sept. 1831.

Abiel John Getchell b. 1814-27 Nov. 1861

Married Ann Plummer


William b. 1854-13 apr. 1861

Annah b. ?  d. 1849

Hannah Margaret b. 1822-1844

Caroline Augusta b. 1825-1827

Elder William Getchell 6 Dec. 1793 marries Mary Leavitt

Children :

Mary b. 26 July 1820

Solomon L. b. 1821 -23 Oct. 1846 (Grave Found)

Nancy b. 11 Dec. 1822

Nehemiah b. 4 Feb. 1827-15 June 1884

Emily b. 8 Sept. 1830-16 June 1885

Daniel L. b. 5 June 1832-2 Oct. 1867

Warren b. Jan. 1835-3 Sept. 1867.

Dominicus Getchell & Hannah Baker

Children :

Charlotte b. 1823

Jesse B. b. 1827  D. 5 Feb. 1903 San.D. California

Nancy Phobe b. 1 Feb. 1832 - 15 Mar. 1915

Aphia M. b.4 July 1836-15 Dec. 1921

Jesse B. b. 1827 Married Edna Waite


William Benton b. 1864-1944

Frank Van Dyke b. 1874-1887

Bruce Josiah b. 1880- 1932.

-Gen 6.

Asa Getchell 16 June 1787-1 Nov. 1873 Married Charlotte Spear b. 1799  D. 7 July 1879

1. William Freeman Getchell 30 Mar. 1826-21 Mar. 1908

Married Mahala Frances Harriman on 20 June 1857

b. 1840-d. 1890

Gen. 6.

Nathaniel Getchell & Rhoda Dawes 


Winslow b. Oct. 10, 1801-13 Dec. 1887  Minnasota. (Grave Found threw findagrave!)

Otis Getchell b. 25 July 1806

Sophronia b. 25 july 1806

Ezra b. 1808 Aug. 10 - June 10, 1881 Anson Married Margaret Savage daug. of  Charles Savage- See Savage line.

Joel E. Getchell b. 14 May 1810  d. Jan. 8 1886  Married Ellinor Wentworth  d. Dec. 28 1891 Bur. Mt. Auburn Cemt. Auburn Me. 

Orrinda b. Oct. 1812 -11 Apr. 1880

Lucetta b. 1815 - May 10, 1856  Married Simion Weymouth. She is buried Tuttle Corner 

Cemt. Freeman Franklin Co. Me.

Now comes a debate about Ezra Getchell b. 1808. Ernest G. Walker's book states he is the son of Nehemiah Getchell and Rhoda Dawes pg. 380. This Ezra marries Margaret Savage and has one son John Getchell. Walker states that Ezra Died at North Anson. Ezra's grave is in Anson .   Now Simmions Getchell & Cynitha Chase was surpose to have a son by the name of Ezra also with the same dates.   I have found no Ezra in the Brunswick V.R's that he ever existed.  So Simmions Getchell is also buried in Anson. (this would be Capt. John's Line of Brunswick)

Ezra's wife margaret died in Mass. 

Gen. 6. 

Samuel Getchell & Abigail Howes:

1. Sophia Getchell b. 1812-16 Nov. 1898 Married Jesse Healy

2. Fannie Getchell b. 1812-30 Nov. 1882 Married Dudley Avery.

3. Emily Getchell b. 1815-15 Dec. 1874 Married Albert Taylor

4. Lucinda Getchell b. 1815-1 Jan. 1899 Married Joshua Quint

Interesting note here. This is how this goes 

Abigail Howes married James Savage 2nd after Samuel died.

Abigail Howes Getchell Savage d. 1852.

James Savage 2nd. than married Samuel's sister Ruth Getchell Waite  (Also known as Houghty Jim Savage, son of Isaac Savage and Deborah Soule Savage.

Ruth Getchell Savage 1791-1873.  James and Ruth Getchell married 1853.  There found in the 1870 Census she is also living with her brother Isaac Getchell.

Gen. 6. 

Dennis Getchell & Rhoda Crosby Married 1790

1. Sarah Getchell June 30 1790 D. Nov. 18 1829  Married James Michels in Clinton 1806 .  Sarah Michels is buried Jaques Cemetery Edwards Co. ILL.

2. Ethelinda Getchell b. Nov. 10, 1793

3. Otis Phinies Getchell b. July 17 1795-Sept 15, 1862 Died in N.Y. Bur: Colden Cemetery Erie Co. N.Y. (findagrave)

4. Maria Getchell b. 7 Feb. 1796 Sidney

5. Kezia Getchell b. 17 Nov. 1797 in Clinton Me.

6. Daughter Getchell b. 21 Feb. 1800

7. Ezekiel Getchell b. 1801-Dec 17 1875 Married Mehitable Wiggins.

8.  Dennis Getchell b. July 20 1805 - 1877

Married Drusilla Harmon b. 1817-1898

Had one son

Wallace Irving Getchell b. 1854-1911

married Isabelle Mae Brown 


Dennis Fowler Getchell 1889-1965

Edna M. Getchell 1891-1973.

9. Stephen D. 1811-22 Jan. 1845

Gen. 6 Nehemiah Getchell b. 12 May 1781  D. 12 Apr. 1861 Waterville Kenn. Co. Me.

Married Philmelio Williams on 22 May 1803 in Winslow Me. 


Philomeia Getchell b. 3 Sept. 1803 Married Charles A. Dow on Dec. 13 1829 in Winslow Me. She D. 16 May 1880

Buried Pine Grove Cemetery Waterville Kenn. Co. Me.

George Clifford Getchell b. 4 Mar. 1806 married Lavina Rollins 8 June 1830 Winslow Me. He died 20 Aug. 1881. 

(if you look up George on Find agrave you will find a pic of Lavina Rollins Getchell)

Horace Getchell b. July 5 1808  D. Dec. 22 1891  Married Abby Hasty

Helen Getchell b. 1809

Elizabeth Getchell b. 1810

Nancy C. Getchell b. Dec 24 1812   D. Apr. 15 1891

Eldridge L Getchell b. Mar. 27 1814  D. 29 Apr. 1899 Waterville. Buried Pine Grove Cemet. Waterville.

Harriet F. Redington Getchell b. 1822    D. 1917

Emma Catherine Getchell  b. 17 Nov. 1826

Generation 7. 

Winslow Getchell B. Oct. 10, 1801-Dec. 13 1887 in Minns. Married Hannah Gray Which they moved to Minn.

Children born:

Otis Getchell b. ?

Frank Getchell b. ?

John Winslow Getchell b. 1827-1870

Nathaniel Getchell b. 1828-1910

Orinda b. 1831-1895

Sarah b. 1833-1872

Phobe E. b. 1835-1878

Mary E. 1839-1913

Van Ransaler b. 1843-1908

Lucretta A. b. 1846-1875

Everett Oscar b. 1849-1875

Gen. 7.

Perrin Getchell 1802 in Embden Me.

Gen. 7. Ezra Getchell b. Sept. 1808  D. June 10, 1881 Married Margaret Savage - Daug. of Charles Savage.

They married in Anson 31 May 1826.


Eunice Getchell b. North Anson July 21, 1836  D. Mar. 13, 1914  Chicopee Mass.

Married Henry Leonard. Death Rec states she is the daug. of Ezra Getchell & Margaret .

Buried Oak Grove Cemet. Springfield Hampden Co. Mass.

Headstone says Eunice Getchell Leonard.

Lucinda Getchell b. 1839-1903

John Getchell b.?

Caroline P. Getchell b. 1840-July 17, 1862.   Wife of Philip Princely. 

she died in Chicopee mass.

Gen. 7. 

Ezekiel Getchell b. 1801-17 Dec 1875

Married Mehitable Wiggins.


1. Luther Crosby Getchell b. Aug. 1822 Sebec Maine(Sebec V.R's)  D. 2 Feb. 1854

Married Ruth Spearing  29 June 1843


Fred S. 1847-1918

Beal E.  1843-    married Hannah Pollard.

Abby F.  1850

Sabra 1852-11 Aug 1872

Note: LDS has Beal E. with a son-Richard Henry, that record is wrong, Richard Henry b. 3 apr. 1839 .Augusta is the son of Abiel Lovejoy Getchell. & Hannah. Pg. 171 Augusta V. R's.


Gen 7.

William Freeman Getchell b. 30 Mar. 1826 Married Mahala Harriman

1. Clarence Percy Getchell b.

Gen. 7. Frank Horace Getchell 1834-1907 Married Fredrica Twiggs  Daug of Levi Twiggs  & Priscilla Decatur Mcknight.

Levi Twiggs is the son of General John Twiggs of Richmond Co. Georgia.   (If you look up Decatur Genealogy you will find a great read on this Genealogy.)   Dr. Frank H. Getchell is buried Laurel Hill Cemetery Philadelphia Co. Penns.

Child: Lillie Shippen Getchell b. 1864-1947  who had one of the copies of the Decatur Genealogy.- which only 50 copies were made available .

Gen. 8.

John Winslow Getchell 1827.married Celestia P. Glidden from New York on July 4 1864 

John died in Clinton Lake Sherburne Co. Minnesota.

Nathaniel married Alma M. Wing Mar. 1883


Anne M. 1865-1946

Carrie A.1868-1948

Ernest A.1873-1952

Herbert W. 1879-1943 

Alma M. 1883-1883

Generation 8.

Ernest Getchell b. 1873-1952  married Jenette 


Alma Lucile Getchell b. 1902

Herbert Winslow Getchell b. 1879 married Gertrude.

Gen. 8.

Clerance Percy Getchell b. 10 Oct. 1876-22 Apr. 1963

Married Linnie Estele Downs on Mar. 31, 1898

Waterville Me.

1. Ray Arden Getchell b. 10 Dec. 1900 Winslow Kenn. Co. Maine D. Sept. 1972 Portland Me. married Inez Downs Gen. 9.


Richard Warren Getchell 7 Dec. 1923-3 Sept. 1998

Ray Arden Getchell Jr.

Freeman Getchell b. Sept. 27, 1921-Dec. 16, 1979

Martha Getchell Married James Greenlaw

Charles Getchell

Grace Getchell  D. 2013.

Generation 10. 

Richard Warren Getchell son of Ray and Inez Downs Getchell

b. 7 Dec. 1923-3 Sept. 1998

Married Marjorie Harriet Pearson  Daug. of George & Harriet Baker Pearson.

B. Augusta Me. 


Eric Warren Getchell   June 20 1948- Augusta Kenn. Co. Maine  Died Sherman Me.July 2016

Deborah Ann. Getchell b. Mar. 7 1951 Augusta Me.-D. Jan. 15 2017.

Tawny L. Getchell Preston.b. Augusta Me. Married Earle C. Preston  Gen. 11


Richard R. Preston. Gen. 12.

Eric Warren Getchell June 20 1948-July 2016

The saying of this family is that we have gone home.

This means we believe that we will all see each other again.

My brother has gone home to be with his people and his friends.

Friends like Dave Walker, and family to hold him close until his pain passes.

I know that you have gone home my brother and I will see you again.

I know your pain will pass and so will mine but until then my family and friends will wait for me to come home and be in the place where there is no pain, just memories and love and honor.

So go home my brother be with mother and father, they await your honor to stand beside them.

good bye bubba. 

Eric Warren Getchell June 20 1948-July 2016

Married Janice Bye


Eric Warren Getchell Jr.

Married again to Judy Durgin

one son 

Justin Getchell.

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Comment by T. Getchell on February 23, 2015 at 3:37pm

Susan depending on where they were married in maine, and the date, you might find the records in that town, or go threw and see if they have the cds for that town and time. They do have a wonderfull source of the original copies.  Hope this helps, let me know what you find. Thanks, and good luck.

Comment by Lorelie B Kimball Linton on March 8, 2015 at 9:16am

Hi, I have Getchell/Gatchell's from Lisbon and Durham. Ann who married Reuben Kimball and is buried in Gardiner, was born 1804 in Durham. I would like to find her parents. Any help here would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Comment by Amanda Fitts on April 22, 2016 at 5:12pm

I have John Drisko and Mary Gettchell in my line through their son Joseph Drisko


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