Gen. 1

John Nason married Elizabeth Rogers


Elizabeth b. Aug. 9, 1601

John b. Jan. 29, 1603

Philip b. 1604

Richard Nason b. 1606-1669  He married Sarah Baker-Maine Linage.

Henry b. Dec. 25, 1608

Thomas b. Jan. 25, 1611 

William b. 1613

Ann b. May 7, 1615

Mary b. Mar. 22, 1618

Gen. 2.

Richard Nason 1606-  1696    married Sarah  Baker


Elizabeth b.

Baker b.1635 Married Elizabeth Hatch

Charles b. 1636

Richard b. 1639  D. 1675. Married Shauh?

John Sr. b. 1640  Married Hannah Heard & Bridgett Weymouth

Benjamin b. 1641 Married Martha Kenny & Sarah?

Joseph b. 1642

Sarah b. 1643

Jonathan b.1648  D. 1691 Married Sarah Jenkins


Richard Nason 1606 did deed out his property to his sons Baker & Benjamin according to Everett Stackpole pg. 126. Old Kittery and Her Families.

Pg. 161. "Richard Nason Jr. slained in his door and his son richard taken to canada never to return"


Gen. 3.

Baker Nason married Elizabeth Hatch

Children born in Kittery  Kittery V.R. Pg.23.

Patience Nason b. Aug. 3, 1692 Kittery Married Joseph Wood 18 Dec 1712 .

Elizabeth Nason b. Aug. 23, 1694 Kittery Married Samuel Getchell 9 Nov 1714.

Sarah Nason b. Oct. 4, 1696 Kittery Married Thomas Hutchins 26 July 1718. He was born Sept. 20, 1696 Kittery and he is the son of Enoch Hutchins and Hopewell Furbish.

Hephzibah Nason b. May 5, 1699

Bridgett Nason b. Mar. 31, 1701.

Pg. 23 for Births Kittery Families Recs. Book1

Samuel Nason Married Sarah ?

John Nason Married Margaret?

Joseph Nason born unknown.Married Sarah?  All three sons are mentioned in there fathers will.

Prudence Nason born unkn. But in her fathers will.

Mary Nason born unk. in her fathers will.

Lydia Nason born unk. in her fathers will.

Also mentioned in the will is bakers two grandchildren, Stephen and Mary.

I have a copy of Bakers Will stating he had more children that are not listed anywhere else. The Children without dates are the ones I have not documented as of yet.

Baker was accused of killing his brother Jonathan and in 1691 the Jury did not find him guilty of this. He killed his brother with an oar .  If Baker died in Kittery I have not found any documents to confirm this, and I find no grave anywhere in York Co to confirm that he died there.

Gen. 3.

Jonathan Nason b. 1648 Married Sarah Jenkins  She is the daugt. of  Reynolds Jenkins.


Jonathan b. 1675 who married Edah Morrell 

Mary Nason b. ? Married James Grant 6 Oct 1693

Sarah b. ? Married Henry Snow in Kittery, Children born there also.

Alice b. ?  Married Joseph Abbott 

Abigail b? Married John Abbott 3 Jan. 1694

Charity b.? Married Job Emery. Apr. 6 1696. 

Gen. 4.

Jonathan Nason b. 1675 Married Edah Morrell 27 Apr. 1702 in Kittery

Children born in Kittery:

Richard Nason b. 14 Feb. 1702 in Kittery, Married Abaigail Libby in 1725 in Kittery.

John Nason b. 24 Oct. 1704 in Kittery, Married Margaret Lord in 1734 in Kittery.

Mary Nason b. 30 Nov. 1706 Kittery. Married Mathew Libby 3 Sept. 1730.

Sarah Nason b. 25 Nov. 1708 Kittery.

Jonathan Nason b. 7 Nov. 1710 Kittery.

Uriah Nason b. 31 Jan. 1712 kittery.  D. 1742 Married Sarah Stone.

Azuriah Nason b. 25 July 1716 Kittery. Married Abigail Staples.

on Mar. 27, 1742 in Kittery York Co. Maine.  D. 1787.

Philadalphia Nason b. 28 Dec. 1719 Kittery. Married James Rankins on 12 Jan. 1741 in Kittery.

Rachel Nason b. 1 May 1724 Kittery.

Elizabeth Nason b. 27 Mar. 1727 Kittery.  Married James Goold-7 Feb. 1750.

Gen. 5.

Richard Nason b. 14 Feb. 1702  Son of Jonathan & Adah Morrell Nason.Married Abigail Libby

Ephriam Nason b. 10 Dec. 1727 Kittery

Elenor b. 20 Sept. 1729 Kittery

Abigail b. 9 Apr. 1731 Kittery. Married James Cobb 31 Jan. 1748.

Sarah Nason b. 25 Jan. 1734 Kittery.

Richard Nason b. 27 Mar. 1736 Kittery. Married Eunice Wilson 20 Apr. 1759

Isaac Nason b. 14 Dec. 1738 Kittery.Married Sarah Small 13 May 1760

Abraham Nason b. 1740  Married Anna Hearl (Erriles)  Aug. 1762 in Wiscasett Me.

Jonathan Nason b. 1 Aug. 1741 Kittery. Married Sarah Chick 23 Dec. 1761.

Uriah Nason b. 14 Jan. 1743. Kittery  D. May 13 1833 Married Bathsheba Partridge 16 Oct. 1761.  Bathsheba 1740-1837  Buried Old Smith Burying Ground Windham Center. Maine.

Adah  Married John Young 19 Oct. 1769

Elizabeth Married Frances Jackson. 14 May 1772.

Richard Nason b. 27 Mar. 1736 Kittery. Married Mary

Sarah Nason.

Nabby Nason.

Abraham Nason b. 1740 Married Anna Hearl (Errils) on Aug. 1762 in Wiscasset Lincoln Co. Me.


Mercy Getchell Nason b. 1763  d. 13 Sept. 1847 Married Rufus Sanderson.  Buried New Sharon Village Cemet. New Sharon Franklin Co. Me.

Patience  Nason b.16 Nov. 1768 in Wiscasset.

John Getchell Nason b. 19 Oct. 1770   d. ?  Married Mercy Dickenson .

Lydia Nason b. 27 Oct. 1775 in Wisca.

Abraham Nason b. Sept. 1777    D. Nov. 1806 who married Nancy 


Abraham Nason b. 1802  D. 24 Oct. 1860  Married Eliza


Abraham b. ?   d. 26 Apr. 1862.


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Comment by hilary Anne brown Chinnery on November 25, 2015 at 12:43pm

I have a Mary Polly Nason b. 1797 died before 1870 who married Nathan Bartlett; Their son Moses Bartlet is my ggg grandfather. 

Comment by Belinda Steve Adams on August 28, 2016 at 8:11am

Thank you for this information.

Comment by T. Getchell on September 10, 2016 at 6:11pm

your very welcome hope it helps someone.


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