It is hard to imagine that a place as peaceful and beautiful as Acadia National Park is - that people die there from horrible accidents nearly every year. The most tragic death to me seems to be the young college student who had his entire life before him, who roped down to Anemone Cave, and ancient sea cave that can be entered and explored at low tide, with a friend. The two became trapped in the cave when a storm approached, which stirred up huge waves. Each time the pair attempted to exit the cave, they were tossed back inside by the force of the waves. Finally one of the students broke free and somehow, in bad weather, the dark, and rough seas, managed to find the rope which he climbed to get himself safely up the cliff. But for young douglas Rose, there would be no such rescue, his body was recovered the following day from inside the cave.
The precipice Trail in Acadia National Park is the most dangerous trail in the park, perhaps in all of New England. It is from the high narrow cliffs of the Precipice where so many have falled from to their death. Shirley Ladd is just one such victim, who went to the Precipice in search of an adventure and was killed from a horrible fall. The irst death on the Precipice that I could find records of, goes back to the mid 1800's when two 12 year old school girls decided to climb the precipice trail along an old path which ran up past a spot known as the Great Cave. They got a little past the cave when one of the girls decided to climb up onto a huge boulder to see if she could see an Uncle's farmstead down below on the Schooner Head Road. The second girl soon joined her when the boulder gave way, tossing one girl off to the side with minor injures and carrying the other 12 year old down the mountain side to her death.
Sometimes people simply make stupid choices that end up leading to their death. Take the young man who was rock climbing not far from Thunder Hole, another area in the park where a number of people have died over the years. As he began to climb, one of his shoes slipped off and fell into the ocean. Despite onlookers and a friend pleading with him not to go into the ocean, he went in anyways to retrieve his shoe. He ended up slipping beneath the waves and drown.
Few know about the Air Force Captain who crashed his plane into the woods near the summit of Cedar Swamp Mountain - he was killed in the crash and it would be weeks later before the crash site was located. His plane is still in the woods near the summit, along with the seat his body had to be cut free from.
There are people killed in Acadia national Park nearly every year, but murdered? Well, yes, there was even a murder that took place in Acadia National Park. Mr Larson came to Maine looking for a wife, and placed ads in newspapers searching for one. He had been married twice before, his first wife was determined to have drown in the waters of a fast moving creek, his second wife divorced him. Kathy Frost answered Mr Larson's ad, and after a short time the two were married - little did his new bride know that the very next day after their wedding, her new husband went out and took out a $200,000 insurance policy.
He told his wife he wanted to return back to Maine and take a vacation in Bar Harbor - she did not want to go. As it turned out, she had decided the marriage had been a bad idea and told friends and family she was going to make this known to Mr Larso, but he talked her into going to Maine with him. He took her to Acadia National Park, to the high shear cliffs known as Otter Cliffs, and pushed her off the cliff to her death. He later said she had decided to go off along the shear cliff on her own, and somehow fell. But friends and family knew that could not be true because everyone who knew her kbew she was afraid of heigths. He later admitted to pushing her to her death for the insurance money, and he also admitted to drowning his first wife for the insurance money.
The last tragic death as of this writing was a man on vacation here who stopped in an area of the park near Thunder Hole. He got out of the car with his camera and told his wife he was going down by a cliff to get a better photo of the sunset - he never returned to the car. A Park Ranger searched the area and located the man's back pack and looked down the cliff where he spotted the man's motionless body.
Suicides in acadia National Park are another problem the park has to deal with. it is no surprise that some one who wanted to end their life would go to a National Park to do so. One man committed suicide atop cadillac Mountain as the sun was rising, another hiked up the side of Great hill in acadia national Park with a gun and ended his life there. and in recent years the remains of another man were discovered in the woods of a person who had told people he was going to Acadia National Park to end his life.
Some deaths remain a mystery, like the local man who somehow fell from a bridge not far from the Acadia National Park Visitors Center in Hulls cove. His body was discovered by people exploring the area beneath the high triple arched bridge when they came upon his body in duck Brook. His cause of his death has never officially been ruled on other than that he some how fell from the bridge, and that foul play was not believed to have been involved. yet there are people in the small town here that believe foul play may very well of been involved. for one thing, some valuable items he carried with him were never found, including an expensive ipod. even a family member stated that those missing items should raise serious questions. Did the young man fall, did he jump, or was he pushed - we may never find out the answers.

If you want to learn more on any of these deaths or the others that have taken place over the years in Acadia National Park, than chack out my blog "DEATHS IN ACADIA NATIONAL PARK"


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