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At 4:25pm on June 14, 2017, Stephen Harris said…

Chris - I just found the notes you left me about William Harris (posted way back in 2016!) Thanks for filling in some blanks.

At 7:15pm on December 7, 2015, Cherrie Hight said…

I'm looking for info. on valorous Perry Coolidge that murdered Edward Mathews in Waterville Maine. can u by chance help with genealogy..   

At 11:28pm on August 18, 2015, Renee L. Groleau said…

Thanks so much Chris for allowing us the use of the 2 pics!


Renee G.

At 10:04am on August 18, 2015, Renee L. Groleau said…

Greetings Chris!

My name is Renee Groleau, I live in MA, and I’m researching my family tree, along with my brother, and in doing so, a couple of branches have led me up to Maine – one being predominately, the Brickett family.

When Googling the name Alonzo B. Brickett, I came upon two pictures of gravestones that you took. That of Alonzo B. Brickett and Hannah B. Brickett and her husband Jonathan Herrick, in Chapel Cemetery, Norway, Oxford, County ME. Alonzo, I've discovered, is my 3rd great-uncle, and Hannah, my 3rd great-aunt. They were brother and sister. Their father was also named Alonzo B. Brickett. However, he's buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Portland, along with his wife and other children.

Along with seeing your pictures, we've come upon their death records, censuses and that of their brothers, sisters and parents and we’ve created memorial pages for the Brickett family on and obtained transfers from a couple people who already created pages before us.

The reason why I write to you today, is to ask if we could use the two pictures that you took, of Alonzo Jr.'s and Hannah's graves, on, on the pages we have for them? We would give you credit on each of their page and we'd be most appreciative if you grant this to us! If you wish not to share, we completely understand!

As they say, it doesn’t hurt to ask, and nothing ventured, is nothing gained...

Sincerely, & with kind regards,

Renee G.

At 2:01pm on June 30, 2015, Stephen Libbey said…

Hi Chris, are you related to or have any info. on the Dunhams listed below?  My grandmother is Wilma.  I have yet to research the Dunham family?

Jefferson Dunham + Sofia William Cady

Fremont Cady Dunham + Ella Martin

Marguerite Martin Dunham + William D. Walker

Wilma Dunham Walker Libbey



At 1:11pm on March 20, 2014, Kristin Stafford-Burgess said…

I have both of those and  I have the marriage application on its way from Denver Public Library should be here in 2-3 days via us mail.  I hope it sheds some light.

At 5:28pm on November 20, 2013, Rev. Peter Tufts Richardson said…

I had trouble opening several Universalist and one Methodist church article.  As near as I can tell the problem obtains for all on the list.

At 5:09pm on November 20, 2013, Rev. Peter Tufts Richardson said…

In your column for Aug. 4, 2010 you list various churches for which there are articles in the Lewiston Eve. Journal.  I have looked at several and find them unreadable and unprintable.  Do you know what procedure may open them up?

At 12:33pm on February 10, 2013, Barbara Foster said…

Thank you so much.  I never would have found this in a zillion years.  You are so good at this.  I so appricate your taking the time to find this for me...

At 1:13am on February 10, 2013, Barbara Foster said…

Oh thank you very much....I was haveing a problem their with that, but I thought I saw that you had a link or connection to the Fox Family up in Fortfair Field, Eaton area. 

At 9:49pm on February 8, 2013, Barbara Foster said…

Chris are u connected to the Luney Family from Westfield, Maine and If so do you have any information on Lizzy Fox and her husband Frank Shorey married around 8 Nov 1919.  Frank was born sometime in 1853 and came down from Canada.  Lizzy is from canada to.  They had sons Melvin and Erman and may have had other children.  Any information you could give would be greatly appriciated. 

At 8:52pm on November 25, 2012, Cathryn Woods said…

Dear Chris, how did you find out this information so quickly?  Do you have any more information about William Wood, where he was from etc., also if you knew, Lucius Henry Woods.  On Lucius' death certificate he names Lemuel as his father.  According to vital records, Lemuel had three sons and one daughter who died.  I can not find the connection between Lemuel and Lucius.  I did read that there was a Lucius Brainard where Lemuel was living but the dates of birth do not line us with Lucius' birth.  I can't find a birth certificate for Lucius.  Death cert. says he was born in Charlestown with Lemuel's other sons but Boston does not have anyone with that name and date of birth. 1869 January.  He would be the same age as Percival Lemuel's son.  I would love to think he adopted his young cousin but the DOB does not line up.  thanks again for filling in some blanks, I was stuck!

At 2:03pm on April 1, 2012, Pamela Carter said…

Thanks so much for the newspaper article you posted for me. I am definitely interested! You've been a great help to me and I've been promoting this site on my blog (I just started in late February) and by word of mouth. 

At 12:13am on March 21, 2012, Jan Taylor Corey said…

Hi Chris,

I am curious how you are related to the Coolidge line. The newest addition to the Coolidge Clan from Bethel is my grandson. I will try to go to your website and see if anything rings a bell.

At 3:48pm on March 9, 2012, Ben York said…

Another potential site for obituaries SVWEEKLY

At 11:02pm on February 21, 2012, Curtis Dalrymple said…

At 10:59pm on February 21, 2012, Curtis DalrympleCurtis Dalrymplesaid…

HI Cris,Thank you very much for the information. I have most of the information but now I am looking for any information on Jacobs Dalrymple's father and mother? Would you have any information on him? Thank you again! Curtis

At 7:06pm on November 24, 2011, Franz Martin said…

The Hodsdon/Penney marriage certificate does not state the place of the ceremony, but the minister signs as George Boynton, North Yarmouth, so quite possibly the marriage took place there. 

I became aware of the link between Sarah Grant and the Jim Ring place once you identified her by maiden name, and that helped me understand how the paper got to me.  Sorry, Chris, but you've expressed just enough interest in this to entice me to tell the whole (abbreviated) story.  I am a Ring descendant too, which I believe you already know. 

Earlier this year, Ken Ring (son of Keith, grandson of James Ring) gave me a bag full of old letters and documents which, he said, his father had salvaged from the Portland home of our great aunt Iva Ring Packard after her death in 1969.  I could pretty quickly sort the material into two piles -- one pertaining to the family of Iva's husband, Arthur Ward Packard of Somerset County, the other pertaining to the family of Iva's aunt Martha Spalding, who married Francis Milliken of Portland.  (By the way, if you have anything in your files about these Millikens or Spaldings, I'm interested.) 

Then there was this marriage certificate, which didn't seem to fit with either of the above mentioned piles.  I knew there were Hodsdons around Greenwood, but couldn't see any link to Packards, Millikens or Spaldings.  It didn't make sense that these documents would be commingled as they were.  Your comments allowed me to make an educated guess as to what's going on here. 

The Hodsdon/Penney marriage certificate was, I believe, never in Aunt Iva's Portland house.  It was probably preserved by Sarah Penney's sister Harriet after Sarah's death.  From Harriet Grant (Herrick) it went down to daughter Mabel Herrick (Farrington), then to daughter Ruth Farrington (Ring), and thus to Keith Ring who probably threw it into the same bag with the papers he rescued from Portland.  Keith's son, Ken, didn't know there had been any mixing of sources here and so told me all the papers came from the Portland house.  

So, Chris, thanks again for a satisfying conclusion to this episode. Now I just have to locate someone who might like to have the certificate.  I'm determined that it shall not end up in the trash.

PS:  Do you know of any historical societies in the Skowhegan area who might take the Arthur Ward Packard papers?

At 5:39pm on November 24, 2011, Franz Martin said…

Chris -- You may jump into any conversation of mine whenever you like!  You are, as always, a fountain of information.  Thank you.  In case you want to add to your database -- the marriage of Jesse D. Hodsdon and Sarah J. Penney is not merely plausible, it's a fact.  I hold in my hand their original marriage certificate, in very good condition.  It is dated 1 Feb 1872.  Says both parties are "of Pownal".  I've been trying to find out enough about them to offer the certificate to a living descendant.  Now I realize that while Jesse and Sarah had no children, I can certainly find descendants of Jesse, still living in the Greenwood area.  How this document came to me is a convoluted, fascinating genealogical story in itself.  Just know that you have solved more than one mystery with the information you shared.  Thanks.

At 12:40am on September 14, 2011, Alan H. Hawkins said…


Am thoroughly enjoying this site. Have worked my way through the albums and have added two of my own. A very valuable resource that I hope becomes more active with time.

At 11:45am on September 3, 2011, Alyson True said…

According to Lincoln County Probate records, mariner William Jackson of Newcastle, ME died in  Jan 1796 with James and Benjamin Jackson as sureties.  Then, James Jackson of Pownalborough, died in Sept 1796 with widow Rebecca Jackson as administrator of estate. 


I wonder if this Benjamin is a son of Benjamin (1707-1771), from Portsmouth (son of Benjamin and Mary Ball) who was married to Abigail Fickett (1710-1776) in 1733.  He might have been born approx 1742 and been an older brother to Samuel and Joseph...


From other pieces of information from vital records I have imagined the following possibility-

                                                 Benjamin Jackson and Abigail Fickett

                                                          William  1734 - 1796

                                                           Thomas 1740


                                                            Isaac     1748

                                                            Joseph   1752

                                                             Samuel  1754

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