In many 'trees' on the web that I search in, I find dates that say be it born, died or married in '''Abbot, Maine'.  Are there written records for Abbot somewhere in Maine?  At there is no microfilm for Abbot that I could find.  Any thoughts?

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Originally part of the Bowdoin College Grant land, Abbot (7R7 NWP) was also known as Moorestown. It was settled in 1805. Census records are available online, but I work with some people from Abbot and will ask them tomorrow if there might be any town clerk records somewhere. - Paul
I will try a thank you again! thanks. Pam
Thanks much. Pam
Hello Pamela, I spoke with Lorraine at the Abbot town office today and unfortunately the town records prior to 1905 were destroyed in a fire. No copies had been sent to the state capitol either. You could try church records or cemetary records. The Abbot town office # is 207-876-3340 if you need 1905 to present. They are not open every day though. Good luck! - Paul
Thank you very much Paul. Now I know that this bit of information regarding Elijah Hamilton Sr. will remain a mystery:

Name: Elijah Hamilton
Birth: 1759-08-25 (25 Aug 1759) - Berwick, York, Maine, USA
Death: 1837-04-13 (13 Apr 1837) - Ripley, Somerset, Maine, USA
Marriage 1820-07-19 (19 Jul 1820) - Abbot, Piscataquis, Maine, USA

I read 'this' information over and over on many trees at or There is no sourcing of this information. As I read other 'trees' from Maine, I have read this Abbot reference for 'other families'. Thanks again for your efforts Paul.

Sincerely, Pam
Since Abbot wasn't incorporated or even organized as a plantation in 1820, it's doubtful that Elijah's marriage would have been recorded there. If the marriage ceremony was performed in Abbot, the minister or JP might have asked a clerk in an adjacent town or plantation to record it. If not the marriage record, you might at least be able to find records of marriage intentions in one of the neighboring towns. (The laws of the time required that "If either of the parties live in a place where there is no clerk publishment shall be made in the adjoining place.")

Though Abbot VRs were destroyed, copies of some of the town's marriage records might have been returned to the county. Piscataquis County marriage returns for 1835-1890 are available on microfilm at the State Archives and on CD from Picton Press, but haven't yet been transcribed, indexed and published.


The marriage you have sounds like a second union,  I have Elijah Hamilton (junior I presume) born Sep 19, 1788 in Coxhall (?), York, ME, married to Hannah Doore (1793-1881) M: Oct 14, 1813 in Harmony, ME.

I see my Elijah died "after 1837" in Ohio - I presume he was mentioned in your Elijah's will.

I'd check York County records for a first marriage before 1788.

Jim Doore - Fairbanks, Alaska


Don't remember if I every told you this information or posted it elsewhere on this site. 

A wonderful sexton of Elmwood Cemetery in Haverhill, MA sent me a picture of Hannah Dore Hamilton's grave stone.  On it is this information:  Elijah Hamilton DIED Oct 18, 1838 Aged 48 yrs 1 mo......Hannah Hamilton His Wife Died Oct 30, 1881 Aged 88 years 7 mo & 22 days.

The Barzilla Hamilton lineage has always said Elijah Jr died near the Ohio and Michigan state lines.  With this information, my theory is he and his son Barzilla were visiting Elijah's sister Mary married to an Elijah Clark who lived in Mauamee, Ohio.  Without looking this up, this location is about 20 miles or less from the Ohio and Michigan border.  A Sam Hart Hamilton also in his writings states that Elijah Jr. died at the location of Michigan/Ohio.  Sam is a descedent of a brother of Elijah and Mary's....Jonathon Hamilton. 

Hello. I'm wondering if there might be any knowledge on John Ferdinand Hamilton, b. 1852-53 MA to perhaps Charles S. Hamilton. They appear in the 1860 Census York Co, ME. and then in the 1870 York Co. Census, John F. appears as Frank J. This J. Ferdinand Hamilton, married to Mary Adelaide Higgins in Rockland, ME 13 Nov 1876. He died in Rockport, MA from hypothermia in 1882. I've found records of their divorce in Hancock Co, for 1883. That's puzzling, but she did remarry to Rockwell S. Spencer of Ellsworth, ME. Any ideas on the lineage of Hamilton? Thanks so much for your time. Cindy H.
I tried to track down some information on this John Ferdinand Hamilton but came up empty. Will 'keep' looking around to see if I can find something somewhere! Pam H.
I was looking at MA for information. I found them in the Waterboro, York Co, Maine 1860 census. All were born in Maine from John to his dad Charles. I suspect that Charles dad was an Adrial 72 years old in 1860 b: 1782 in Maine and his mom Lovey age 70 which means she was born abour 1790. Stay tuned for more information
UPDATE: I am 99% certain that this Hamilton line does come from David Hamilton and Annah Jackson.
Google David Hamilton & Scottish prisoner or endentured servent. He came over on the John and Sarah about 1652. This means the John and Charles Hamilton Line is the same Line of 'My Hamiltons"


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