Hi, Has anyone found a primary source for the PARENTS of ABRAHAM YORK b. abt. 1680 in Boston?, married Sept. 7, 1704 Boston, Suffolk, Mass. ( VR), Mary Richards.
 Has anyone  found Abraham's Birth or Death Record?  They had a son Abraham York who married Amiable (Naomi) Blake from Wrentham, Mass (VR).( I am a descendant of their son, John York b. 1728 in Boston, who married Sarah Strout.)
I have seen on- line,a John and Ruth Graves York listed as Abraham's parents, but I have seen no source recorded. I have not seen any record that lists Abraham York as the son of John York.
The following, leads me to believe that John York,( son of Richard York), was NOT the father of Abraham York:

The Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder  1886  Vol. 3
From "The York Family" by William Sargent, Esq.
in foot note: "N.R. -----the exception made in the opening paragraph, [referring to the Yorks who came to Portland [Falmouth/Cape Elizabeth], were probably descended from Richard York, who lived in Dover, NH in 1648.]. of this sketch apply to the one ABRAHAM YORK who was early of Cape Elizabeth is now quite numerous in and about STANDISH,[referring to Abraham York. b. 1726, brother to John York b. 1728, early settlers of Pearsontown/Standish, and sons of Abraham and Amiable York], to which their progenitor removed early. " In no way can I discover is this man to be indentified with any descendant of our first Richard, and I incline to the opinion that he must have sprung from the Long Island family" [Boston?]--- "Dr. A.K.P. Meserve, of this city, has collected much valuable material relative to this family for incorporation in his work on Standish----"
Also, "John York's Children: Richard, Benjamin, Ruth, and Joseph, his 4th child and,  only remaining son, lived afterward in Gloucester, and by the death of his only son Joseph, childless, and all his daughters married, the name became extinct in the line of John, as early as 1735."
This John York is also found in "The Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder", Vol 2. and in "The History of Portland from 1632-1864" by Wm. Willis page 302 and more.

I would greatly appreciate any information that you might be able to provide regarding Abraham and Mary Richards York and their descendants.  (I have the info from Albert Sears book, Early Families of Standish Maine. Does anyone have copies of  Dr A.K.P. Meserve's original notes regarding this York family?)
Thank you so very much,  Pauline

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Dear Pauline,  My name is John w. York.  I am writing you in responce to you comments on Abraham York born 1682. There is an unpulished manuscript written by Arron Mereon York an Mormon elder from Bethel, Maine who moved to Utah.  He goes into great detail on why John York was Abraham father.  My e-mail is johnwyork12@att.net

John - Unfortunately Mr. Thall who wrote the Genealogy of Aaron Mereon York only gives circumstantial evidence as to Abraham's parentage.  He has no actual proof that there was a son of John named Abraham.  He goes to great length to say maybe there was a son or possibly there was an Abraham....  The bottom line is he gave no proof that there was any Abraham attached to this family.  Pauline's comments above are most appropriate but, alas, leave us with the initial question - Who are the parents of Abraham York?  I sure wish there was a definitive answer to this. 

Robert,  Who are you, I don't ever remember talking to you

John - I am new to the maingenealogy.net site.  I saw this thread and felt like commenting.  I am descended from Aaron M York's sister, Sarah.

I am a descendent of Abraham York (the one referenced b 1726 brother to John York b. 1728).

Did you find anything out?




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