Philip Adams (1632-1692)came to York ME  

Thomas Adams (1648-1737)  

Samuel Adams (1680-1753)     
Nathan Adams (1711-1775) (Nathan came to Harpswell ME)                                      
John Adams (1752-1830) came to Bowdoinham ME
David Adams (1792-)
Daniel Adams (1836-1910) 
Ulysses Grant Adams (1872-1942)
David Adams

Robert C Adams
1829-1917 b. Kingsbury ME

Please help me fill out my tree...the only thing i am sure of is my great great grandfather Robert C Adams who came to minnesota with his father David and sister Sarah in 1850's.

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mine is

thomas adams

samuel   gggggg

nathan   ggggg

john  gggg

james  ggg

melville  gg grand

laurance great

oscar    grandfather



what are you looking for info?


I am looking for information about David and his wife Rachael the David father of Robert C.  However i would love to connect with you on our common ancestors...How have you recorded your infomration?  is it something we can share?  i haven't used a real program yet but have alot on pedigree sheets handwritten.  Just haven't taken the plunge into digital versions.  do you have any old photos?  I take it you live in Maine? Do you know of old homesteads or have photos of them? I take it that James is a brother to David.  Do you have records that verify this


someone wrote to me a while ago stating that they thought a watering well for horses was dedicated by Robert C Adams 1902. Granite carved by William Howard. Howard and daughter Allie are in photo. Fountain is in Blue Hill maine.  know anything about this?

There is a granite fountain on the Parker Point Road,  Blue Hill.  1/4  mile from the Village,  Blue Hill Library. 
That must be the one. Here's an early photo.

Yes.The same one,      and the buildings in the background are still standing.  The fountain water is piped from a hillside spring and disconnected in winter and spring until water quality tests come back negative for bacteria due to spring runoff.  Fountain springwater is still in use by locals and access controlled by the Slectmen,  Town of Blue Hill.

sounds sustainable and modern

I think that the Robert C. Adams who gave the fountain at Blue Hill is buried in the Seaside Cemetery at Blue Hill:

Capt. Robert Chamblet Adams

Birth:  Dec. 1, 1839
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA

Aug. 10, 1902
Hancock County
Maine, USA

Capt Robert Chamblet Adams

His obituary is in the Ottawa Canada Journal, August 12, 1902.

It was too large to copy and paste here.

William M. Howard who cut the town fountain was my Great Grandfather.


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