Alexander Green was born approx. 1863 at Reeds Plantation, Lincoln Co.  I have this on his son's, my husbands grandfathers birth certificate that Alexander was born in Maine and again on his death certificate I have it that he was born in Maine.  Canadian Census also state he was born in the US.,  I would appreciate it very much if someone could help me in this matter so I can clear this hurdle and keep on.

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Was this the Alexander Green who lived in Wicklow, Carleton County, New Brunswick? This birth certificate give Alexander's birthplace as Wytopitlock, which is a village in Reed Plantation, Aroostook County, Maine.

Alexander's death certificate gives his parents' names as James Green and Nellie Wright. In 1871, 1881 and 1891, he was living with James and Keziah Green in Wicklow, and in 1901 Keziah is identified as his mother. Keziah's death record does not give her parents' names or exact birthplace. Here is a newspaper notice of Alexander's marriage.

The 1881 census gives Keziah's middle initial as "E". If her middle name was Ellen, that would explain why Alexander's death record called her "Nellie".

James and "Kessia" Green were living in Blissfield, Northumberland County, New Brunswick in 1851. By 1860, they had moved to Reed Plantation. I found the marriage record of James Green and Keysia Wright here. They were married in Northumberland County, 17 July 1844. He was a resident of Blissfield, she of "Queens Borough County York."

A deed on this page shows that John Green of "the parish of Ludlow now called Blissfield" and his wife Phoebe sold land in Blissfield to James Green on 8 July 1843. Notice that in the 1851 census John and Phebe Green are enumerated just before James and Keziah. These were evidently his parents. This page has more information on John and Phebe (Mitchell) Green (see also this book). Phebe died in Reed Plantation in 1892


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