Hey all!!! i have recently been working on my family tree on my mother's side. Her father and family were from Maine and we still have relatives that live up that way (some also now in CT). i have a pretty extensive tree going, but i would like to bring it into the current to see where lines went.


There are a number of names like Madden, Lamb, Tolman, Whitehouse, Morgon, Clapp, Pond, Leadbetter (this is progressively going back with the maiden names that married a Payson).



Any help would be much appreciated and if i have anything that could help you i would be happy to do so.


-jon barrios

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     Susan Payson (b.a. 1793 in Barrettstown, Hancock, Maine) was married to my third great-grandfather, Robert Elwell Coose (b. 2 Feb 1792 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts) on 29 Mar 1821 and they had four children.  I happened across some photos of the Payson family, either by luck or devine intervention, at the Hope, Maine (formerly Barrettstown) official website.  I was going to forward these photos, but then decided the better option would be to include a link to the historical society webpage.

     The Town of Hope's official webpage is:  http://hopehist.com/.  Many wonderful photos of area cemetaries, taken by a very thoughtful young lady with connections to the Lamb family, can be found at this address:  http://community.webshots.com/user/megsateennow.  To search the Maine State archives, including marriage and death records, follow this link:  http://www.maine.gov/portal/facts_history/genealogy.html.

     Please let me know if any of this information has been useful to you.  I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.



Sheri L. Dodge

Troy, Maine

Hi Sheri!


Wow thanks, this is great. Funny thing is, i have Robert Coose in the tree married to Susan Payson (d1883). Would you happen to know their death dates and descendants names? i am currently checking out these websites and finding lots of overlap. Thanks so much!


-Jon Barrrios

Brooklyn, NY

Robert Elwell Coose married (1) Susanna Payson 29 Mar 1821 in Hope, Maine. Their children, all born in Hope were: Edwin Blaine Coose (b) 1 Dec 1822 (d) 21 Apr 1898, married Margaret A Bills 6 Mar 1854 (2) Silas W. Coose (b) 1823 (d) 10 Nov 1891 in Worcester, Massachusetts, married Esther L. Daggett 25 Feb 1854 in Hope (3) Susan C. Coose (b) 1826 (d) 1897 in Rockport, Maine, married to Freeman H. Spear 11 Sep 1862 at Rockport (4) Sylvanus Cobb Coose (b) Feb 1827 (d) 3 Oct 1907 in Camden, Maine, married Ruth Ann Tibbetts 14 Jan 1865. Robert married twice more after Susanna and that information can be provided.
wow that's great, thanks! do you need any information from me? i have quite an extensive tree going on the payson side, however there are some discrepancies with typical things like number of children, death and birth dates, and the bane of reoccurring names between children and grandchildren (ie sarah payson, ephraim payson, etc)

one big thing i am trying to understand is, do you know susan's parent's names and do you know if her name was Susan or Susanna? because those two things would make a difference. i've been looking at a number of lists of the children of Ephraim Payson the 4ths (given to me and found online for corroboration) and found some names that are and aren't on these lists, and some that seem like duplicates; i think on one list it has a susan and a susanna (one might have died and then they just renamed the next child the same or similar name). There are a few Susan/Susanna/Susannah Paysons overall....yikes. Also, Ephraim married twice. Hannah being the first wife and Anna Heal (a little confusion with that name also) being the second.

Those things would help us narrow down exactly where our ancestors fit together. i have Susan Payson plugged in as the daughter of Ephraim Payson the 4ths (June 16, 1754-Dec 5, 1834) and Hannah Wentworth (Feb 25, 1756-1801?). Their other children that i have are: Asa Payson, Hannah (Payson) Lamb, Ephraim Payson Jr., Sally (Payson) Lassell, Henry Payson, Sion W payson, and John Payson. For Anna Heal and Ephraim the 4ths children i have: Barrack Payson, Samuel Payson, Eunice, Payson, and Anna Payson. Since Hannah Wentworth died in 1801 Ephraim remarried to Anna, but this is one of the fuzzy areas with children's names and having a complete list of Ephraim's children.

Is this what you have?

Hope you're having a great Christmas and New Year!


I have not done a lot of research on the Payson family as I am related to Robert E Coose through his third wife, Roxanna Ladd.  I did some checking into my tree and found the same issue with Ephraim Payson, as that name seems to have been given to at least six generations of Payson men.  This is what I do have:


Ephraim Payson b. 16 Jun 1754 in Stoughton, Norfolk, Commonwealth of Massachusetts d. 15 Dec 1834 in Brooks, Waldo, Maine married 8 Jul 1779 in Stoughton Hannah Wentworth b. 25 Feb 1756 in Stoughton d. 1801 in Hope, Lincoln, Maine.  I have ten children listed for this couple:

1. Hannah b. 13 Mar 1787 in Friendship, Lincoln, Maine d. 17 Oct 1871

2. Henry b. 13 Mar 1787 in Friendship d. 1789 in Friendship

3. Asa b. 6 Jun 1788 in Sharon, Norfolk, Massachusetts, d. 26 Aug 1878 in Hope, Knox, Maine

4. John b. 16 Jul 1789 in Friendship, d. 21 Jul 1870

5. Ephraim b. 24 Nov 1792 in Hope, Lincoln, Maine d. 12 Jan 1881 in Hope m. Nancy H Fogler 30 Nov 1820

6. Susan b. 1793 in Barrettstown, Hancock, Maine d. 15 Jul 1883 in Hope, Lincoln, Maine M Robert Elwell Coose 29 Mar 1821 in Hope, Lincoln, Maine

7. Sion W. b. 1 Jun 1794 in Barrettstown, d. 10 Jul 1867 in Montville, Waldo, Maine

8. Sally b. 1796 in Barrettstown

9. Annie b. 1797 d. 1802

10. Sarah b. 21 Jul 1801 in Hope, Lincoln, Maine d. 8 Jan 1857 Grafton, Grafton, New Hampshire


I do not have the additional marriage of Ephraim to Anna Heal, but will be updating my tree shortly.  Do you ever do any work on Ancestry.com?  I have a huge tree there, but I am finding the information on the Maine Gen website invaluable.  I'm not sure I have helped you, but sure hope so.  One last note, Knox did not become a county in Maine until 1860 hence the changes in county name.  I have yet to decide what to call the State of Maine, however, since we didn't acheive statehood until 1820.  Sometimes I use the term Province of Maine in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but this seems so tedious I resorted to just writing Maine.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a perfectionist, but...what can I say?  Thanks for the new info and Happy New Year to you as well!

Hello Jonathan,
Whitehouse is my paternal family name...have just started on my geneology quest,,,

Would love to share info..


Kathy Whitehouse


Hi, wow so interesting because my great-grandmother on the Payson side was a Whitehouse but no one knows much about her. 

Yea, let's trade information. It's been a while but I have a giant family tree going back a long time. 


Hi Jonathan,
Talk about snail mail...LoL
Would be interesting.
Must keep this short for now, but check out my homepage to see if anything is familiar.
Talk soon,



Thanks for getting back to me! yea, I haven't been on here in a long time as well. It just fell off my radar with everything else. 

I'm not sure where to look on your homepage. Is there a family tree? My great grandfather's wife was Virginia Whitehouse from what I'm told. 




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