My grandpa James Edward Boulier (aka Edward James) one of 9 children from Cecil Boulier and Melvina LaFrance. As a child I remember my grandpa talking about growing up on the potato farms and the trick they played on each other growing up, at 17 he left for the Army with his mom's concent.  I would really like to trace the family history back even more. Could any one sheed any more light on this?

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Here is the obituary of Cecil Boulier from the Bangor Daily News of 8 Feb. 1975. and here are Cecil's marriage record and death record.

You'll find Cecil living in Fort Fairfield with his parents William and Mary on this page of the 1920 census. Though the 1920 census says that William came to America in 1900, the 1910 census says that he emigrated from Canada in 1877, and the 1900 census says 1880.

The surnames are misspelled, but I believe that this is the marriage record of Cecil's parents. If you were to order a copy of this record from the Maine State Archives, it would probably give the names of the groom's and bride's parents, and their places of birth.

There were two William Bouliers of about the same age living in Fort Fairfield in 1900 and 1910. Yours was not the one shown here with parents Joseph and Mary, so be careful not to get them mixed up.
THank you, the information that you provided was a really big help. Thank you again!!!

Cecil was a brother of my grand father John "Loomis" Boulier of Ft. Fairfield, ME

Have you had any luck finding any info  on Francis Boulier  born in France in 1784? I've been looking every where but I've hit a dead end. I know he cam over with his parents in 1791. I lose him after that.

My Fathers family are from Aroostook County. Mostly St.Agatha Fenchville area. These are the surnames going back to my 3rd Great Grandparents. Collin Dechaine Marquis Saucier Pelletier Ringuet Plourde Drapeau Chamberland Daigle Albert Tardif. Do you share any with me? Scott
Nope, I don't on my grandpa's side of the family the names are Boulier (Beaulieu), Lafrance, Levesque, Jewette, Cyr, Martin, McAllister, St. Pete, Bolton, Laplante, Desroches and Brannen. Those are the surnames going back to the late 1700's. I'm sorry that I couldn't of help ya out any more. Have you tried to see if they are listed in the "History of Fort Fairfield" book?
I have Cyr from my 5th to 10th great grandparents. Marie anne CYR5th Joseph CYR6th Jean Baptiste2 CYR7th Jean Baptiste CYR8th Pierre CYR9th Jean Christophe CYR10th. I also have a bunch of martin going back a ways. Most of my ancestors were from Port Royal and Madawaska that far back. I will check out the History of Fort Fairfield. Thanks Scott
Do you have any Bolton ancestors from Bangor and/or Augusta?


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