Hello members, I was born in 1941 In Augusta,Maine.. My bio mom was not married at that time. Being baptized and mom not married the priest would not allow any fathers name on my baptismal certificate. I guess at that time they thought they were god. My birth name was David Parent at that time.

I was adopted 30 days later. Bio mom name was Ceceilia Parent (Oclair). Mom passed away in 2000. Buried in manchester,Maine. Anyone could give me any leads it would be most appreciated.

My main question is a long shot on finding the name of my bio father.

Anyone with information as to how I could possibly find out can contact me at the following email address:




Manuel J. Amaral


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Hello Manny,
I will do some digging on Ancestry.com and newspapers.com and see if I can find any information that might be useful for you in identifying your biological father.

Also, an alternative spelling for your mother's maiden name could be Auclair?

Have you contacted the State and see what the requirement is for releasing info on adoptions? The other avenue is to take a commercial DNA test and see what happens.


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