Searching searching searching for the parents of Samuel Bagley born in 1794 or 1795.  Possibly John Bagley as he was in the census in 1820 living with John before he married Sarah Barnes.

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Descendants of Samuel Bagley

1. Samuel1
 BAGLEY, born between 1794 and 1795, in Machias, Me., died between 1860 and 1870, in
East Machias, Me., buried in Unk. He married Sarah Mary BARNES Jun 10, 1820, in Machias, Me. She
was the daughter of Ashbel BARNES and Sarah HUNTLEY. Sarah Mary BARNES was born between
1804 and 1805, in Machias, Me., died after 1880, in East Machias, Me., buried in Unk.
Children of Samuel BAGLEY and Sarah Mary BARNES:

i. Jerusha BAGLEY, born Sep 6, 1821, in East Machias, Maine, died Jul 15, 1823,
in East Machias, Maine.

2 ii. David Marden BAGLEY, born Apr 2, 1824, in Machias, Me, died Jun 6, 1892, in
East Machias, Me.

3 iii. Moses A. BAGLEY, born Jul 19, 1826, in Machias, Me., died in Unk.

iv. Samuel BAGLEY, born Sep 23, 1828, in Machias, Me.

v. Sarah Abigail BAGLEY, born Mar 20, 1832, in Machias, Me, died Nov 26, 1912,

in Jonesport, Maine. She married Andrew James DOW May 15, 1852. Andrew
James DOW was born in East Machias, Maine.

vi. Lucy M. BAGLEY, born May 20, 1834, in Machias, Me.
4 vii. Susan Elizabeth BAGLEY, born Feb 17, 1837, in Machias, Me, died Apr 22,
1926, in Alexander, Me.

5 viii. Samuel A. BAGLEY, born Aug 24, 1839, in East Machias, Me.

ix. Daniel W. BAGLEY, born Feb 8, 1843, in Machias, Me.

6 x. John A. BAGLEY, born May 5, 1845, in Machias, Me., died 1921.

xi. William H. BAGLEY, born Oct 23, 1847, in Machias, Me.

7 xii. James A. BAGLEY, born Jun 6, 1850, in Machias, Me.

8 xiii. Arthur Alphonso BAGLEY, born Mar 22, 1857, in Machias, Me., died Jun 22,

Compiled by: DW and CJ Bagley, 2000 - 2006

Note* their are two Samuel

If he was in 1820 census then check the census to see if his wife is their they did marry in 1820 their would be no children in with them because the first child was born in 1821.

Hi Christine

  Well I talked with a relative in my tree on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada this am.  She confirmed Samuel Bagley came to Machis when he was 18 with his brother David and brother John from Candia, NH.  Jacob Bagley is their father.  Finally this only by word of mouth by the local historian last name of Foss in Machias, ME.  We have no listing of him in the family  but knew it was his line. Mostly due to middle names of his children and dates working out right.

  Thanks for your help.   We still do not know when he died. I looks like John and David went back to Candia, NH    Moses Bagley (Samuel and Sarah's son)  may have gone across the sea to avoid the civil war in America. I taked to his grandaughter. She is sending my some photos and I some to her.


Jacob Bagley and Mary Bagley are definitely Samuel's mother and father from Candia, NH.  We come from Ann Winthrop line. Someone put their family tree on but left out Samuel. His big sister Mary died of fever right after giving birth. She married John Marden. He gave the baby away to a childless couple in town.   John Marden later died when a tree fell on him.  The child took back his name Marden and he died in his own barn.   That's what is says on the internet. And I am sticking to it.

Hi, I am from the line Kennedy, Bagley, Berry line. My g-grandmother was Lucy Berry Bagley and I found info that she was married first to a Samuel Andrews. He died and she married John Bagley. I have been trying to find the Native American connection.

Also trying to find info on Alexander Kennedy born in 1843 married to Ailthea Mary Cosgrove believed to have moved to the Machais area. Aithea went by Mary and died in child birth around 1892. I cannot find anymore info about him nor can I find out where they are buried.

Thank you, Lucille

Hey Lucille   I just read this message over a year later.  Every time I search records I keep a look out for Alexander and his wife. Usually doing cemetery searches. Sorry about missing this  I think I am just on too many sights however I should give this one my all.  Wikitree is where I have put the most input.

It is so funny that you gave the Bagley tin type to Paula Walsh Miles and she mailed it to me in California.  When I took it over the Asa's sons house (Norman) he told about each one of them. He did not know who his great grandfather was either. just like the rest of the family. Crazy.

I have Samuel's parents listed as David Bagley and Betsey Moor.  David Bagley is my 4th great grandfather.

Disregard my reply.  Had an extra generation in my tree for some reason.  I have Samuel's father as Jacob

I just got back to geneaology.  I am going to use Jacob until I find anything I can source for Sam's father.  It is such a bummer not to be able to go past him in the family tree.  Using Jacob means we are related to all the other Bagley's in Amesbury, MA.  My cousin Richard Harrington's DNA came back 99 percent Irish for the Air Force.  We were always told we had Native American blood.  I have found that Lucy Berry Andrews Bagley's mother Mary Rose Homan Berry was of Penacook native American heritage. Can't prove it .

   Gotta go.   Sorry I dropped the ball      Jeanne

There is no proof of Mary Rose Homan Berry being indian.  Elaine Berry who is now passed away had the story online for sometime. Her DNA proved negative for Native American.

I found two Bagley's in Waite, ME on the map. Interesting. Lots of Berry family on the map also.  All from Westbrook and Jane Freeman from Scarborough, ME.  There is a great story of the first settlers coming to Machias, ME with a cow on board and it fell off the boat  I believe it belonged to Westbrook Berry.  Has anyone seen the story??

It is in the history of Machias, ME.  The first names mentioned were Holmes, Larabee, Foss, Westbrook Berrry and Jane Freeman, Getchell and others I just read it again  Jeanne Bagley Scott


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