Searching searching searching for the parents of Samuel Bagley born in 1794 or 1795.  Possibly John Bagley as he was in the census in 1820 living with John before he married Sarah Barnes.

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DNA was done by Jean Marie Bagley b: 1951, William Edgar Bagley b: 1925 My dad John Francis Bagley's brother. and my cousin Gladys Bagley's son Roger Harrington, Florida by way of Holbrook, Massachusetts. We are still waiting on new hits in but it does appear that Jacob Bagley of Waldo County and Mary unknown fathered Samuel, we believe that Mary Bagley b: Lee or Liberty, Maine & married John Marden - she died in Palermo of fever 6 days after childbirth at age 25 is Samuel's sister. The only way we can confirm will be DNA. IF THIS INFORMATION CHANGES I WILL POST AGAIN.   I hope someone can get this info to Natalie Bagley Urquart on Grand Manan Island, NB. Henry Currier Bagley an illegitimate child of Mary Currier in Amesbury, MA is our line. He was adopted by Henry Bagley.    Also Samuel and Sarah's son Arthur Alphonse was the illegitimate child of their daughter Susan Bagley Keene and fathered by Richard Huntley. He went on to have a wonderful life in Grand Lake Stream, ME

There was a Jonas Berry in Machias.  I am looking for a Jonas, but I don't think it is that one. Mine was born in about 1800. I can't find him anywhere though.  I found him (maybe) in an old English census with parents named John/Jonas/Johan Berry and Sarah Ellis, but that is it.  He married a woman named Jerusha C. Daley whose parents are Amon Daley and Rachel.  they are buried in a cemetery in Rockport with Jonas and Jerusha's son, Amon Daley Berry, his wife Maria C. and perhaps another son, Leander Berry (died at age 10 in June 1852). Could Jonas be the same one from Machias, maybe remarried?  His wife (Jerusha C.) is from Barnstable, MA area.  I would love to figure out where the 2 are buried. He is not listed on an 1850 census that shows Jerusha living with her parents and child(ren) and possible siblings. Was she widowed or did he leave her? That might make him the Jonas from Machias which could change a lot. Everything else must match though. (Verified information)

Hi Heather Have I talked to you before?  You sound familiar.  Jonas Berry is my GGGrandma Lucy's brother. It is funny Lucy Berry married someone named Andrews and then she married John Adam Bagley who is the son of  the Samuel Bagley we have been searching for for years.  Lucy named her second son Leander Bagley it is probably a family Berry name. Jonas's mother and father are Westbrook G Berry Jr died in 1860 I bet he had a brother named Jonas also.  (Westbrooks father was John Berry Jr and Abigail Getchell it is well documented all over the internet) and Mary Rose Homan Berry was his mother. His parents are in the Jacksonville cemetery. I have a photo of the stone.

  I think it is not a coincidence that Lucy named her son Leander  She probably knew Leander Berry.

I will check my stuff for Jonas Berry from the 1800's    My GGGrandma Berry line comes from Johan Berry.

We had our DNA done and came up with the conclusion of who were the parents of our brick wall and it led back to Amesbury, MA. right next to Barnstable.


It is just these names are SOOOO common and I cannot for the life of me trace anyone north of Camden.  My Leander died at age 20 and appears to be the son of Amon Daley Berry and Maria Cynthia Linnell. Amon's grandparents are buried right above them on the hill.  (Amon Daley and wife). I cannot find Jonas or Jerusha, but figure Jonas died young as I find Jerusha living with her parents with a child later on.  OR Jonas left her and remarried someone else. I am just not finding the info though and I have gone all over the family group sheets from Machias area.  There are people of the same name, but married to different people, different dates and in different places. I think I also checked out Westbrook. I have seen an Amon living in Washington County as well.  One of those stupid census records where they only record the men.  Totally useless.

I am rethinking this whole Berry/Daley thing.  I don't believe Jonas and Sarah (Ellis) Berry are Amon's parents. I think I will check out the possibility of your Jonas being the father instead.  It is a bit confusing though that their children would be buried in Rockport with their maternal grandparents (Amon Daley & Abigail Coombs), while the parents are no where in sight. My Amon Daley Berry had a brother (died in 1852 at age 19) named Leander, so it would make sense if there was an uncle named Leander in there somewhere. I rechecked the sources that say Jonas was Jonas and Sara Ellis's child and found none, but did find a whole bunch of Berry children that were theirs. So with that out, I will relook at the Machias, Washington County Berry's once again. Any other information on Jonas and family would be appreciated, Including a marriage to a Jerusha Daley. Her parents are Amon Daley and Rachel Coombs (married in Lincolnville).  Thanks.


  August 13, 2015

   After doing DNA we have found we have illegitimate family members.  My grandfather cheated also. Produced a child that even played with his own children.   No one knew abut her.  This was in 1928. My grandma had just finished having 5 babies in 8 years I guess she was tired.

  DNA points to my  Bagley line going to Orlando Bagley 3rd who was the constable in Salem at the witch trials.  I also found my mother Beatrice Mae Sargent had a great grandma named Lois Bagley from Hartland, Vermont who was fathered by Thomas Jefferson Bagley who leads back to Orlando same one.  CRAZY mom never knew before she passed away.  I hope someone can relate this info to Natalie Urquart on GMI.

  Jean Marie Bagley


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