I am wondering if I could receive assistance in an attempt to find the burial place (or at least more information) on Benjamin Leighton and his wife, Jane Webber. I have them both dying at Mount Vernon, Maine. Jane on 5 Mar 1823 and Benjamin on 8 Jan 1824. These dates come from Perley Leighton's "A Leighton Genealogy," so the information came from someplace but I don't know the exact source. Benjamin was the son of Capt. John and Sarah and was born 1735 at Dover, NH. He married at Wiscasset, 16 May 1765, Jane Webber daughter of Gerhsom Webber and Marcy Young. I am mostly interested in finding out if the original hand-written marriage record might still exist and their possible burial location. I realize that these are old burials but believe it might still be possible to locate them. I live in the Midwest so travel to Maine to do on the ground research is not always possible. I am willing to pay for research help if necessary. Thanks in advance.

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Benjamin and Jane's marriage record appears near the top of the left-hand page here.

Oh, my gosh, Chris! You are a wonder! I use FamilySearch fairly often but apparently I never searched for this specific record there. I have been to the Lincoln Co. Courthouse and been told that there are marriage books but I've never had an amount of time necessary to spend to locate and look through them. There is a card catalog with the same information typed, but this is exactly what I wanted to see! So now I know the original book DOES still exist. How exciting. I am going to be in Maine next week and I hoped to set aside some time to go to the Courthouse and do some looking. Are you at all familiar with their records and if so, do you have any advice? I've been in the record room but it's been a few years. Thank you! Gayle

Okay. I now want to know how you found this record. I have gone to FamilySearch and tried to duplicate the information and I come up with the correct information, but no image is available. Please reveal your search secrets  ; )

I wrote a post about finding town records on FamilySearch here. Wiscasset's records are online; Mount Vernon's are not.

The county courthouse will have copies of old marriage records, but the original records would be held by the towns—in this case, at Wiscasset's town office. The courthouse will have deeds and probate records (the latter also available here).

I checked Kennebec County probate records for the Leightons, and found nothing. Kennebec County deeds show several transactions between Benjamin Leighton and Andrew, David and Timothy Leighton in 1811. Some of these deeds were not recorded until after Benjamin's death, and may provide clues to the exact location where he was then living. That might help you narrow down the location of the cemetery where he and Jane were buried.

Thank you, Chris. I was in Mount Vernon many years ago but again, I was on vacation and had not set aside time to do research. Thanks for the information about finding records. I will read your post. I look forward to looking into some of these records. 

Do you have any information regarding the parents of Miss Jane Webber who Married Mr. Benjamin Leighton?

Thank You!

Yes. My research (actually my mother's research) indicates that Gersham (also Gershom) Webber and Mercy (Marcy) Young. He married Mercy on 26 Jun 1736 in York County, Maine. In 1757 he was listed as being part of the town militia. His parents were Samuel Webber and Elizabeth Young. Her parents were Matthews Young and Eleanor Haynes.


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