Benjamin Palmer 1787- 14 September 1870 Kennebec/Readfield ME

Searching for information regarding Benjamin Palmer who married Hannah Atkinson March 17, 1811 in Kennebec, ME. Kids: son/dau, Ruel, Daniel Bradbury, John Bowman, Gorham, Alvin, Hushia T (?), Benjamin Chaplin, George, Charles, and Emily. (Not sure if first child born 29 Sept. 1813 is male or female or if Hushia is Benjamin and Hannah's son.) John Bowman Palmer (went by Bowman) was the executor of Benjamin Palmer's estate, which Daniel Bradbury Palmer filed a claim against. I do not have a copy of the will, probate or any information regarding the case other than it went on for roughly 2 years (1871/2) and was thrown out on a technicality. I do have these dates: 8 May, 1871 Commissioners appointed, 4 Monday July 1871 report returned. 15 November 1872 copy of report was filed with office of the clerk of courts. Nature of claim was for labor, amount presented $2, 199.00 amount allowed $2,024.00 H.K. Baker; judge. I am searching for Benjamin’s parents, as his birth date was prior to his supposed parents’ marriage. (Benjamin Palmer & Lois Chaplin who married April 6, 1791.) Also, if anyone has a copy of Benjamin Palmer's will or the probate papers. Benjamin Palmer is mentioned as having moved a mill (google books) along with his son Alvin at some point.  Benjamin and Hannah Palmer are buried in Readfield Center Cemetery. Any and all information and help would be greatly appreciated!

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I have Benjamin Palmer in my database as Hannah Atkinson was a sister my ancestor James Baldwin Atkinson. Unfortunately I don't have any info on him. However, you might want to investigate a William Palmer Jr. (b. abt 1785) and his wife Anna Bullen / Bollan (1774 - 2/24/1840) who lived in Hallowell after they were married (prob. abt. 1795) and had a son George Palmer born there in 1817. They probably had other children. I have that Anna (Bullen) Palmer died in Albion. So the family obviously didn't stay in Hallowell. 

Also, there must have been a William Palmer Sr. I believe that the Palmers that were in the Sheepscot Valley area first came to the Georgetown/Woolwich/Alna area in the early to mid 1700s. 

Hope that might give you a place to start looking. I'd be interested if you find anything out. One of my g-g-g-grandmothers was a Palmer - Ann Melissa Palmer. She appears to have been an orphan and was living with a Joel Chapman in Nobleboro in 1850. I have a suspicion that she might be the daughter of George and Sarah (Chapman) Palmer. George was born in Hallowell and Sarah in Nobleboro. They both simply disappear and probably died leaving a couple of children behind

I have been researching the Palmer family in Maine for years.  From all that I have found, your Benjamin Palmer was the son of Benjamin Palmer and Lois Chaplin.  The elder Benjamin was the son of Benjamin Palmer and Lydia Knowles.  This latter couple had moved to Fayette, Maine, from N.H. in the late 1700s.

Benjamin and Lydia are my gr, gr, gr grandparents.  Their son John Palmer was a brother to the Benjamin who married Lois Chaplin.  WHile John's remained in Fayette, many of his siblings, including Benjamin, left for neighboring towns.

If you want more information, please contact me.

Elinor Kelley

Hi Elinor!

The problem I have is that Benjamin Palmer (born 1786 died 1870 per headstone) was born BEFORE the marriage of Benjamin Palmer and Lois Chaplin - on April 6, 1791. If they are his parents why would they have waited 5 plus years to get married? I have been going through online deeds from Kennebec County hoping to tie Benjamin Palmer to his parents, but have only managed to connect him to his father-in-law; James Atkinson.Granted Benjamin Palmer and Hannah Atkinson named a son Benjamin Chaplin Palmer, but I have yet to see that name on an actual document rather than on internet info.

As I understand it you descend from John Palmer  15 Sept. 1777  - 9 Jan 1820 - am I correct?

I look forward to hearing from you, and can be contacted at ronbessantes at yahoo dot com.

Best Regards,


Elinor, I saw your info on the Maine network.  I am trying to trace Aaron Winslow who lived with Benjamin Palmer in Fayette, Maine in the 18teens and early 1820"s   He lived next to him on several census up until after 1850.  I cannot make the connection with Aaron and Benjamin.  I believe that one of Benjamins daughters was his mother.  I have never been able to identify Aaron's parents.  There had to be a connection.  The History of Fayette makes the connection that they lived together.  They were both deacons in the Baptist Church.  Would like to hear from you.  We have lots of info on Aaron coming this way.  He was my wifes gggrand father.  He married Hannah French in 1828 in Fayette.  Bill Timmons

At least parts of Benjamin's probate file are now online. Here are a few documents I've been able to find:

Docket (File 2, Docket #1681)

Notice of Probate of Will (vol. 156, pp. 104-105)

Distribution (vol. 160, p. 9)

You might be able to find more by looking through some of the other volumes of Kennebec County probate records. Some have indexes at the beginning.


The final probate lists the following sons: Bowman of Wilton, Gorham of Readfield, Hushia of Parkman, Charles of Iowa, Daniel of Iowa, and the heirs of Ruel of Fayette. What about Alvin born 5 Sept, 1821 died 3 Sept 1901. He can't be Hushia as he was born 9 April 1823.  I am SO confused!!!  Any descendants of Alvin out there who can shed light on the matter?



Why can't I find Benjamin Palmer's death certificate? He died 14 September 1870 in Readfield. Can anyone tell me where I could write for it? Would Kennebec County have it?

Death records in Maine prior to 1892 were kept by the towns, and some towns were more diligent at this than others. Your best bet would be to contact the Readfield town clerk. Pre-1892 death records usually provide only name, date of death, and sometimes age.


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