I am looking for anyone who can help provide documented information about the family of Cyprian Bowker of Woodstock. Specifically, which of his wives was it who allegedly drowned in the millpond in Pinhook? I've seen several casual comments about this tragedy on other online sites. Most say the death was of his first wife, Rachel. But I believe this is incorrect. No one seems to be able to back up their comments with sources. Can you help?

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Can you give me an assist? I have the VR's of Woodstock but with no date????? Thanks Hattie
The Digitized copy of the Vital Records of Woodstock is not nice. The pages were not distinct and I can not load to my computer to change the contrast. I did find on Ancestry the History of Woodstock and that mentions his two wives, but lists no cause of death. They had no newspaper obituary listed .
The Bowkers you mention came to Woodstock from Paris and as I have the History of Paris by Lapham and Maxim I looked there on page 529,it lists both wives. Rachel Mayhew and her sister Mary Mayhew Cole. The entry under the Mayhew family does not give further info. Neither the Woodstock nor the Paris History even hints at a drowning.
Hattie, I have access to the Lapham histories of both Woodstock and Paris. Getting a look at the VR of Woodstock would be nice. If you are ever able to decipher them, I am looking for a date and cause of death of both of the wives of Cyprian Bowker. The first, Rachel, died in 1838 or earlier. The second, Mary, probably died around 1850. Thanks for whatever you can do.
At one point I transcribed all the early Woodstock VRs from microfilm, and I don't have any record of these deaths.

Are you familiar with the Herbert J. Libby notebooks at the Whitman Library? He collected genealogical info back when he was town clerk and storekeeper. His Bowker notebook might hold evidence of the deaths. Libby's mother was a Bowker (a niece of Cyprian), so he probably had a special interest in the family.
I will try again to look at this digital reproduction of the LDs Film,as Chris Durham had no luck a different result would not be likely.

I looked for a marriage of Cyprian Bowker in Oxford County Marriages prior to 1892 compiled by Rev Donald L. McAllister and Lucille P. Naas. While that would tell us nothing about the cause of death, or the date thereof it could give the date of the second marriage ,thereby giving an end date for the death of the first wife. Cyprian was not listed in the index. I wonder why that was ,as marriages in Oxford County between 1830 or so were dually entered in town and county.

Also I looked in the History of Turner ,Maine from settlement to 1886 by Rev. W.R. French D.D. 1887,where there is a list of marriages. This town is where several inhabitants of Sumner went in the early days before they had a preacher residing in town,Same result .

The Edmund C. Bowker family lived in Sumner he married Flora Sturtevant do you know where he fit into the Bowker family you are researching. Perhaps I should look in the Sumner VR's ?

Ok so now I have muddled around a bit and thought and I have a suggestion.I am not sure what the fee is ,but I do know that the Bethel ,Maine Historical Society has a clipping index from local newspapers. They have an online presence. Let me know how that works and if the result is not good or the fee too high perhaps I can help out. I am planning a visit to Bethel this year,date uncertain .


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