I am researching Lydia Bran born around 1769 in Winslow (prior to incorporation).  She married Joab Bragg (1760-1832) 20 August 1792 in Winslow and they settled in Vassalboro.  I believe I have her sister, Elizabeth born around 1768 married to Abiel Bragg Jr. (born 1768) (Joab's brother) 24 January 1793 in Winslow.

Then, I'm not so sure.  I don't know of many historical books of the area (if anyone does, please say).  Here is what little facts I have dug up via my Bran notes:

Lydia Bran born about 1769 married Joab Bragg 20 August 1792 in Winslow
Elizabeth Bran born about 1768 married Abiel Bragg, Jr. 24 January 1793 in Winslow

In Winslow,
Solomon Bran married Sarah Brawn 25 January 1787 (so Solomon would be born around 1766 could be brother of Lydia & Elizabeth)
Rebeca Bran married Eaton Richards 2 October 1808 (so Rebeca is most likely one generation down born about 1789 could be niece of Lydia & Elizabeth)
Catharine Bran married Isaac Gilley 5 April 1809 (so Catharine is most likely one generation down born about 1790 could be niece of Lydia & Elizabeth)
Samantha Bran born 12 October 1808 to Joseph Bran & Abigail (so Samantha is maybe one or two generations down making her father, Joseph Bran, a brother or one generation down born about 1780 could be a nephew of Lydia & Elizabeth)

There is a Simon Bran (or Brann) that was born 29 May 1780
relocated to Albion from Shapleigh with this family in Albion:
Lydia born 9 January 1801
Sarah born 9 April 1804
Nathl born 25 June 1805
Mary born 2 Feb 1806
Hannah born 12 July 1808

Most trees show Charles Brawn (1730-1826) as the father of Elizabeth & Lydia, but I'm not so sure as I have no evidence.

Anybody that can comment or point me in a good direction would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much!

~Richard Bragg

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Just an update.  I've found a Joseph Brann in North Vassalboro Village Cemetery born about 1758 so he could be another son of Charles Brawn, but I found an existing tree on familysearch that shows documentation he is actually Charles' brother.

Joseph is buried near a younger Joseph who married Abigail, so the younger Joseph & Abigail so these are the parents of Samantha Bran I found the marriage record for.

UPDATE: I found some information from the original Vassalboro, Maine Town Records:

Marriage Intentions Filed:

John Bragg & Mary Brann filed 3 February 1775

Reuben Brann & Rebeckah Oak 22 February 1775

Joseph Brann & Hannah Whitmore filed 10 February 1777

Benjamin Witham & Mary Brann filed 24 July 1784

John Lloyd Davis & Hannah Brann filed 11 November 1786

Solomon Brann & Sarah Brann filed 4 January 1787

More Evidence - Notice in Eastern Herald 21 February 1793:

Married 24 Jan. at Winslow, Mr. Abial Bragg to Miss Elizabeth Bran, daughter of Mr. Charles Bran, merchant of Winslow.


I may be a descendant of another branch of the tree.  I have an ancestor named John Brawn (or Brann) that lived in Bradley, Maine but was born about 1763.  We was married in 1790 in Winslow, ME to Polly Green.

Most of his children were born in Frankfort, Maine.

We don't know his father, but we presume that he could be a son of Charles Brawn of Winslow.  No real documentary evidence, however he had a pew in the church next to Charles Brawn.  I've only seen that document, I don't have a copy.

In addition, when it comes to DNA analysis, we match with other John Brawn descendants, however we have a few people that are descended from Lydia Brawn in our collective DNA matches with other John Brawn descendants.  Some that have higher CM values than other matched John Brawn descendants.

Jon Reed


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