My maternal grandmother Lena Brooks, born 1899 and died during childbirth in Chicago in 1928 when my mother was a year old. I am trying to research that family line and am having some difficulty. Her mother's name was Lillian Fields. They lived in the Belgrade, Smithfield and Fairfield area as far as I can tell. Her father's name has been given as Adin, Adia, and Adrian in different documents. I haven't been able to get beyond that. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Nancy Parry

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The 1880 census shows Adin A. Brooks, 13, living with his uncle and aunt Roscoe L. and Joanna Merrow in Smithfield. Roscoe Merrow and Joanna Perkins married in 1875. So let's assume that Adin's mother was either a Merrow or a Perkins. An Isaac R. Brooks married Charity J. Perkins in Fairfield in 1862. Charity Brooks lived in Fairfield in 1870 with son "Abram A." Brooks, aged 3. I believe that this was your great-grandfather.


This webpage gives some information on the Brooks family, and shows a son "Adrain," born 17 Mar. 1868 to Isaac R. and Jennie (Perkins) Brooks. The 1900 census for Belgrade gives the date as Mar. 1866, and other censuses support that date.

Thanks for all that information, and so fast.  I'll be able to do more now, thanks to your help.
I am also looking for brooks in central Maine. The Pittsfield,Palmyra area.

Very interesting.  Thanks for your help.



Nancy my grandfather was Carleton Brooks of Fairfield, Maine.  His father was Adin Brooks, I have pictures and information on the Brooks side.  Debra


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