I'm looking for info on Hezekiah Brooks and his first wife Martha Duran (she's also been listed as Duren, but I think since Hezekiah's second wife was Eliza Duran that Duran is correct). They were married in 1844 in Penobscot Co. Children include Nelson Brooks, b about 1851 in Charleston, Penobscot.



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Hi Jennifer,

Was Martha Duran born and/of Christened born 27 Oct. 1831 & had died 9 May 1859.  If so will give you add'tl info.


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I'm not positive she's the one, but the dates do fit. Hez's second marriage was around 1862. Anyway, the children include Nelson (b 1850), Lydia (b 1852), and Alphonso (b 1853). If that's correct, I'd love some additional info.


Thanks either way. :-)

Hi Jennifer,


Go to tne home page of Google--type in Rootsweb--click Family Tree--type in Duran, Martha --you will probaby get 6 0r 7 hits. Good Luck.


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thanks very much!

Nelson's death record gives Martha's place of birth as Cape Elizabeth:


A James Duran was living in Cape Elizabeth in 1830, and in 1840 a James Duran was living in Charleston. In 1850 he was living near Hezekiah and Martha. A John Duran also lived in Charleston in 1840, and had a girl living with him of the right age to be Martha. He appears to have been already living in Charleston in 1830.

This message would seem to confirm that Martha was the daughter of John Duran and wife Martha Whitmore, who married 21 Jan. 1823 in Durham, Maine.
Thank you so very very much!


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