I have a relative, Howard Rinehart ROGERS, who lived in Pennsylvania. Apparently, Howard was seeking work (he was a painter), adventure, or both and went to Massachusetts. While working in Massachusetts he was associated with a Pearl PUTNAM, but married a woman named Claire B. RESIMAIN.

I have a copy of their marriage record, but suspect some of the details may not be accurate (for example, the spelling of the brides surname and the town in Maine from which she hailed). The record states that the couple were married in Leominster, MA on 12 February 1916 by Rev. William E. MEYER. The certificate states her name as Claire B. RESIMAIN and her place of birth as MATTAWISHIA, ME. It says the brides parents were Sarah (Perault) RESIMAIN and her father Joseph RESIMAIN.

I have searched for the RESIMAIN name in Maine records (Joseph, Sarah and Claire), but have found nothing. I have also seen Claire's surname spelled as RESHMAIN. Perhaps, they were French/Canadian, in which case I wouldn't know how to proceed.

The marriage record stated Claire's place of birth as MATTAWISHIA, ME. This appears to be incorrect. The closest I could find was a MATTAWISHKWIA RIVER in Ontario Canada (don't know if their is a town of the same name in Ontario, certainly not a MATTAWISHIA, ME). The closest Maine towns I could find were MADAWASKA and MATTAWAMKEAG, but both of these seem to be a stretch.

Howard died in 1934 and Claire ROGERS disappears. No one knows what happened to her. The family had always suspected that Howard was poisoned, but that has not been proven.

Any suggestions on any of these questions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Andy

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Hello Andy --

Are you able to view the marriage certificate, so that you can see for certain that it clearly says Mattawishia? If you are looking at an actual copy, is the info typed or handwritten? I've found that long-ago handwriting can sometimes be a bit difficult to decipher. If I squint my eyes, Mattawishia doesn't appear to be a stretch to Madawaska at all. Did you try searching census records in Madawaska?


Hi Anne,

Thanks for your reply. I am not in possession of a copy of the original marriage document. Instead, I have a transcribed copy of the original document, so I have what another individual believes what was written. I can see that I need to get hold of a copy of the original document and see for myself. What is strange though, at least to my way of thinking, is that I can find no record of the parents of Claire. If Claire's age is correct, as given to me, she should have been born around 1892. Claire should have showed up with her parents in 1900 and possibly in 1910 (although she would have been 18 in 1910 and maybe on her own). There is a C Rogers that turns up in the SSDI (born in 1893), but no gender is given and not enough information to make a connection (although the scant info given there is enticing). Nothing that I was able to find turned up in any census records. If you have any other thoughts I'd like to hear them.

Thanks again.


Maybe the family moved back to Massachusetts? Sorry, Andy! I'm out of ideas! Good luck; don't give up!


Thanks again for your replies

Hi Anne,

I was hoping with the passage of time I might have been able to unlock the mystery of Howard and Claire B. "Reshmain" Rogers. No such luck. I have searched in vain for anything on Claire from Canada, Massachusetts and Maine. Nothing. I have done the same for her listed parents (Joseph and Sarah Perault Reshmain). Nothing. I have tried many variations for the latter and come up empty. Other than the marriage record in Leominster, MA there is nothing for Claire. She enters the Rogers family in 1916 and exits (mysteriously) with the death of Howard in 1934. I'm beginning to think that the marriage information is fabricated and there is something to the poisoning rumors. There IS a place called Mattawishia in Canada, but no city or town in Canada or U.S. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andy

Andy, Maine records may require a inquiry to the town clerk. Not all towns are on the state records list that is listed on such sites as Familysearch. Madawaska is my choice for likely place to look . The reason the online records are not complete is that not all towns complied with the state law that required this in 1906. Also many records were lost to flood , fire ,and mice. 

Have you looked at Maine deeds and probate to see if you can locate where her parents lived ?

Google Maine Deeds and you will see a site with a graphic of the State of Maine. You will need to select a County , searches are free , many copies are free.. there is a drop down to select the time period otherwise you will find nothing as you are searching current documents. Some counties require you have Java on your computer .Some require Adobe, some are browser sensitive, may require a specific browser, but it will tell you.. 

if you contact the town or the state ,due to the age of the documents you may require a driver’s license and an explanation of how they are related to you,or why you need to know. I personally have not needed records after 1892  since the new law applied.

Hope this helps.

feel free to send me a message at my e-mail I really am not @ hotmail.com ( just take out the spaces)

Mary Harriet

madawaska, maine, sounds the closest phonetically

French(Catholic) records are held at the French Canadian Library in Manchester, NH and in I think Lewiston. . I think they have an online presence.

Hi Andy,

Not sure if you've seen either of these records, but I was able to locate Howard on the 1930 US Census as well as his death certificate on Ancestry. You should be able to click the images to view them fully. The given street address on both records matches perfectly - 3525 17th St in Philadelphia, PA.

His wife is listed as the informant on the death certificate and signed her name as "Mrs Lurane R Rogers" (middle initial for her maiden name Resimain/Reshmain if the same woman perhaps?), and she is identified as providing the information on the census record where her name is recorded as Lorraine Rodgers. Using the provided age at first marriage, both should have been married for the first time in 1916, which lines up with the record for Howard & Claire. However, Lurane also gave a different place of birth and age than that given for Claire on the marriage record, so it would appear that Howard either had a second marriage or Claire/Lurane did indeed fabricate information on records. 

Hi Ashley,

This has been an ongoing mystery in our family. Uncle Howard leaves PA ending up in MA (Leominster). Marries 

Claire/Lorraine/Lurane Resiman/Resimain/Reschmann/Reichman 12 February 1916. The year she claims she immigrated. She is also a Naturalized Citizen (don't know when or where that happened). Uncle Howard dies in 1934, buried in Parkerford PA and Claire disappears. Lots of family lore surrounding this one as you may have read.

Her parents are listed as Sarah Perault and Joseph Resiman on marriage certificate. Like everything else surrounding the document these may be suspect, but Sarah Perault may be a good place to start.

Thanks for your reply.



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