Capt. George and Bridget STROUT of Cape Elizabeth-information needed!

I've read that (whaling ship)"Capt. George Strout moved to Cape Elizabeth from Truro or Provincetown about 1727 or about 1737, and that he was found in the Cape Elizabeth records as late as 1788".
. Does anyone know WHEN George Strout actually moved from Truro or Provincetown to Falmouth/ Cape Elizabeth? Has anyone  found any LAND DEEDS or TAX LISTS?

I have hit "the brick wall" trying to find the DEATH RECORD of George's wife BRIDGET STROUT (widow of Gervis Coley?)!!! Except for her marriage record, I have not been able to find any vitals on Bridget.
Any ideas on how to find the time and the place of her death?
(I'm trying to prove if Bridget was still alive in about 1727 and in about 1735)

I'm also searching for the BIRTH RECORD or BAPTISM RECORD of their last daughter,
 SARAH STROUT b. abt 1735/36 (in ? Falmouth, Maine).
 Sarah Strout married #1 John YORK between 1747 and 1748 in ? Falmouth, when she was abt. 12
years old.       Sarah Strout York married #2 Israel THORN from
Pearsontown/Standish abt. 1772.
 I have not been able to find a Death Record for Sarah Strout York Thorn either. (Most of the info that I have found on Sarah Strout is from "The Early Families of Standish" by Albert Sears.)

My Goal:  I am trying to determine if my 5th great grandmother, Sarah Strout was the "biological" child of
George and Bridget Strout, or if she was a child who was "taken into"
the family.

Any information that you can provide will be GREATLY APPRECIATED !!!
Thank you, Pauline

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I have a page from the Vital Records of Truro, Mass showing that Sarah was born to George & Bridget on 25 Jul 1711. I will try attaching it here.

I do not have a death date or place for Bridget. Let me know if you find out more!

Hi Kathy,
George and Bridget had" first" daughter Sarah born in 1711, but I think that she died young.
Then the: last" daughter, that I have seen in different town and family histories, was also named Sarah Strout b. abt. 1735.
Albert Sears in "Early Families of Standish Maine" has some info on this last Sarah Strout who married John York, and their children, on pages 253-256. I have not been able to find out very much more about her.

George and Bridget's first son, George b. May 7, 1709 is found in the Truro Vitals also with the first Sarah that you foundl. It is strange, but none of the other children of George and Bridget are listed in the Truro Vitals, nor have I been able to find them in the Cape Elizabeth Vital Records either.

I just looked on "Find A Grave" Site and I found Bridget Cooley Strout b. Aug 2, 1686 d. Unknown and George Strout b. 1689 d. Oct 22, 1788. Both were buried in Long Creek Cemetery,Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland County, Maine.
There again, I think that it is strange that the date of Bridget;s death was not on her gravestone or in the cemetery records, etc. At least, I now know that Bridget died in Cape Elizabeth.
I did not find a cemetery record on this site for Sarah Strout (York) Thorn, under Cumberland County.
Thank you very much Kathy, for your research and for responding. Pauline
I saw the findagrave site. But I don't know if you can be sure that Bridget is buried there. Maybe you want to contact the person that put it online there and see if he has any sources. He seems to have entered all the Strouts he could find, some without cemeteries. Kathy
Thank you, Kathy; this is good to know. I will check it out!
I have the listing of Long Creek Cemetery from the South Portland Historical Society, but it doesn't list George or Bridget. I wonder if their graves are unmarked?
Hi Wayne, someone just told me that" the Long Creek Cemetery, (which was known as the old Skillins Cemetery) is now on government land .It is believed that there are numerous other burials in the cemetery besides the 12-14 that have been verified by way of stones."

Besides the stones, were there any Burial Recordswritten down and kept someplace?

I have a feeling that Bridget Strout's gravestone is no longer around. I contacted find a grave and asked for their source or submitter for the info on their site( that Bridget was buried at Long Creek Cemetery), but they have not responded.

I have not been able to find a Death Record for Bridget Strout either!. Any ideas on how else I can find out WHEN Bridget died??
Thanks from this frustrated researcher------
Yes the cemetery is located in the back of the Maine Air National Guard property. They require and appointment and an escort to go there. I'm sure there are many more burials there than what there are stone for. Many of the old cemeteries around here are like that, many have just a piece of beach stone for a marker with no engraving.

Most of the early settlers in the area were very religious and belonged to whatever church was in the area, my guess is that any records that still exist would be church type records, Have you tried the South Portland Historical Society? Or the Maine Historical Society in Portland? Next time I go to the Maine Historical Society, I'll check the microfilm for a death record.

Keep digging

I have been in contact with the S.Portland His. Soc. and they were not able to find a Death Record for Bridget Strout either.
I researched "The Journals of Rev. Thomas Smith" from the First Parish, but there were no children or females listed, and few deceased men were listed. (I think the transcriber left out most of the Genealogical references ). There must have been more references to the earlier settlers of Falmouth/Cape Elizabeth in his original journals.
Good luck in your search; and thank you, Wayne, for your encouragement.

Wayne, I have seen pre-Rev war dates for Bridget's death from 1754+ in old records of Maine.

I believe that they came with Cape Cod families who had land grants for service in the Louisville (Louisburg?) military campaign, at least some of those like my ancestor Beriah Smith did. He also was married to an Alice Small Wormwood, widow of William Wormwood. He father Francis Small bought the land that became the Ossipee tract and she was one of the Small descendant litigants in the long-running land struggles near Limington. I have some of the original sources, including History of Limington by Taylor, which talks about it.

I would love to get some more information about William Wormwood because his daughter Mary may have married a John Freese from Amesbury, MA, which formed part of another line of mine, married into the Moultons of NH and the Cottons of MA.

My grandmother was a Strout from Raymond, Maine. I have a lot of Strout info. Your best bet is to post on the message boards on Capt Tom Morse has the largest collection on the Strouts that I have ever seen. I think he might be able to right the book!!!! Good luck.

Hello....I am a descendant of Simeon Strout of Limington, and have been looking for more info about Bridget for many years. Our family tradition before I connected with others, was that her name was Ann Cooley.

I did connect with Capt Tom years ago, and have heard that all his work is in the Maine State Library, not in Portland's Maine Historical Society. Is this is Orono? Augusta? In any case, many of the Portland records were burned during the 30's in a big fire and so much of the old info is gone. There is a good collection of old sources at the Dyer Library in York, and the Maine Historical Society in Portland has lots of good old family histories, maps, and records. There is another good genealogical library in Fryeburg, Maine.  


I have been doing a lot of work looking for Bridget's family on Cape Cod. I do not know the source of this birth date of Aug. 2, 1682. Does anyone? The marriage record with George Strout, Sr., is found in the Truro records, along with the record of the birth of her daughter Ann Coley, daughter of Gervis Coley (according to Bowman's transcription....would LOVE to see a microfiche of the original documents....misread??? No other record of a Gervis Coley anywhere). There is no record of Ann Coley's marriage, death, etc. I have been checking Eastham records, from whom Truro emerged later, as Truro's formation happened at about the time of Gervis's death....for which there is no record. Was he a seaman?? Bridget's maiden name is not given in the Truro VR....almost as though the writer thought that would be obvious? Was Bridget a nickname?? Was Hannah or Ann her given name? This is critical research as many of the Eastham families were Mayflower descendants, as it was formed by Plymouth residents who colonized the cape.


Bridget named her sons interesting names....I can account for sources for George and Eleazer, but not for Elisha, John, and Isaac. Sooooo, was Elisha her father's name?? I have been combing the vital records of Eastham and New Orleans for women with approximate birthdates and for whom no more is known (ie, moved to Maine). Many of the other Strouts came in 1736, but George and Bridget supposedly came to Maine in 1737. Their son Elisha (my direct ancestor) married Elcy Smith, daughter of Beriah Smith, who supposedly came to Maine to take up a grant of land for service in the ill-fated Louisville campaign, and also as part of the Ossipee/Small land disputes.

Have you tried any of Robert L Taylor books? He researched the Strouts for many years. He left all his research to the Davis Memorial Library in Limington, Maine. Some of his books are Early Families of Limington and Early Families of Raymond. The library has boxes of research material from him.


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