Capt. George and Bridget STROUT of Cape Elizabeth-information needed!

I've read that (whaling ship)"Capt. George Strout moved to Cape Elizabeth from Truro or Provincetown about 1727 or about 1737, and that he was found in the Cape Elizabeth records as late as 1788".
. Does anyone know WHEN George Strout actually moved from Truro or Provincetown to Falmouth/ Cape Elizabeth? Has anyone  found any LAND DEEDS or TAX LISTS?

I have hit "the brick wall" trying to find the DEATH RECORD of George's wife BRIDGET STROUT (widow of Gervis Coley?)!!! Except for her marriage record, I have not been able to find any vitals on Bridget.
Any ideas on how to find the time and the place of her death?
(I'm trying to prove if Bridget was still alive in about 1727 and in about 1735)

I'm also searching for the BIRTH RECORD or BAPTISM RECORD of their last daughter,
 SARAH STROUT b. abt 1735/36 (in ? Falmouth, Maine).
 Sarah Strout married #1 John YORK between 1747 and 1748 in ? Falmouth, when she was abt. 12
years old.       Sarah Strout York married #2 Israel THORN from
Pearsontown/Standish abt. 1772.
 I have not been able to find a Death Record for Sarah Strout York Thorn either. (Most of the info that I have found on Sarah Strout is from "The Early Families of Standish" by Albert Sears.)

My Goal:  I am trying to determine if my 5th great grandmother, Sarah Strout was the "biological" child of
George and Bridget Strout, or if she was a child who was "taken into"
the family.

Any information that you can provide will be GREATLY APPRECIATED !!!
Thank you, Pauline

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Hi Peter.....


I have a copy of Taylor's Early Families of Limington, also his History of Limington, and found some great info in there. I am also researching a Lake family connection that he mentions through Mercy (Lake) Laha. Laha was also a name from Cape Cod, but Taylor says she was from Gorham, and the Lakes in Maine at that time are all Francis Eaton (Mayflower) descendants. Interesting.


My theory on the elusive Gervis Coley is that it was a mistranscription of JAMES Cole (Cole was sometimes written Coley back then), with the upper loop of the J written small and a large loop below to make it look more like a G. Fairly common back them. The curving letters of "_ames" could easily have been misread "_ervis" by Bowman. So far have not found much information about any James Cole....possibly because he died so very young! I" am looking for a marriage record for a James Cole at the right time to have had daughter Ann with wife Bridget.


There also might be reason to look in early NJ recores in the Piscataway region, as there were early Cape Cod people, notably one of the Higgins families, who were connected by marriage to both the Smiths and the Strouts, who moved to NJ, possibly to get away from some of the religious strictures of Plymouth. I don't know that they were Quakers, or may have been in process of becoming Quakers, but times were hot for Quakers on Cape Cod, so maybe....???


I've been loosely followig this thread since its beginning.  I stumbled upon a gravestone today of Sarah Strout wife of Eleazer Strout, died 1810 ae 95 I believe it said.  Is this something you knew about or are interested in? 



This must be a different Sarah Strout, as my Sarah Strout married a York and then a Thorn.

Thank you, Wayne, for following this thread!   I'm still trying to find proof if Bridget was her biological mother or not.

Hi Pauline,

Yes this is a different Sarah, I was actually trying to answer Jane's post that spoke of an Eleazer Strout, son of Bridget.  The site I found had Sarah's stone and a broken off field stone and perhaps another broken stone or two.



The birth date 2 Aug 1682 comes from Find-A-Grave and was posted by an individual known to guess a lot.

Hi Pauline... found this on the Pane Joyce Genealogy online...note Keziah Doane's marriage to George Strout, Jr., and their date of marriage - still living on Cape Cod. One more piece of the puzzle.
Pane-Joyce Genealogy

Family of Ebenezer Doane (4162) & Lydia [Doane]

12638. Ebenezer Doane. Born on 22 Aug 1706 in Truro, MA.284 Ebenezer the son of Ebenezer and Lidia Doane was born the 22d day of August in the year 1706. At the age of 7, Ebenezer was baptized in Truro, MA, on 13 Sep 1713.206 Ebenezer died aft 1752 in Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland Co., ME.

“Mr. Doane went to Falmouth perhaps as early as the spring of 1739, when seven or eight families, among whom were the principal inhabitants, removed from Provincetown to Casco Bay. He was probably a seafaring man. They settled at Long Creek, Cape Elizabeth. After the death of her husband, of which we have no record, Mrs. Doane went to live with her daughter, Joanna Berry, at Buckfield, where she died very aged. But little can be learned of Ebenezer Doane. The probate records were burned in the Portland fire.”171

On 25 Apr 1743 when Ebenezer was 36, he married Elizabeth Skillings (27335) , daughter of Samuel Skillings (15502) (23 Jul 1679-2 Jan 1757) & Aroda Haley (ca 1679/1683-ca 1730). Born on 25 Apr 1713 in Kittery, York Co., ME.171 Elizabeth died in Buckfield, Oxford Co., ME.

Children of Ebenezer and Elizabeth:
    Levi, a corporal in Capt. Samuel Dunn’s Co, Col. Phinney’s Regt.;
    Joanna, b. at Cape Elizabeth 6 Mar 1753, m. 4 Aug 1774 William Berry, settled in Buckfield;
    Deborah, m. Joshua Wescott and moved to Buckfield;
    Mary, m. David Gammon;
    Anna, m. Joseph Skillings;
    Edward; and

12639. Thankful Doane. Born on 5 Mar 1707/8 in Truro, MA.284 Thankfull the daughter of Ebenezer and Lidia Doane was born 5th day of March in the year 1708. At the age of 5, Thankful was baptized in Truro, MA, on 13 Sep 1713.206

12640. James Doane. Born on 10 Nov 1709 in Truro, MA.284 James ye son of Ebenezer and Lidia Doane was born the 10th day of November in ye year 1709. At the age of 3, James was baptized in Truro, MA, on 13 Sep 1713.206

James married Mary [Doane].

Children of James and Mary Doane, born at Provincetown or baptized at Truro:
    i. Lydia Doane, b. 29 Jul 1735,
    ii. Jeremiah Doane, bp 22 Jul 1739, and
    iii. Thankful Doane, bp 30 Mar 1740.171

12641. Keziah Doane. Born on 22 May 1712 in Truro, MA.284 Keziah the daughter of Ebenezer and Lidia Doane was born 22d day of May in the year 1712. At the age of 1, Keziah was baptized in Truro, MA, on 13 Sep 1713.206

On 19 May 1728 when Keziah was 15, she married George Strout, son of George Strout (ca 1689-22 Oct 1782) & Bridget [Cooley] (ca 1686-), in Eastham, MA.156 Born on 7 May 1709 in Truro, MA.284 George ye son of George and Bridget Strout was borne the seventh day of May in ye year 1709. George died in Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland Co., ME, on 13 Jul 1789; he was 80.

12642. Levi Doane. Born on 9 Dec 1714 in Truro, MA.284 Levi ye son of Ebenezer and Lidia Doane was born the 9th day of December in ye year 1714. At the age of <1, Levi was baptized in Truro, MA, on 6 Mar 1714/5.206

12643. Lydia Doane. Born ca 1717 in Truro, MA. Lydia was baptized in Truro, MA, on 28 Jul 1717.206

12644. Elizabeth Doane. Born ca 1720 in Truro, MA. Elizabeth was baptized in Truro, MA, on 21 Aug 1720.171

12645. Mary Doane. Born on 12 Aug 1724 in Truro, MA.284 Mary daughter of Ebenezer and Lidia Doane was born at Cape Codd August 12th: 1724.

Hi Jane,

Thank you very much for this info. 

If you ever find the place of death and the year of death for Bridget Strout (widow Coley), please let me know.

I need to find out if Bridget was still alive in 1727-1735 and lived in Cape Elizabeth with her husband George, or if she died in Truro, Mass..

I'm still trying to prove if she was the biological mother of Sarah Strout (York Thorn) who was born about 1735/37 (I'm searching for Sarah Strout's birth record also---see my 2-9-2010 posting).

Thank you again for your interest, Pauline

Hi Pauline.....


I am SOOO interested in this. I plan to get to NEHGS one of these years and the Cape and start digging around. I bought Leonard Smith's Cape Cod books and have been combing them for clues to Bridget's identity, as well as trying to get my hands on the source of Bowman's original transcription of the Truro Vital Records (found online) where the marriage record of George and Bridget is found. There just weren't that many people back there when she was born, and most of them came from Plymouth, which means a high probability of a Mayflower connection for her. Intriguing.....I really want to dig around in the old Eastham records because Truro's congregation came from the Eastham parish originally, and one of my older ancestors were Samuel Freeman, Samuel Mayo, and Rev. Treat, who was the minister at Eastham for awhile.....what I wouldn't give for any journal or diary of his!


My theory is that Bridget was a nickname or a middle name- maybe her mother was still alive? There were at least two Bridgets I can find in the previous generation (Bridget Bodfish and Bridget Fuller) and so am looking in the family trees of those for collateral descendants. People consistently named children after family members back then, so we shall see...I am always checking to see if any of Bridget's grandchildren have unexplained names and if any might have been named after granny....keep coming across Lydia....and there were some illustrious Lydias out on the Cape.


Also, have found some interesting insights in my John Smith/Beriah Smith to the Higgins family, and some of them took off for New Jersey and so would have unwittingly created the dearth of documents facing us about Bridget.....Many theories....but NO other mention of any Gervis Coley in any database ANYWHERE. Need to check English sources...


All in all, a lovely puzzle, and one that I will keep plugging away at for the rest of my life.


PLEASE stay in touch. There is someone else out there working on Sarah York and the theory that she was a native Am adopted by them...there was a Captain Sandy who was part of the selling of the Ossipee tract to Francis Small (later the Limington/Limerick Maine area) and so they had good ties with some of them, at least on an occasional basis. There are lots of old Maine histories out you live in Maine? WISH the records in Portland had not burned then.



Hi Jane, I have been wondering if you have found any more information on Bridget? 

I am still looking for the date of her death, and still trying to prove if she was the biological mother of Sarah Strout,

Do you know the name of the 'someone else out there' who is researching Sarah Strout York and the theory that she was a Native Am. taken in by the Strouts?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could finally solve some of these mysteries??

Best of luck in your search!  Pauline

From the TruroMAStrout1.gif attachment that was posted by Kathy, it looks like Sarah Strout was a bit more that 12 when she married John York in 1748.  My math reveals that she was about 37.  

I have been dealing with two contradictory theories for the parentage of my 3rd great grandfather Col. John York (1749-1838) for more than 25 years. 

There is little question that Col. John York (1749 – 1838 ) resided and died in Bethel, Oxford, Maine and that he was married to Abigail Bean (1750-1827). 

My personal conclusion is that the parentage of Col. John York is John York (1722 – 1771) born at Durham, NH to John and Phaltiel Folsom York; and Sarah Folsom (1730 – 1825) born at Exeter to Nathaniel and Susanna Jackson Folsom. 

The alternate theory that perplexes me is that Col. John York’s parentage is that of a different John York (1728 – 1771) born at Boston to Abraham and Amiable Blake York; and Sarah Strout (1736 – 1815) born at Pearsontown to George and Bridget Cooley Strout.

Sears notes are in direct opposition to my other sources. (Sears, 1991)

The sources listed below are the basis for all conclusions.  Early Families of Standish, Maine by Albert J Sears seems to be the contradiction.

  1. (Lapham, 1891) Page 646 states "Three brothers, John, Isaac I. and Job York, sons of John and Sarah York of Standish, came quite early to Bethel".   This would be Colonel John York (1748-1838) and his brothers Isaac Insley and Job York.
  2. (Folsom, 1938) Page 86 states that “Sarah Folsom b. abt. 1730 to Nathaniel and Susanna (Jackson) Folsom married John York 7 November 1748 and removed to Standish, Maine”.
  3. (Chapman, 1882) Likewise states on page 26 that on 7 November 1748, John York and Sarah Foulsham were married.  This would be the John (1722/3 - 1771 and Sarah (Folsom) York (1730 – 1825), who were the parents of Colonel John York 1748-1838.  Or so I think.
  4. (Stackpole & Meserve, 1913) States that “John York and Phaltiel Folsom gave birth to John York Jr. on 15 April 1722”.
  5. (Folsom, 1938) Records that John York was born to John and Phaltiel Folsom on 15 April 1723.
  6. (Sears, 1991) Notes:  “John York, the other early settler in Pearsontown bearing the surname of York, was born Dec. 8, 1728 if the assumption is correct that he and Abraham, his brother, were the sons of Abraham and Amiable (Blake) York of Boston.  No record of his marriage has been found, unlike his brother Abraham.  The given first name of his wife was Sarah and was young enough to have had a son Israel Thorne, Jr., born on Dec. 13, 1773, by her second marriage.  According to Dr. Meserve, a great granddaughter of Isaac I York by the name of Mrs. Files stated that Sarah (______) York, her great grandmother, was married when she was only eleven years old and that her first child, Col. John York (John York Jr.) was born when she was twelve years of age, and that she lived to be over 80 years old.  Since Isaac I York was 95 years old at the time of his death on Aug. 5, 1844, making his date of birth about 1749, it appears that Col. John York, the first born, must have been born as early as 1748 or perhaps before.  On this basis Sarah (_____) York, wife of the Pearsontown settler would have been born about 1736.  The identity of this Sarah is given in a bill found in Suffolk Court Records (case 63, 990, vol 398) of Sarah Strout for nursing John Yorke, 18 weeks, dated Apr. 21, 1748.  The bill is headed:  "Falmouth in Casco Bay, Oct. 1747, a true acompt per me, Sarah Strout."  On the reverse side is written Sarah Strout received 38 pounds and the signature is of Sarah York, in a very awkward hand.  'This seems to show that Sarah Strout married John York, about the date of 1748.  Sarah (Strout) York was perhaps to be one of the younger, if not youngest, child of Capt. George and Bridget (Cooley) Strout of Cape Elizabeth and this a sister of John Strout an early settler of Pearsontown”.



Chapman, J. (1882). A Genealogy of the Folsom Family; John Folsom and his Descendants, 1615-1882. Concord, New Hampshire: The Republican Press Association.

Folsom, E. K. (1938). Genealogy of the Folsom Family a Revised and Extended Edition Incuding English Records 1638-1938. Rutland, VT: The Tuttle Pulblish Campna, Inc.

Lapham, W. B. (1891). History of Bethel, Fomerly Sudbury Canada, Oxford County Maine. Augusta, Maine: Press of the Maine Farmer.

Sears, A. J. (1991). Early Families of Standish, Maine. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books.

Stackpole, E. S., & Meserve, W. S. (1913). History of the Town of Durham, New Hampshire. Durham, NH: Published by Vote of the Town. 


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