Does anyone know anything about a David Bryant born in 1808 in Cutler and married to a Mary Ackly.
He had a daughter Edvie who married an Ellery Marston and a daughter who married George H. Marston. He was a captain of 2 ships out of Cutler or Machais. One was schooner named the Parallel official number 19606 and the other the Elizabeth Ann built at Cutler, Maine. I thought he was the son of John Bryant and Almay Williams, but someone in California found John's Bible and David was not listed as his child. I have several items his daughter, Louisa, saved and I would love to know more about him. Louisa is my great grandmother. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am the in the line of Bryants from Cutler maine, My family name goes back three generations in the town of Cutler, they were a fishing family, I am researching this subject and planning to travel to cutler soon, My father is the son of Harland Bryant, his name is Robert, and because of a fishing boat tradgedy in the early 1920's my family name moved to bangor. I am the last of the males to carry our name, and My wife is pregnant with our first child, I have recently grown more intrest in my genelogy. 1808 could be a direct line to my bloodline, because three generations seems about 100 years, I would be happy to hear from you, and interested in tracking down any information,
Thank you, Aaron Bryant. (
Great hearing from you!!!! We must be connected some how as David was born there in 1808. According to US Census in 1860 there was a David Bryant seaman, Mary, his wife, Mary E. and Lousia daughters. I believe David had a large family, but I don't have any census information. In 1810 I found 2 Bryants, John Bryant with 10 children and Benjamin Bryant with 12 children in Cutler. I think that David had one son and the rest girls. Harland sounds familiar, so I will have to look through a few things. I have a picture of Louisa that I will send to you in another note.
I live in northern NH and have not been to Cutler yet. It is an 8 hour drive so we would have to stay overnight, but I intend to go sometime in the future. When are you going and are you in Maine?
Congratulations on your future new baby!! I am a 4 times grandmother and nothing is greater than the new generation.
I am planning a trip to Boston to a library that has lots of family genealogies,several Bryant families so I hope to find something there.
According to family legend, David Bryant, on a sailing trip to India, brought a lace shawl back for Louisa's wedding. I have the shawl and it is beautiful. Also a pie server of one of the sisters, Edvie.
I will send the picture shortly.
Are you an artist? just noticed your gmail. I will send the picture to gmail.

David Bryant  is my 4th great grandfather.  I've been trying to determine who his parents were with no luck. I was just wondering if you were ever able to confirm whether or not he was the son of John and Almay or possibly one of the other Bryants in Cutler?




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