Ebenezer Hilton married Amie Sawyer in 1756.  He was captain of a ship owned by another man first, then a few years later he owned his own ship.  After the Revolution, there are no records of him.  I have found no death certificate or burial, though evidently, since one son is buried in Eastern Cemetery, most people feel he was probably buried there but his stone has since disappeared or there was no stone. 

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Perhaps he was lost at sea???  There would be no burial then nor would there be a date of death.  I would look at maritime disaster records and records kept in the town that he was living during that time...not all of them are available on line.  I had to go to Boston and then to Booth Bay, Maine to find records about my ancestors from Maine.  Good luck!!!

I've considered that he got lost at sea; however, his ship must have been tied up at a wharf in Old Falmouth, his home, when Mowatt burned the town in 1777.  A few years later the government of Boston agreed to let sufferers of the fire list their losses & apply for reimbursement.  Amie Hilton, his widow, applied for & received £276 which was one of the h ighest amounts granted.  She was I think one of two women who applied.  Most homeowners only received £80 or somewhere around there. That made me feel he lost his ship and possibly he owned the wharf to which it was tied.   It was seriously a large amount compared with most. Anywhere but Old Falmouth I could check records. But even Portland's once they had some of their own burned, so records that far back were either burned in 1777 or early in the 20th century when I think Portland lost records also.  thank you for the suggestions. they all help.


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