I am in search of Caroline Wilkinson born in Maine about 1822.  I know she married Elijah B. White born in Dorchester, Grafton, New Hampshire.  I have found her on the 1880 census records for Bremer, Iowa and then in 1900 in Waterloo, Iowa.  Any info on her and her family would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.



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I see that Caroline was living in Malden, Mass., when she married Elijah, 24 June 1838 in Waltham, Mass. (Also recorded here.)

The first three children of Elijah and Caroline were recorded in Malden, 1839-1843.

Their fourth child (Elisha) was born in New Hampshire in about Jan. 1850, but by June 1850 they were living in Lodomillo Township, Iowa.

The following is just conjecture:

A Louisa Wilkinson, married, aged 65 years, born in South Berwick, Maine, died of lung fever 22 Apr. 1850 in Malden, Mass. She appears to have been the wife of Andrew Wilkinson, who reportedly married Louisa Hearl in South Berwick 13 Sept. 1819. The 1830 census shows an Andrew Wilkinson living in Berwick, Maine, with a girl in his household the right age to be Caroline. It's possible that Andrew and Louisa were Caroline's parents.

You might want to contact Heather Wilkinson Rojo, who has a great deal of info on the Wilkinsons of Maine.
Thank you for your info. I really appreciate your help. I will contact Heather and see what she has. I am also trying to see if there is any indian blood on this line as my great grandmother Emma (Caroline's daughter) was thought to be indian especially as she had the dark complection and high cheek bones. Do you know anything about this as well. Thanks again.

Lynn Berg
No, sorry, I don't know anything more about Caroline's lineage.


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