Looking for any possible information on Carrie May House from Turner b. May 22 1860, daughter of Calvin House and Lydia Phillips.  She had a son, William H., in 1895. Not finding any information on William's father's name.  I have a feeling this may turn out to be one of those wild goose chases with may unanswered questions, but hoped someone here might have a possible clue.

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I believe that the William you're looking for was from a different family. William's obituary (from the Lewiston Daily Sun of 8 Mar. 1955) says that he was the son of James and Carrie House, born 9 Apr. 1895 in Lewiston.

Either his marriage record or death record says that his mother's maiden name was McCarty—I don't remember which. I am not able to find his birth record in Maine vital records, evidently because he was born out of wedlock.


William was living in Fayette in 1900 with his maternal grandparents, John and Emma McCarty, who had adopted him (Carrie was only 14 when he was born). His mother, Carrie, also lived in the home. In 1910 and 1920, William was living in Fayette with his mother. Carrie was living in Fayette as late as 1930, and still using the name "House," though it appears that she never married.


All I know of James House is that, according to William's census records, he was born in Maine.

Thanks Chris!  That certainly took an unexpected turn.  I had done some more searching this afternoon and had found a Carrie house married to a Charles Gilmore, but he would have been many years older than she, unusual, but not unheard of back then.. and then possibly after his death, married to a Robert Bradbury with I believe the Turner census of 1903/04 showing Bradbury, Carrie and "Willie H"... and the age would have been about right.  BUT, this obituary and the McCarty name makes all this much easier.  Thanks again.


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