Looking for Dickman Cates, father of Sarah who was born in Strong, Maine, 1847 on 18th of May. She married Harrison Merchant of New Vineyard, Maine. I have absolutely no info on this Cates line, an old sore spot in my genealogy charts. I have all the info on my Merchant/Marchant line, and also all I need on Sarah. But need info on her father and mother if someone can help. I would appreciate it. Thank you so much.


Lolly/Lorelie Linton

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The Cates name rang a bell in my tree,but only in passing. A Celestia Cates b1849  Penobscot Bangor Maine,  daughter of a carpenter Thomas Cates b1815 Bangor Maine She married a Simeon Whitcomb (my family tree). Her mother was a Charlotte (Cates} b abt 1815., about the dates you would be looking for Sarahs father. But during my research I also came across what seems like two orphans. In the 1850 census for Farmington Franklin Maine,two children appear attached but with no obvious connection to a family called Butterfield. The head is Caleb Butterfield, He has a wife and two children aged 16 and 14,...then a boy  Freeman Cate? aged 6 and a girl Sarah Cate? aged 3.The census enumerater had very bad writing , and Ancestry .com suggests that the surname should be Cates!

So Dickman could be dead!  any time between 1844 and 1850.

Anyway all this could be a red herring, but thats the fun and frustration of ancestry research.

 All the best with the Cates Family

dave Somers

Thanks so much Dave for your sleuthing on my behalf. The two orphans from Farmington sound like my Sarah and her brother. I remember hearing about a Freeman Cates and I got confused when I also heard Dickman Cates. But now I see they may have been the children of Dickman Cates. Probably his wife died and he adopted or boarded them out to another family. This could be them. I'll wait and see if any more clues turn up before I jot them into my charts and papers. Again, thanks so much. I appreciate it.


Lolly/Lorelie Linton

Hi Lorelie

I've tried to figure this out, but keep coming up with different things all the time. you may try connecting with this person at findagrave.com http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=41810680 They seem to have your Sarah Cates Merchant family in the making.


This is it, their daughter Ellen O. was my great-grandmother. I have a huge framed photo of Ellen or Nellie as she was known in our family, hanging in my hallway here at home. A beautiful young woman. Thanks so much. Now at least I have someone to start searching on. Thanks again, Ben. You are right on again. I so appreciate it.



I think that the census that David has responded to you might be the correct one. The Hannah Butterfield mentioned I think are the Cates children Aunt (Hannah Cates)

Maybe it sounded as if it could be, and I thought they might be relatives who took them in. I have a photo of Sarah when she was married to my great-great grandfather Harrison Merchant. He was from New Vineyard, Maine. I have his line all the way back to the Edgartown sea captains. A fascinating line it is. Hers was the stinker to find for me.




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