I am looking for the names of Catherine Lowe/Low/Law parents. Catherine was born in 1762 and lived in Embden, Maine with her husband John Wilson and children. She died Nov. 4, 1833. I have reached a roadblock with Catherine, when researching her lineage.

She "may" have been related to a Charles Lowe born 1767 who married Betsy Hutchins. Charles died July 28, 1841 and was buried at the West Charleston Cemetery, Maine. My DNA is shared with a small cluster of people who are related to Charles Lowe 1767. I am thinking, Catherine may have been a sister to Charles or a cousin.

Looking forward to hearing any information as to who her parents may have been.

Thank you for your time.

Kristen Rossi

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Hi, Kristen,

Catherine “Lowe” was my husband’s 4th GGMother, so we are also curious about her parentage. He is from John Wilson > Elijah Wilson > Flavilla Wilson Beals > LaForest Beals > Mildred Ada Beals Darling>  

Have you done Ancestry DNA testing? Since my husband has been tested, it makes me wonder whether you are a possible match. I have looked at most of the closest matches and found a few who also had Lowes in their trees, but no Catherine. 

Please keep me posted if you are able to get through this roadblock!


New London NH


I too have looked at DNA matches with Lowe as a common surname. I did find a small cluster of DNA matches with me and a known 2nd grand daughter of Catherine. One name that came up was a Charles Lowe b. 1767 and lived in Charleston, Maine with his wife Betsy Hutchins Lowe. Could Charles be related to Catherine??? I reached a dead end with Charles, just like Catherine.


Hi Eve,

It was great to hear from you. Catherine Lowe and John Wilson were my 3rd great grandparents. I am descended from their son Jesse Lee Wilson-Allen Wilson-Shadrack Wilson-Lois Priestley Bjork-Kristen Bjork Rossi(me). I did have my DNA tested on Ancestry. Is your husband's tree public? I would like to compare notes with you, if possible. I live in Weare, NH close to New London.

Thanks for the reply, I will look forward to hearing from you.



Since this discussion is moving into DNA results, etc., would you mind contacting me by email? I would be happy to discuss further and share family tree information. I can be reached at: FirstLadyKY@gmail.com

Since I am new to New Hampshire, I am not sure yet what or where is Weare (HA)! I just looked it up and you definitely are close!

I look forward to hearing from you,



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