Children (born 1770-1778) in Blue Hill, Maine) of Samuel and Elizabeth (Roundy) Brown

Does anyone know the names and where I might find vital documentation of the children born 1770-1778 in Blue Hill, Maine to parents Samuel and Elizabeth (Roundy) Brown? I am particularly interested in their first born child allegedly named Elizabeth "Betsey" Brown, who married William D. Hooper on January 3, 1791. Backing up a bit, Samuel Brown married Elizabeth Roundy on July 13, 1769 in Beverly, Massachusetts Bay. According to Town Records, Samuel and Elizabeth (Roundy) Brown removed to Blue Hill in 1770. Elizabeth was daughter of John and Elizabeth (Rea) Roundy, one of the first two settlers of Blue Hill having built a log cabin there in 1762 and moving his family there from Beverly the following year. Elizabeth (Roundy) Brown was widowed sometime in 1785 or before and married 2nd Samuel Herrick b. in Gloucester, which was also his 2nd marriage. They both had step children and also had at least five children of their own.

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Replies to This Discussion Betsey married. Betsey's son david Betsey's son amos Betsey's son samuel possibly betsey's brother? if you ctrl+F for "samuel brown" you will find the story of Samuel Brown who moved to Blue Hill Maine to be a town founder. He was married to a Ruth Horton though. Is it possible you have the many Samuel Browns mixed up?

oops, spotted her and second hubby here. Hope this gives you something?

Thank you so much, Steven! I followed Samuel Brown b. Mar. 1776 in Orland who married Ruth Horton for a few months with hope, but different line of Brown/s--they came from Danvers. The ones I am looking for came from Beverly. I have vital document of Samuel Brown and Elizabeth Roundy's marriage in Beverly (July 13, 1769) then they moved to Blue Hill to join Elizabeth's family--the Roundy/s in 1770 (as documented in Blue Hill town records). Yes, Daryl, profile manager on WikiTree, is on it, and I am helping him with this line (your Herrick link). We have been able to pretty much confirm 2 of their 4 children, namely Mary "Molly" (b. abt. 1774) and Emily "Emme" (b. abt. 1778). We think Samuel Sr. and Elizabeth (Roundy) Brown had two others before he died (bef. 1785). These are Samuel Brown Jr. (b. abt. 1776--but not Samuel of Orland since he was born in Danvers not Blue Hill) and I hope Elizabeth "Betsey" Brown (b. abt. 1772). Elizabeth "Betsey" is the child I am most interested in as she is my 5th great grandmother who married William D. Hooper (of Deer Isle) on Jan. 3, 1791. Most applicable family trees in have these four children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Roundy) listed by no sources. There have to be sources somewhere to generate such a list. Elizabeth (Roundy) Brown is referred to as "widow" in Blue Hill Town records in Dec. 1785. She married 2nd Samuel Herrick sometime in Jan/Feb 1786 since their first child was born Nov. 1786--fitting in 9 mos. of pregnancy. It looks like from the 1790 Census that Samuel and Elizabeth (Roundy) Brown's kids lived with their grandparents John and Elizabeth (Rea) Roundy--co-founder of Blue Hill (with Joseph Woods). Thank you again for your help in solving this mystery. Onward....

I can't add much but to say John Roundy is 1st cousin 8x removed.  I am descended from Jobe and  also Lacy, sons of Abraham, John,  Robert, Philip.  :The Roundy Family in America has been helpful to me.  I don't have a copy of the page with that family.  NEHGS has a copy..

Thank you, Michael. I will see if I can locate book: The Roundy Family in America. I so appreciate this reference and also your reply.

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