I have been looking for evidence of children born to Andrew Russell and his wife Rebecca Nutting Russell. They moved to Madison, ME around 1797 and may have moved to Solon at some time. I can find plenty of information on Andrew and Rebecca, but I am looking for documentation on their son, Robert.

Robert was probably born around 1800. He married Joanna Smiley, from Kennebec County. She passed away in Haverhill MA, but Robert seems to disappear.

If you have any leads, I would appreciate it.

John Doran - Robert's GGG grandson

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John, Robert became a pauper.  In the 1850 census, Robert is living with John and Mary burns. I think they are descendants of the family that bought the Russell farm when Andrew or one of the brothers sold it out of the family. He is 58.  I think he may have died between 1850 and 1860,  Merrylyn Sawyer

I too am a descendant of Robert Russell through their son, Nathan Holton Russel. Which child of Robert and Joanna do you come from, if you don't mind me asking?

Kim Kitsos

Hi Kim:

Thank you for the reply. I am related to Robert by his son Joel S. Russell.  His mother, Joanna Smiley, came to live with him at some time.  I was curious about what happened to Robert, where was his grave, etc.  If you have any information, I would love to hear.

Thank you

Hi John. I live right here in Haverhill, Ma. I have been to Joel's grave and his son, Joel jr. All I know of Robert is he must have died in Madison, because Joanna came to Haverhill and lived the next street over from where I live now. She lived with one of her sons at one point and alone at another residence. 

I have a record somewhere on disk, that Andrew Russell's papers show Robert has a sister Patty. Can't find anything on her. I also know where Andrew is buried. I will try to find where I put this info.

Do you live locally to me in Haverhill?


How interesting, you live in Haverhill.  I live in Doylestown, Bucks County PA and are planning to join some of my cousins on a trip to Haverhill and into Maine next year to do a little research.  Joel had another son, George Washington Russell and he was my g-grand father and is buried in Reading MA.  We will definitely be in contact to learn more and meet you once we come up.

Through this process, it looks like Andrew and his father, George, had something to do with the American Revolutionary War, but with little information on Robert, I could not really confirm that I was on the right trail.

I have some files to send you, but they are too large to send here


here is more. I guess I was able to send it



Thank you for both of these files.  They support and greatly enhanced the limited research I did on Ancestry.com.  I went a little further on Jane Mitchell and have tried to tie her line back to the MayFlower with Francis Cooke's daughter Jane and her marriage to Experience Mitchell.  Have you explored that side?

Thank you for your help and information - I can't wait to share it with your "cousin's" down here.

Not yet, but it will give me something to look into. There is another site you can try for free. It's Familysearch.org. It is what I have been using since I had to cancel my Ancestry account. It gets expensive..


Where in the Mitchell line does Experience Mitchell come from? Thank you

Andrew Russell


George Russell & Jane Mitchell


Andrew Mitchell (son) & Martha Perkins


Andrew Mitchell(father) & Abigail Atwood


Thomas Mitchell & Mary Moulton


Experience Mitchell & Jane Cooke


Frances Cooke

The problem lies with Thomas Mitchell.  There were two at the time and I'm not sure if I have the correct Mitchell.  I forwarded this line to the MayFlower Society, who could not authenticate the Thomas Mitchell line since there were two.  Have fun with it and good luck

This is what I have on Experience Mitchell and Jane Cooke. Didn't realize I already had it


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