I have been looking for evidence of children born to Andrew Russell and his wife Rebecca Nutting Russell. They moved to Madison, ME around 1797 and may have moved to Solon at some time. I can find plenty of information on Andrew and Rebecca, but I am looking for documentation on their son, Robert.

Robert was probably born around 1800. He married Joanna Smiley, from Kennebec County. She passed away in Haverhill MA, but Robert seems to disappear.

If you have any leads, I would appreciate it.

John Doran - Robert's GGG grandson

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Thomas Mitchell, born England, 1627, died Charles- town, Mass,, 1677, married Anne . Children: Thomas, Jr., married November 1655, Mary Molton, died 1 September, 1709. Children: v. ana P.o; Andrew, born 1662. Mary, married 1675, William Ellis. Thomas, born 15 August, 1660. John, born 29 July, 1664. Abijah, born 23 October, 1666. Caleb, born 17 January, 1671, died 1701. Andrew (1) son of Thomas and Mary, married 12 November, 1686. Children: Mary, born 26 July, 1687. Abigail, born 13 February, 1689. Sarah, born 2 November, 1690. Andrew, born 25 January, 1694. James, born 11 January, 1696. Eliz., born 7 January, 1698. -Phillip, born 11 September, 1699. "Jane, married Geo. Russell. Moses, married Margaret Knowlton. Robert, married Alice Harris. Andrew Mitchell (2) born 1694, died Lunenburg, Mass., 1761, married Martha . Children: Jane, born 14 February, 1724, married Geo. Russell. Ruth, born 19 Ju'y, 1726, married Moore. Martha, born 12 December, 1729, married John Richards. Susannah, born 27 December, 1731, married Samuel Russell. Hannah, born 15 September, 1734.

This is what I have on Experience Mitchell and Jane Cooke. Didn't realize I already had it


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