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I got a note from a distant cousin, Doug Record (located through dna). He is a descendant of Christiana Cox (b. abt. 1830)  and John H. Cotton (Civil War veteran). If I remember correctly, you also have Cox ancestors. We are both looking for where she might be buried. Have you done any work on Lunts and Rands? Trying to document them is very difficult! Doug currently lives in New Haven but visits his father in South Paris. 

Thanks for any help you can give. I've directed him to this site as an excellent research resource. 


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Sorry, I couldn't find anything on Christiana's burial. John's death record says that he was buried in Mechanic Falls, but the MOCA records I checked didn't list them. John's brother Dennett is buried in that town, in Maple Grove Cemetery.

Oxford County deeds show that Christiana H. Cotton of Norway bought land in Oxford on 7 April 1884 [book 218, page 386]. John and Christiana mortgaged this and another parcel on 20 March 1889 [book 219, page 7]. Shortly before his death in December 1894, John deeded land in Oxford to his sons Francis and Lendel, on condition that they care for him for the rest of his natural life [book 239, page 462].

As Christiana's death doesn't appear in those vital records that the state began collecting in 1892, we can assume that she died between March 1889 and December 1891.

I don't have much information on the Lunt and Rand families, but I can take a look if you have any specific questions.


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