Now at Internet Archive you can browse "Compiled Records Showing Service of Military Units in Volunteer Union Organizations." These records, digitized from NARA microfilm, are "card abstracts containing information relating to the stations, movements, or activities of each unit or part of it, and frequently to its organization or composition, strength and losses, and disbandment."

These four reels of Maine unit histories have been digitized:

Reel 68 - First Cavalry Second Cavalry First Heavy Artillery First Battalion, Light Artillery Garrison Artillery First Battalion, Sharp Shooters, Infantry First Regiment, Veteran Volunteers, Infantry First Battalion, Infantry First Infantry (3 Months, 1861) through Third Infantry

Reel 69 - Fourth Infantry Through Tenth Infantry

Reel 70 - Eleventh Infantry through Seventeenth Infantry

Reel 71 - Nineteenth Infantry through Thirty-second Infantry Coast Guard Infantry Capt. Cobb, Jr.'s Co., State Guards, Militia (60 Days, 1864) State Guards, Militia (60 Days, 1864) Seventh Unassigned Infantry Ninth Unassigned Infantry Nineteenth Unassigned Volunteer Infantry Twenty-ninth Unassigned Infantry Thirtieth Unassigned Infantry

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Thank you, Chris Dunham. This is a very valuable resource in finding the detailed info on Maine regiments (and their companies) in their day-to-day campaigning.


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