I'm looking for my Cross ancestors in Kennebec County, specifically my great-great-great grandfather John Wesley Cross. He was born 1/27/1835 in Vassalboro. I received a correspondence from someone in Augusta saying that he died in 1904, but have not been able to find an online record of that. His father was William Cross, born abt.1799, died sometime after 1880 census was conducted. His mother was Abigail. Supposedly her maiden name was Lewis, but I also have found no record of this besides other family trees, none documented. According to he 1850 Census she was born abt. 1805. Family trees list her death on 3/10/1851 in Vassalboro.


If anyone can validate any of these uncertainties for me, or expand upon John Wesley Cross's ancestry with documentation, I would appreciate your help. I live in Tennessee and cannot get to Maine to search through records myself.

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According to the Cemetery inscriptions for Kennebec County, I find the following (see attachments)


Also you can find Abigail's stone at



You may want to list John's siblings to make it easier to make other family connections 


Thank you, that does help some. Is this an online book you found or print only? If online I'd love to have the link.

No, it is a from a CD that I own but as I said if you will give more information on John's siblings I can give you more information

His siblings are:

William b.10/9/1825 Vassalboro, m.1848 Caroline Safford

Sophia b.4/25/1827 Vassalboro, m.1848 Benjamin F. Gaslin

George H. b.1/28/1829 Vassalboro d.4/11/1888

Lorinda b.12/17/1832 Vassalboro, m.1853 Western H. Pinkham

Sewell B. b.6/4/1837 Vassalboro d.6/27/1903, m.1st Sarah E. Mitchel, 2nd Abbie F. Mitchell

Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann b.8/22/1839 Vassalboro

Melissa D. b.6/8/1844 Vassalboro

Emily P. b.5/2/1848 Vassalboro


According to the 1860 Census, William had two children with his 2nd wife Clarissa, but I have found no other record of them. They were:

Abby J. b. abt 1851

Alonzo B. b. abt 1855

Here are a few more


Thanks Mel. I may call on you again for some other Maine family mysteries. That CD is handy.

Mel, I was wondering if you could help me with another mystery in my family. I found a birth record for a stillborn baby sibling of my great grandfather's. The record indicates that he was baby number 6. I'm wondering if you could find anything out about babies 4 and 5. All I have to go on is that they were born between 1887 and 1893 either in Maine or Colorado (where dad lived). I've attached the birth record I found. The parents were Kelsey Ellwood Cross and Annie Thwing (Brainard) Cross. Annie frequently left Colorado on extended stays with her parents in Readfield, ME. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks.


Here is John's death record from Maine vital records:


Thank you, Chris. I appreciate it more than you can know.

I have that the first Cross to come to Vassalboro was Noah Cross (b. abt. 1710, Barrington, NH - d. bef. 1793, Vassalboro)

His wife was Lydia Cromwell of Berwick, Maine. The family was in Boothbay for a time before moving to Vassalboro. Lydia died abt. 1766 either in NH or in Wiscasset.  Noah married 2nd Abigail Hammock in Wiscasset on 8/20/1767. I have seven children for Noah & Lydia - William, Joshua (Josiah), Moses, James, Noah Jr., Caleb and Benjamin.

I'm not directly descended from the family, but many of the Moodys married into the Cross family. There was a big connection between some families in Vassalboro and families ion North Nobleboro, Maine (where I'm from.)  The William Cross you mention (b. 1799) was probably a grandson of Noah & Lydia. 

Thank you. I'll see if I can't confirm that somewhere along the way.

Does anyone have any information on Elizabeth Cross, b. 1785, to Caleb Cross b. 1753  and Judith Hooper b. 1765 in Vassalboro?  She may have married Richard Smart in 1804 in Vassalboro. 



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