I'm looking for my Cross ancestors in Kennebec County, specifically my great-great-great grandfather John Wesley Cross. He was born 1/27/1835 in Vassalboro. I received a correspondence from someone in Augusta saying that he died in 1904, but have not been able to find an online record of that. His father was William Cross, born abt.1799, died sometime after 1880 census was conducted. His mother was Abigail. Supposedly her maiden name was Lewis, but I also have found no record of this besides other family trees, none documented. According to he 1850 Census she was born abt. 1805. Family trees list her death on 3/10/1851 in Vassalboro.


If anyone can validate any of these uncertainties for me, or expand upon John Wesley Cross's ancestry with documentation, I would appreciate your help. I live in Tennessee and cannot get to Maine to search through records myself.

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I posted all that and then I went searching her. There is one Ancestry tree by Lorraine Montferret that claims Harriet's parents are Moses Smart III and Lucretia Basset. She doesn't have any sources though, so I don't know what she's basing it on.

Thanks Kendal.  Brick wall.  

Am looking for any information on Rosella Cross, 1816 to 1882.  She was married to Hiram Stevens on May 11, 1839,  Hiram and Rosella was on the 1850 census in Montville, Waldo, Maine and moved to Wisconsin in 1851.  I have information after their marriage date and need information regarding her parents and birth

Her children were:

William O Stevens 1841 to 1895

Fredrick H Stevens 1843 to 1844

Edward P Stevens  1844 to 1904

Granville M Stevens 1846 to 1849

Arlett Adeline Stevens 1848 to ?

Ephraim Eldorus Stevens 1851 to 1907

Hiram P Stevens  1854 to 1854

Lillian Celia Augusta Stevens  1854 to ?

Charles O Stevens  1857 to 1886

George M Stevens  1857 to ?

Franklin Benjamin Stevens 1861 to 1939  (my great grandfather)

thanks in advance.

I don't have anything on her in my tree. To my knowledge, only one Cross in my tree went to Montville and that was after his wife died for a couple years before moving back to Kennebec County. I did do a quick search at familysearch.org and I saw ROSILLA HARMON married HIRAM STEVENS in Fayette, Kennebec Co. on 1/12 or 2/10/1839, but according to other user family trees, that Rosilla died in 1858 in Maine. Google and Ancestry brought up nothing easily found.

Thanks Kendal.  I found Revolutionary Pension for Rosilla Stevens, married to Hiram Stevens.  But nothing else has shown up yet.  The Rosella Harmon you mentioned, is not related.  As more information becomes available, I am sure we both will get hints we need.  Thanks so much for looking.  


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