I'm looking for my Cross ancestors in Kennebec County, specifically my great-great-great grandfather John Wesley Cross. He was born 1/27/1835 in Vassalboro. I received a correspondence from someone in Augusta saying that he died in 1904, but have not been able to find an online record of that. His father was William Cross, born abt.1799, died sometime after 1880 census was conducted. His mother was Abigail. Supposedly her maiden name was Lewis, but I also have found no record of this besides other family trees, none documented. According to he 1850 Census she was born abt. 1805. Family trees list her death on 3/10/1851 in Vassalboro.


If anyone can validate any of these uncertainties for me, or expand upon John Wesley Cross's ancestry with documentation, I would appreciate your help. I live in Tennessee and cannot get to Maine to search through records myself.

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I don't unfortunately. I did find on here that Betsy Cross married Richard Smart on Dec 11, 1803 in Vassalboro, which is where your Elizabeth was born. I would say that that's the closest to an answer you'll get.

Thanks for your reply.

I've been trying to determine if Harriet Smart b. abt. 1804 in Vassalboro is the daughter of Richard Smart and Elizabeth Cross. Thought I would try an inroad through the Cross line.

Have a great day.

I can't say for sure but it's likely. The Smart's did have a daughter born between 1801-1810 that I haven't been able to ID, according to Census records. I'm reasonably confident the following people are children of Richard and Betsy:

  1. Bradford Smart (5/1806 Vassalboro - 9/24/1883 Vassalboro) m. his cousin Silvia Cross, 10 kids
  2. Betsy A. Smart (3/1814 Vassalboro - 6/16/1882) m. Joel Gardner Jr., 2 kids
  3. Joel Smart (c.1815 - ?) m. Betsy (?), 1 kid
  4. Eliza C. Smart (9/29/1818 Vassalboro - 10/9/1911 Newburyport, MA) m. John Nutter, 3 kids
  5. Lovina Smart (3/22/1823 Vassalboro - 4/19/1900 Vassalboro) m. Frederick Gardner, 4 kids
  6. Greenleaf Smart (c.1824 - 9/24/1864 Pensacola, FL during Civil War) m. Hope Elmira Howes, 10 kids

Kendal Merrill, was this daughter still on the 1820 census in this family?  Harriet Smart married in 1824 so she could have still been at home with her family in 1820.

There is a daughter age 10-15 in the 1820 Census.


Also, do you have any information on James Smart who died on 19 May 1848 at the age of 45?  The executor of his estate was the husband of Harriet Smart Bolton.

This page of James Smart's probate file mentions Harriet Bolton. Could this be a list of James' siblings? One of the women mentioned, Polly Cross, is evidently the Polly Smart who married Gershom Cross 1829 in Vassaborough. Her death record says that she was born in Monmouth, the daughter of James Smart and Mary Sampson. Deeds show that James and Mary Smart did live in Monmouth around the time of her birth. A widow Mary Smart appears in Vassalboro in 1820 with several children.

Thank you Chris.  This is more of a lead than I have had in quite a while.   On James Smart's probate file, does it say he died in 1848?  Harriet Smart Bolton died in 1845 in her 40's.  

Chris, I finally was able to look at the actual document you forwarded.  Walter Bolton, Administrator of the James Smart estate, is the husband of Harriet Smart Bolton.  So it appears that this could certainly be her family.  Can't thank you enough.

On the back of that list of names is an appraisal of James Smart's estate that includes "One Ninth of the Homsted farm of his Farther Situated in Vassalborough." So he probably inherited the property with his siblings, though I can find no evidence of this in probate or land records.

Yes, I saw that.  Wished it would have named his father.  Oh well.  But it seems very likely the eight other names are his siblings.  And hopefully the person who completed the death certificate for Polly Cross actually knew her parents' names.  

Thanks so much!


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