I am trying to find out the maiden and first name of my Abenaki 5th great grandmother, her first name might have been Martha, and she was married to Asa Day in 1795, and they had several children, their son Caleb Day I descend from, he was born 1806 in Cornish, York, Maine.  He married Lydia Edgecomb in 1825.

I would like to find out her Abenaki family name and or Christian name and I don't know where to look exactly, tried a lot on the Internet to search for her to no avail.  I live on the West Coast so getting to Maine is not possible yet.  Any suggestions on where to search much appreciated.




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Susie, I can't help you,, I.m also in your situation,,GOOD LUCK and  hang in there,my 5th was also a "Martha",or Patty,,I believe she was an Indian also, but of course can't prove,,,replying to you just to let you know people are reading your post,,,,,Ron,,,,

Susie:  Asa Day was my fourth great grandfather.  I,too, am searching for Asa Day and Penobscot ?  wife. I am writing to the historial society to see if they have any info on the days.  I'll let you know if I find anything.  Hope to talk again soon.  Marilee  

Hi, Marilee,


You would be a cousin then.  Great to hear from you.  Finding the name of this Abenaki/Penobscott woman is a priority.  Just to let you know, I contacted the Penobscott Indian reservation in Brewer, Maine, they were very nice and looked up any Days or Lamberts for me and they had no families listed for those last names.  My Day's married the Lamberts and then in the early 1860's went to California, but not all of them.  There are about 3-4 Day cemeteries in Cornish, York Co. Maine.  All but one of them had been transcribed and none of them were Asa Days children buried there.  Though there is one cemetery that isn't transcribed.  I would imagine by now the snow would be gone from Maine and the tombstones would be readable.  Yes, the historical society is a great place to start, let me know what you find out.  There are the Passamaquoddy Indian and the Mic Mac Indian Reservations there in Maine also, but they will not help with genealogy requests, at least not in the last few months.




Susie J. Plaisted


I tried the I think it was Ne do ba web site.  Names were listed but not ours/Day.  I wonder if the children moved to NH.  I had an Asa Day family member write to me & was certain our Asa and his were the same.  Not so.  Wrong wife and children and birth date.  I am sure we are related but no connection yet and frankly I haven't checked to much so far.  I am not obsessed but close about finding her name.  I am in Texas so I can't look in the files either.  I lived in Loring Air Force Base (Limestone) when I was ateen ager but knew nothing about my ancestors then.  I am also looking for my fathers Fair family.  They at one time spelled their name Phair and there are many Phairs around Limestone.  If you can think of any where else to look let me know.  I keep asking everyone   I've had contact with if they knnow anything about Asa's wife.  Someone has to know something to get us on the right track.  Keep in touch cousin.  I feel optomistic.  Marilee Fair Vance   The first part got cut off.  Hi:  Thanks for writing back.  My days went to Kansas.  My greatgreat grandmother was Lydia Day who married a Henry Church.  my great grandmother was Rosa May Church Hauser, my grandmother was Mona Adelia who married Orin Henry Fair in Minn.  

Hi Marilee,


I had gone through the Ne Do Ba website too with no luck.  Phair almost sounds German.  They do change spellings on names, I have that too, especially the German immigrants, they Anglicized the names when they got here.  I have Riffnach changed to Revenaugh, German changed to English on my father's side.  I just got on Rootsweb and went to Maine Census Lookups for 1830 & 1840 USFEDCensus, and Asa Day was living in York County Maine with a woman in the household age 60-69 and 4 other people.  So he was living there probably with the Native wife.  They don't list children or wives names before 1850 on the U.S. Census.  I think the family most likely stayed in York county if they were close to 70 years old in 1840.  I thought if I could find the graves I might find the name of the wife next to Asa's grave.  They could have moved to another county, their son Caleb moved to Brewer, Penobscott County and is buried there under the name Calif Day.  I agree somebody must know something.  I would like to know the lady's name to see if she had a French Canadian name from Jesuit Missionaries or the original Abenaki Native name.  Maybe she was a daughter of a chief?  I will continue to search York County and some other counties there.  I live in Southern Oregon and am from California.  My great grandfather looks part Native American he would have been Asa's gg grandson, but I think he has it on another side too.





Yes, Asa Day had several children with this Native woman, let me know if you are related to them.



I am related to Days of Fryburg which is near Cornish.  will have to look up these names.

Hi Susie:  I got a name from the historical society Hubbard/  He wrote a book but has only a line of Asa in it.  He to found the census of Asa living in Cornish with a wife.  My grandmother Fair (Church) whose mother was Lydia A. Day did not tell her daughter that she was part Indian.  It was a surprise to my Aunt who is still living.  She is 88 yrs.  old and in Minn.  Rosa May Church was my great grandmother.  I believe she was born in Kansas.  At any rate it is hard to find anything about my Asa.  There is also a Asa Day from NH.  E. Hubbard said he didn't thnik Asa was a doctor and just thought he did doctoring.  He thought he was a farmer.  I did find another person who had found an old journal that said Asa was going back to doctoring so maybe, he was a doctor.  You'd think with all those children that someone would know something or maybe, they chose to forget about it.  There was a stigma attached to native americans at that time .  I'm going to keep looking.  We might find her name.  Take care, Your Cousin, Marilee.     

Hi Marilee,

That is interesting about Asa Day being maybe a doctor.  Hard to believe a doctor would marry a Native lady, but you never know.  Nice to have an aunt that old still living.  I think Asa was a farmer.  His son was and he moved to Penobscot County.  It is ironic that you have a Lydia A. Day as a let see, great grandmother, and I have a Lydia C. Day as Asa's daughter in law, his son Caleb married Lydia C. Edgecomb, and she became Lydia C. Day on the US Census, their daughter Miranda Day married Daniel Lambert they moved to California around the early 1860's.  Then they had several children who were the Lamberts...then goes on down the line to me.  I did some searching and thought maybe some of Asa's children went to New Hampshire, but not certain of it.  There are 2 Day Cemeteries in Cornish, York, ME that have not been transcribed, and their graves, Asa and the Native lady might be there, and I would think graves from after 1840 would still be legible if they were there, the Native wife's name might be on one of those graves.  It was on Find A Grave that 2 of 4 Day Family cemeteries weren't transcribed.  Also the Main State Genealogy Library at the capital, has tons of info, but I don't think you can take or check out the materials.  I think they are reference books.


Cousin Susie Plaisted

Susie: Yes, but you know a lot of families named their children their same names. But it was in a small area so it looks like a lot of their neighbors named their children the same name.  Lydia A W married Henry Church and moved to Kansas.  My g grandmother Rosa May Church was born there.  My grandmother also was born in Kansas. My grandmother, Mona Adelia  married  Orin Henry Fair and moved to Minn. where my father was born.  Orin died a month before my father  was born of the swine flu epidemic that came through in 1918.  Their wew relatives in Minn.  I would think they'd have some of the family history but evidently not.  No one I've found so far knows any more than I do.  I've have been searching for the book written by Ina Day Harris.  It is out of print and I haven't found one yet.  I live in Texas so I can't access the books up there.  Maybe, we''l find our Indian womans name.  I really would like to have it.  I'll keep looking and let you know if I find anything. Take care.  Your cousin Marilee Fair Vance    

Marilee, I am going to look into someone doing research for me if at all possible at the Maine State Genealogical Library if they do look ups.  I have heard of that book by Ina Day Harris.  Sometimes libraries that have those books will copy them for a minimal fee.  One did for me without me even asking them to.  Sometimes Amazon.com has connections to used out of print books, I got one from them, I paid $60 for a rare book out of print, California Wagon Train Lists 1849-52, Amazon got it from a used book store.

Several people have Asa Day's wife as being Native American, or Abenaki, they have Asa's ancestry going way back to England, so why not mention the wife too.  They have the names of his grandmother's, so we should be able to get this lady's name. 


I will keep looking too,


Cousin Susie

Susie:  I just talked with an elderly man(93).  He belongs to a historical society and will have the sec. get in touch with me.  They have the book for sale.  I want it.  Hopefully, this will be soon.  I can hardly wait.  I'll let you know when I get it.  I hope it will have some answers in it.   My email is billtv44@hotmail.com.  Talk again soon. 


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