I am trying to find out the maiden and first name of my Abenaki 5th great grandmother, her first name might have been Martha, and she was married to Asa Day in 1795, and they had several children, their son Caleb Day I descend from, he was born 1806 in Cornish, York, Maine.  He married Lydia Edgecomb in 1825.

I would like to find out her Abenaki family name and or Christian name and I don't know where to look exactly, tried a lot on the Internet to search for her to no avail.  I live on the West Coast so getting to Maine is not possible yet.  Any suggestions on where to search much appreciated.




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Oh my goodness, that is awesome.  Yes let me know.  If I find anything I will let you know too,


Take Care,


Cousin Susie Plaisted


It's been a number of years without activity on this thread so I'm commenting to see if any of you have learned any more about Asa Day and his probable native wife. He is my 4th Great Grandfather. I am descended through Caleb to Russell Right Day to Charles W Day of Skowhegan. I haven't found any more information than what is in Ancestry.com or in this thread. Thanks for any help

Cindy Collins


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