I am looking for the death of Mary McIntire/yre between 1910-1912 at the Maine Insane Asylum.  It could be listed under Chapman, her maiden name. It could even be under Bickford her 1st marriage, but I doubt it.

Does anyone know of a list like that?

I came across a couple sites that talk about the history of the Asylum.  There are a couple of projects, Amistad and the other is Maine Cemetery Project.

Any help will be appreciated!


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Mary H. McIntyre, patient, died 6/23/1926.  It appears that she spent much of her adult life there.



Thanks so much for some long looked for answers on Mary's death.  

As in my query, I thought she had died much earlier due to the last years I found anything in New Gloucester town reports stating how much paid for her assistance at the Asylum.

I appreciate your help.



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