Years ago when New Sharon was called Carr's Plantation, both a Timothy and a Dependence Stover show up in the Carr's Plantation 1790 census.  Timothy has no family, but Dependence does. My 5th great grandmother, Hannah Skilllings (nee Blagdon) of Woolwich/Wiscasset area in the 1780's supposed moved to Starks because a sister who married a Stover had moved to the area. There are no Stovers in Starks' census of 1790 but as mentioned above Dependence Stover shows as having some females living with him. 

Is anyone related to Dependence Stover or does anyone know anything about him, such as who his wife was?


Thanks for any help.

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I wonder if your Skillings was related to my Skillings in Leeds?  They came from down in York I believe.Mary Ellen

I doubt it.  My Skillings was German. He was originally Carl Christian Ludwig von Schilling. Came to Maine in the Amer. Rev. with the British. Deserted. Changed his name to Lewis Skillings and married Hannah Blagdon. Two out of three sons moved to Ohio.  John Skillings remained and married twice and had a lot of children.

Hannah and Lewis married 1784.  John was born about 1790.

I know dependence stover  a great grandfather of mine many generations removed never heard of him residing in carr's plantation. But all the stovers in maine are related and go back to Sylvester Stover.

He was my ancestor. Borm 1742 in York Me of Joseph and Mary Stover. (Joseph was one of the first Dependence's children - the one who was son to Sylvester and Elizabeth.

My Dependence died in New Sharon (Carr's Plantation) after 1790. He fought in the French colonial and Revolutionary War under Cptns. Reed, Pinkham and McAllister. His wife was Peggy/Margaret Adams (also related to me through the Samuel Adams line.)  She was born in 1736 in York ME and died Jan 1822 at New Sharon. Dependence married her in 1758 at York ME.

 Peggy was Ensign Samuel Adam's son. (His father was Samuel 1680-1753, His father was Thomas 1648-1737. His father was Philip 1632-1692 and his father was Samuel 1602- before 1652) Peggy's siblings were Samuel, Jedediah, Lucy, John B 1747, Marian, daughter, and daughter.

Dependence and Peggy  had children 2 sons and 2 daughters, but I only know one of the son's names - Jeremiah born in Boothbay, ME in 1770


Dependence and his brother Joseph moved from York to Boothbay ME. then to Carr's Plantation.


My Grandfather, Chester Addraine Adams, researched the family over a 20 years period after WWII.

I am a direct decendent of Dependence Stover 1735-1824...

 ch. Dependence Jeremiah Tamson .. ? William..( ? Samuel 3-1785 ? James 4-11-1783 ? Sarah 3-27-1787 are said to be his son's (Dependence) children.. but Dependence did not marry until 1791. In which I believe they are his fathers children .}

   I  think that Dependence 1735 York went to Carrs Plantation first.. where Dependence stayed. and his son Dependence went on to Boothbay as well as Joseph 1738  his uncle ..

  No Stovers have been found after 1800 in Carrs Plantation,Unity, New Sharon, But others are found in Mercer Industry Starks areas.1810 and until the 1900 have been in Boothbay Barters Island...

Dependence 1735 was married to Peggy (Margaret Adams) who was born in 1736. Those children born in 1783 on would mean she was in her 50s. Unlikely. She did not die until 1822, so it is unlikely he remarried.

Indeed that would be Dependence Stover my great grandfather  6 times removed he was born in 1735 and died in 1824. The Stovers moved a lot they were the family that helped cut the roads of Maine so, it is not surprising to see him show up in Carr's Plantation. He did die in New Sharon in 1824 his son Dependence is my 5x great grandfather.

His wife was Margaret Adams her father was Samuel and mother Elizabeth Young. We cannot seem to get past Sylvester Stover born ca 1628 in England  He is the progenitor of all the Stovers in Maine and was also known as "Stafford" we believe he was related to the Stafford family of England.  He died on a return trip to England at 80+ yrs old most likely to visit family.


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