All of my elderly father's family lines have very deep roots in Maine, going back to the 1600's. Some of the family adjunct lines originated in Massachusetts, on Cape Cod specifically. Eventually, families migrated north to Maine.

Dad was born in Brewer in 1928. His parents: Royce Page Allen (1898 - 1977) , born on Verona Island; Ethel Dora Small (1894-1971), born in Charleston.

George Allen (my great-grandfather), married a Florida May Spinney Webster, also of Verona Island. I have very little information about my Webster ancestors. My 2x great-grandfather, Isaiah Webster, was married to an Abigail Jones. I have a brick wall with Abigail.

My 2x great-grandfather, Joseph Allen, was married to a Hannah Baker, I believe. This is another brick wall.

I have *a lot* of information about my grandmother's (Ethel) Small ancestry, which goes way back to Francis Small, born in Devon, England, and immigrated to Truro, MA. (1625-1714). My mother was the family historian/genealogist and got a great many records, etc...from my father's family while they were still living.

Additionally, I have further information about the Dyer lines on my grandmother's side of the family. Her parents were Daniel Small (1852-1940) and Lenora A. Dyer (1860-1929). They were also of Charleston. According to my family records, my Dyer line goes all the way back to Mary Barrett Dyer and her daughter-in-law, Anne Hutchinson. My 4x great-grandfather was Benjamin Dyer (1750-1833) married to a Jemima Blake. It appears that Benjamin was the first of my Dyer line to arrive in Maine - Sidney, Kennebec County. The Dyers eventually arrived in Charleston.

I am curious about two of the ancillary lines on my grandmother's side. I have a 3x great-grandmother, Sarah Jaques (1782-1887). I have a newspaper article that was written around her 104th birthday that illustrated highlights from her very long life. I know very little about the Jaques family and where they originated. I also have Dinsmores and Graves; other 3x great-grandparents were Johnson Graves (1774-1851), of Bowdoinham, and his wife, Fannay Dinsmore (1780-1855), also of Bowdoinham. I would love to know more about these family branches.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, so it's very difficult for me to do in-person research. I would be delighted to know if there are possible family connections on-line who have been doing similar research, or may know more about these families, their lives and their origins. Right now, these are mostly names and dates to me, so I would love to learn more about places where they settled and how they lived.

Any and all information, leads or resources is greatly appreciated!

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