Digitized Lewiston Newspapers Now Available at Google

This is huge news for genealogists in central and western Maine. Google News Archive now has digitized copies of the Lewiston Daily Sun (1890-1989), Lewiston Evening Journal and Lewiston Journal (1861-1989), Lewiston Saturday Journal (1870-1929), and the Lewiston Sun-Journal (2005-2006).

Use the Advanced News Archive Search to limit your results to the Lewiston papers. Here are the links to search the Daily Sun, the Evening Journal and Journal, the Saturday Journal, and the Sun-Journal. Or just use this link to search all the Lewiston papers.

Update: Google now has links to browse these newspapers:

Update (28 Aug. 2011): Due to recent changes at Google News Archive, the Advanced News Archive Search page is no longer available. Try adding [source:Lewiston] or [source:"sun journal" source:google] to your query to limit your searches to Lewiston papers.

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Thanks so much for the info - this is indeed a great resource. Is there a simple way to save and/or print the articles one finds? I've tried but to no avail. Thanks,

There appears to be no easy way to save or print articles. You'll have to take a screenshot and copy into your graphics program, I think.


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