There's a "broken branch" on my family tree which stops with William Sargent b. 1805 Maine, d. 1870 Tallapoosa, AL m. Nancy Ann Purvis

I recently joined the Sargent DNA project: and found a fellow with a 12 marker match for my DNA, which means that we probably shared the same ancestor 500 or 600 years ago (big deal :-)

I'm looking for male Sargents that know who their ancestors were *BEFORE* 1800 and would consider a Y-DNA analysis. The testing can be done anonymously. I'm trying to find which Sargent line I descend from.

I'm willing to help pay for a 37 marker Y-DNA test if you (1) know which immigrant Sargent your line follows, or (2) you had a male Sargent ancestor between 18 and 40 (in 1805) that lived in Maine. If we are an exact 25 or 35-37 marker match, I'll pay for the whole thing, and a $100 bonus.

Hope you can help me,


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Hi Keith ~
As you know I too am searching for Sargent, but in the very early times of ancient Fort Pemaquid in Maine.. My ancestor(as far back as I can trace) Thomas Sargent(Sergeant) traces back to having 100 acres of land granted to him by then Gov of New York and Maine charter, Sir Thomas Dongan, a man who had Irish ancestry, and was in the British Military for the Crown. His Military Service was outstanding, which lead to upper political ties with the King. Dongan was awarded title of Duke of New York in abt 1685(afterward Andros), and proceeded in offering land to English and other settlers who would settle in the Fort Pemaquid area in Maine. Now where this Thomas Sargent came before that exactly or who his parent's were is a complete mystery to me. There are other Sargent's in the area that this Thomas may tie to, Lt John Sargent, and Edward Sargent of Saco, who is believed to have been a son of a Mr Stephen Sargent of Richmond Island, who drowned off the Isle of Shoals in 1649, and estate was inventoried there when he died. I am entering a excerpt of Stephen Sargent. here is what was written by Libby, Davis and Noyes in the Maine and NH Genealogical Dictionary, which I found of extreme help in my early Maine research.
7 STEPHEN, Mr., fishing master, Richmond
Isl., came in the -Fortune- bef. 11 June
1638. List 21(2). He wrote letters to Mr.Robert
Trelawney in 1639 and is mentioned respectfully
in Mr. Winter's letters to his chief, the last
time 29 July 1641, 'Mr. Sargent and his two
servants.' About 2 Aug. 1641 he took the
ship -Richmond-, built here, to Eng. On Nov.
29, 1649 John Monke, Antipas Maverick and
Richard Cummings appr. est. at Isles of
Shoals lately in hands of S. S., dec., 'and was
for account of Mr. John Maninge, Capt.
Champernowne and himself,' houses, stage,
boats, etc., with some items belonging to
Sampson Lane, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Dunbar.
John Thompson attested inv. at Boston
27 Aug. 1650..

The Interesting thing is I find Stephen to have been listed in many sources as married and originally from Plymouth, Devon England(or perhaps Cornwall, as the area is very close)..His wife apparently staying in England(letters to Trelawney). But he also is listed as having a son John of probably Saco in other sources.Winthrop writes in Early Sargent's of NE, that Lt John was probably a son of Stephen. yet I find this John attached in several trees on to other parent's, one of which is the John who was father of Digory Sargent. This leading me to believe that no one really seems to actually have sources to prove anything on this LT John Sargent of Saco.

A DNA search on my line of Sargent's shows a very primary match to a Langlais descendant, yet, he only had 12 markers tested. So this is not conclusive. This actually doesn't mean anything at this point. All 12 markers matched with my Uncles, but I need a more conclusive test up to at least a 25 marker test to prove more recent relationship to the Digory line. consider a DNA test to connect your brick walls. It is the most conclusive thing you can do to establish an ancestor's line. I am thinking many people do not think they will have anonymity, but the only person that shares the data, is you. It is held in the strictest confidentiality.and you can use codes to identify yourself. The only person that sees this is a computer. If you find a match at that point you can seek the other person out, and that is if they want to talk to you....

Mine were back in Scituate Massachusetts and then in Boston by 1705 due to Indian attacks on the Fort.By 1800 my ancestors were in Central NY. Many did not escape the Indian attack, yet I know there must be other Sargent's from this line..

Please write me, if you think your Sargent may connect.
Penny Kresl
Here is a supposition (or theory) on the way my Sargent's descend. A chart that we may(or may not descend) from, at least to a Samuel Sergeant(Sargent) in Boston by 1744. I knew my 4x great's father was named Samuel Sargent of Boston. I was able to trace in Boston Church records to a Samuel b. 1744 at the North Church and South Church of Boston, His parent's being listed as Thomas bp 1705, who m Elizabeth (Tompson), with that Thomas probably born to parent's Thomas Sergeant of Boston, Scituate, MA and Muscongus and New Harbor, Maine and Ruth Johnson. The first known Thomas Sargent of this line has been traced back to Maine where,I figure may have been born abt 1660-1665 in the Saco area. He first showed up in Maine in 1686 being granted 100 acres from Gov Thomas Dongan(Duke of New York), at Pemaquid. He is living next to his father in law, LT Francis Johnson Jr, father of Ruth and Mary Johnson. A year later they were paying taxes to Gov Andros, Massachusetts(instead of New York) now being the owner of the Maine Charter.

I know also that women(until later in time) were not allowed on the Fishing Island of Richmond Island, and Isle of Shoals, due to the unscrupulous behavior of some of the men. Apparently while most were civil, at times they drank heavily and it was considered a rough bunch. In letters to Trelawney(Trelawney Papers, by James Baxter) Mr Stephen Sargent asks Sir Robert Trelawney to please send his wife his owed money to his wife back in England, since he is there(meaning Isle of Shoals and Richmond Island) and can not be back in England to give his wife the money he was owed. So this proving to me, that some where in Devon, England the first known Stephen Sargent had a wife, who probably never came over.
Lt John Sargent was said to be a son of Stephen Sargent by Winthrop, LT John had at least a couple of documented sons, Benjamin, Edward, and Joseph.yet I believe there were other sons not documented. I think my Thomas may have been one of them, and another one, Stephen who also later ends up in Boston also. I also find with the spaces in his children, LT John may have actually been married three times(so I did not know which wife to actually attach my Thomas too, as far as a mother).John was either b. abt Cornwall or Devon England or Maine. These counties in England are side by side and Plymouth(in Co Devon) being very close to Cornwall.There is a Stephen b. in Saltash and another in St Neots that may be our elusive Stephen Sargent.It's very hard to say. Both towns near Plymouth, Co Devon, and in Cornwall. John Sargent & Martha Axford of the Digory line are said to be from St Germans only abt 10-20 miles from these towns, hence the DNA perfect match. I think we may someway in the early 1600's be related. Here is the Chart.
Direct Descendants of Stephen Sargent?

1 Stephen Sargent? b: 1608 in Co Devon, Plymouth, England
.. +Joan?
. 2 LT John Sargent? b: Abt. 1632 in ME d: August 10, 1703 in Blackpoint, Maine
..... +Anna?
.... 3 [1] Thomas Sergeant b: Bet. 1661 - 1665 in England or Maine d: April 11, 1711 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
........ +[2] Ruth Johnson b: Abt. 1665 in Salem, MA m: Abt. 1690 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA d: in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
....... 4 Thomas Sergeant b: February 25, 1706/07 in Boston, MA d: December 31, 1788 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
........... +Elizabeth Tompson b: Abt. 1710 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA? m: July 23, 1728 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA d: May 19, 1770 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
.......... 5 Samuel Sergeant b: June 03, 1744 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA d: Bet. 1773 - 1779 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
.............. +Bethany Smalledge b: December 28, 1746 in Boston, MA m: September 19, 1765 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA d: Aft. 1779 in Boston, MA
............. 6 Thomas Sergeant b: February 18, 1774 in Boston, MA d: February 18, 1835 in Butternuts Township, Otsego Co., NY
................. +Sarah Sisson b: 1770 in RI m: Abt. 1800 in Cobleskill, Schoharie Co., NY d: March 07, 1843 in Butternuts twnship, Otsego Co., NY
................ 7 James Sergeant b: August 15, 1804 in South New Berlin, Chenango Co., NY d: December 13, 1889 in Nashua, Chickasaw Co, IA
..... +Mary
.... 3 [1] Thomas Sergeant b: Bet. 1661 - 1665 in England or Maine d: April 11, 1711 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
........ +[2] Ruth Johnson b: Abt. 1665 in Salem, MA m: Abt. 1690 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA d: in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA

John m. 3rd a Ruth Unknown who shows up on a land doc on Mary (Sargent) Jacksons land after 1703 and says she is John Sargent's widow, her name is marked as an A(her mark) on her the Document, since apparently she could not write her own name.. It was a land transaction to Mr Joseph Jackson, who was a son in law and married to daughter, Mary Sargent. Mary names her mother, Ruth w. of John Sargent. LT John d. in Indian attack at Black Point in 1703, possibly in connection with the death of his son Joseph there.

My Mother is a Langlais from Cohoes,N.Y by way of Riviere du Loup and Louis Phillpe Langlais dit Serien. The y-dna has me baffled ? Bill Simmons

The Sargent Y-DNA Project has 13 participants, so far. These 13 Sargents fall into four Haplogroups:

R1b1b2 (6 unrelated and 2 related Sargents),
E1b1b1 (2 related Sargents),
l1 (2 related Sargents), and
G (1 Sargent)

The E1b1b1 group descends from William Sargent, born 1606 in Bath England, who married Elizabeth Perkins. His parents were Richard Sargent and Katherine Stevens who were married on Nov. 22, 1602 in Bath, Somerset, England.
It is plain to me, that if we (per see) do perhaps descend from Stephen Sargent of Maine, we are probably in no way related to the William Sargent of Bath, England, who settled in the towns of Amesbury, Ipswich,Hampton Newbury and Salisbury in MA. (unless I find out we are not descendant's of Stephen) Winthrop Sargent in his book, Early Sargent's of New England only "supposed" that Lt John Sargent of Saco was the son of Stephen Sargent (Master Fisherman of Isle of Shoals and Richmond Island.) Traditionally we have been told we have descended from huge Fisherman and seafaring men and owned wharves and ships(probably sloops) and even built them. I still have found no evidence or proof that Stephen and LT John were related, or for that matter that Thomas Sargent(my first known ancestor) was 100% related also. So far I have not found any real documentation to prove any of my theory, and I could be wrong, and it is very possible I am wrong...But locations and proximity do point primarily to this. The only factor in this is, you can't always go by that. We(our line) had another Sargent Family living down the road in Jefferson county WI later in 1846 . At that time, my ggg grandparent's came here by covered wagons from NY(before WI was a state). In census's they both said they were from NY. I thought both Sargent families were related, until later I found they were not, and were from the William of Amesbury, MA line.This is why the DNA test has come in as another genealogical tool for me, since any one proving they came from this certain Sargent lines, will have matching DNA, and the Y GENE in males never changes or it never lies.(of course unless you find out someone was adopted and never knew it) or that the people you "thought" you were always related to, you are not a member of that family. which can sometimes be a little disappointing and scary, when you have always been told something your whole life..

Penny, I am thinking my Langlais line was a capture during the sacking of the Fort at Pemaquid, Maine in 1696, time frame fits ? Have you found anything yet ? My family is a match with your line also.


I agree Bill!!

Hi Penny,

My Mother was a Langlais from WI and we have things traced back to the the Maine branch of Sargent or Mass. Is it possible for me to have DNA ran of myself to see what state we connect to? we always thought we descended from Louis Phillip  but it is way up in the air now. I could not use the Y as my ties as a male would have to go through my Mother.

No Brian, the Y DNA is only passed down on the father's side, not the mother's. Does she have a brother?

Yes. One left living. I will ask if he would be willing. What place provides the best DNA testing?

Many of the people in the Sargent DNA Project (including myself) used FTDNA

The 37 marker test is all you need. It's $169, but you can wait for a sale, possibly December, when the price comes down to $130, or so. No blood is needed, just a cheek swab. Put yourself on their e-mail list so they will notify you of sale prices.

Thank you Keith!


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