There's a "broken branch" on my family tree which stops with William Sargent b. 1805 Maine, d. 1870 Tallapoosa, AL m. Nancy Ann Purvis

I recently joined the Sargent DNA project: and found a fellow with a 12 marker match for my DNA, which means that we probably shared the same ancestor 500 or 600 years ago (big deal :-)

I'm looking for male Sargents that know who their ancestors were *BEFORE* 1800 and would consider a Y-DNA analysis. The testing can be done anonymously. I'm trying to find which Sargent line I descend from.

I'm willing to help pay for a 37 marker Y-DNA test if you (1) know which immigrant Sargent your line follows, or (2) you had a male Sargent ancestor between 18 and 40 (in 1805) that lived in Maine. If we are an exact 25 or 35-37 marker match, I'll pay for the whole thing, and a $100 bonus.

Hope you can help me,


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Hi again Keith. The attached image shows me linking back to Jean-Francois Langlais. But from what I gather we link to Saco, Maine Sargents and no match for Worchester, Mass and Digory Sargeant. From what I have read Bill Simmons is having difficulty too seeing how we tie in to the Saco Line. Any directions you can point me in?

Thank you.

Hi Brian

Yes that would be cool. We used Family Tree DNA to do the YDNA test of my Uncle and two male cousins. I like the fact they are established and they have a huge data base that matches and tells you when you have matched with a relative.. Now to forewarn you there were supposedly another line of Langlais that descend from the Digory Sargent line, so you may be related to that line. . We'll know more when you get the results. I would advise at least doing the 37 to 60 marker test. It's easier to match the generations if you get the short term repeats(meaning the further back you can match, it is more accurate) They assign you a number, but I will be able to see your tests if they match they will come up in the Sargent project. Also you could add your test results World Families, which Keith Sargent Started.

If I can answer any questions let me know. Google Family Tree DNA(FTDNA). then click on tests and do the YDNA one . I see Keith tells you about the YDNA having to be a male Langlais. It's about 270$ and there are specials a lot. .
For some reason I just got this message , Sorry I didn't reply right away.

Good Luck,


How far can you go back then on your Mom's line? Looks like you are definitely related to the Bill Simmons line then. and Our Sargents match up. You need to find a Male Langlais /Langlade to test from this line as Keith said! I am excited, the more the merrier, but I ?we need to match up with a descendant of Edward Sargent(a proven descendant of John & Stephen Sargent) but not in YDNA so if we can get a male Sargent from Edward Sargent's line of Newbury MA, and NH we can almost prove we all indeed are descendants of Master Fisherman Stephen Sargent who came over with the first Fishermen on Richmond Island  on the Fortune in 1633, I think the year was. (without looking at my notes)



Sorry I don't know anything about that branch of the Sargents.

Ok thanks.

We have a male but waiting until he is ready. If it matches it would be nice to find out where the fisherman came from. I have good tracking sources in England but without a name and/or town of origin it is rough.

We are back to Jean-Francois Langlais in Kumouraska.

Brian if you want you can contact me via my personal email I live in South East WI. . Might be easier to correspond.

Where do you live in WI?


I lived in Wisconsin up until 17 years ago. I live in Arizona now. Getting ready to retire in Spring. I will contact you via regular email.

Let us know the name of your Langlais when he tests so I can go in and look @ the YDNA analysis @ FTDNA.
Just remember , Benjamin Sargent had three children taken from the Saco area. or they could have also been taken in 1703 when John(the father) was killed, Benjamin was killed and Joseph(his sons) were killed. @ Blackpoint(now called Scarboro, Maine). That was 1703. But I believe they were taken @ Saco before that, but it wasn't too much before that.  That is why I think my ancestor Thomas was another undocumented son of LT John Sargent. I believe he( LT John) was married more than once. Ruth was mentioned in a land transaction as a wife of LT John and she was illiterate and signed her name with an X. I have to find that data. I have collected dated on this line for 30 years and it turns out on paper. Thomas owned land in 1686 that was granted to him by then Gov Dongan. So I feel it is no accident that the males YDNA from our line matched the Langlais line. Now I have to try and find a male from the Edward line. Edward was a documented son. If the male descendants YDNA match . I am positive we have a Sargent original Immigrant to Mr Stephen Sargent of Isle of Shoals and Richmond, Island , Maine.,

who came in the Fortune in 1638 with a fishing crew For Robert Trelawney of Devon, England. I believe Stephen Sargent the Master Fisherman was actually born in Cornwall, near Plymouth, Co., Devon, England.


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