I am looking for information on my Great-Grandmother's family.  Her name was Blanche Eastman.  She was born in 1888 in Garfield Plantation, Aroostook County ME.  Her parent's were Samuel M. Eastman, born in 1829 or 30 in New Brunswick and Georgie Ann Eastman (aka Ann Eastman), born in 1842 in Maine.  Ann Eastman's parents are listed on Census records as both being born in Maine.  I have no further information on Georgie Ann.  I am looking for her maiden name, etc.  I have Samuel's parents as John Eastman, born in 1803 in New Brunswick and Rebecca Eastman, born in 1802 in Maine.  Her parent's are listed as being born in Maine also.  I have no further information on Rebecca Eastman.  On Census records, John Eastman's parents are listed as his father being born in Maine and his mother in Massachusetts.  I was always told by my Grandfather, Blanche's son, Roland E. Ellis, that we have indian heritage from this family line, possibly the Passamaquoddy tribe of Northern Maine.  Does anyone have any info on my family or where I might find more info?

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Based on the children in the 1880 Census I believe this  to be her second Marriage. Orrin Eastman's Birth record shows a Samuel Eastman and Annie Brawn as Parents, But I have also seen it spelled Braun and Brann. 

These are great, I was wondering where the Kirkpatrick came in to play...

Thank you so much for this info.


I have an Eastman family question as well.  I'm looking for a Miriam Eastman, born around 1650 in Maine, who married Robert Esmond probably around 1675 in Kittery.  I show they had 3 children, Sarah, Henry and Joseph Esmond.  Any information on Miriam or Robert's parents?

I hope this bumps to the top somehow. Sarah Esmond  and Robert and Miriam are my ancestors also. I would love some info on them, as well


My Great Grandmother was Isabelle Easton... Following the same lines you are. I am also interested in the Indian heritage that my Granfather told me about. I thought he always said we were from the Kickapoo line, but I am unsure.... Any information you have would be great. You can email me directly at michele.scutieri@hotmail.com


Thanks, Michele


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