looking for any info on edith miner( married name )married eugene miner in 1900 she had a child jasper hutchings miner i need to know who she had this child with it was not eugene some say her maiden was was blackadar or she was married befor to a blackadar i can not find any birth records for her jasper was born in 1894 they all lived in charleston maine i know jasper died in 1948 but have no info on edith or eugene can anyone help/

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It looks like Eugene was first married in 1894 to Mabel A. Blanchard, and that they divorced in 1899. Eugene was living in Glenburn in 1880, with grandparents Allen Miner (75, b. N.H.) and Nancy P. Miner (73, b. Me.). It's not clear who his father was, but Allen and Nancy had sons John L. (b. abt. 1843), George A. (b. abt. 1851), and James M. H. (b. abt. 1854).

The 1900 census for Charleston says that Eugene and Edith had been married for six months, so they must have married immediately after Eugene's divorce in October 1899. I notice that their next-door neighbor in 1900 was Levi A. Doose, a widower born June 1838 in Maine. This is interesting, because Levi A. Doose and wife Sara of Charleston had a daughter named Edith in 1880, aged 4 years. This fits Edith Miner's date of birth as given in the 1900 census—July 1876. If I had to guess, I would say that Edith Miner's maiden name was Doose. I have been unable to find a marriage record for her—either to a Mr. Blackadar or to Eugene Miner.
thankyou so much!!
Glad I could help!

I have Edith M. Doore (1853 -1885) married to Eugene E. Miner (1838 - 1921), she was daughter of Levi Almon Doore and Sara E. Ramsdell.  Edith had a sister Eva (Married to William H. Blackwell), Edith is buried in the Hart Cemetery in Atkinson, ME, along with her parents.

Edith and Eugene had a daughter Edith May Miner (1875 - 1913) who married Clarence Linwood Strout.

I have no information on Jasper.

Ah, you're right. Doore makes much more sense. Thanks!


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