I am looking for information about the children of Edmund E. Stevens and Nancy M. Curtis.  I want to add this information to the records I have prepared for my brother-in-law, William F. Stevens who is the son of Charles W. Stevens and Madeline Doris Libby----can anyone help me with that???  I know that Bill has a cousin named Evelyn, but that is all I know---were there other children??????

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The obituary of Nancy M. (Curtis) Stevens in the Bangor Daily News of 9 Mar. 1995 mentions four children: Arthur of Swanville, Edmund of Bath, Marilyn Shaw of Bucksport, and Evelyn Simmons of Swanville.




Hello, have you had any success with your search? If this is.Curtis is the curtis's I'm thinking it maybe, Then you can find them under the Curtis in Swansville Maine. Where my uncle lives and one of my cousin's ruthy lives to this day. I will awate your reply.

Hi! My name is Maci Stevens. I am a new member. I saw your request for information. I can certainly help you with this topic. Edumund E. Stevens was my paternal grandfather. My father was Arthur Addison Stevens Sr, Nancy Mariah Curtis and Edmunds only son. I grew up across the road from Gram, but Grampa died a year before I was born. I grew up on the homestead where my Grandmother Nancys family settled. The other info is right Evelyn and Marilyn are my Aunts. Edmund Meranias is the other mentioned in the obituary. He was a boarder with the family...not a blood relative.
Charles Wellington Stevens was Grampa only brother. There were 6 sister. I have done a little research into the family tree and would love to compare notes.


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