We are hoping that with the Town Of Woodstock's help that the wish

of Eleanor Bryant Whitman will be completed and that her name and

info with get inscribed on the Whitman Monument.  We also hope to have

her husbands info added as well.

I have seen 2 different Birth dates  On Eleanor -

Looking to verify the following info -  Let me know if it is corrector or needs changes

Eleanor Bryant - does anyone know her middle name????????

B- 9/19/1829

D - 4/16/1908

Alanson Mellen Whitman

B - 5/17/1814

D - 12/6/1892

Thanks for any help in this project - Heidi

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I have seen Eleanor's middle initial given as "A.", but this is not well attested. She seems not to have used an initial when signing her name. I believe that her birth date in Greenwood town records is given as 5 Sept. 1829, but you might want to confirm this. The other info you've given matches mine.

Thanks Chris - Had seen her birthday as listed as Sept 5 and Sept 19 -

appreciate the help - Heidi

What is your source for her birth as 19 Sep 1829?  I thought the Greenwood Town Record of Births gave it as 5 Dec 1829.  Needs to be checked.   The 1900 census of Woodstock gives her birth as Sep 1829 (no precise day).  What you are doing is very admirable.  She certainly deserves it and more.  A great woman!

Thanks for the reply I did get the documented Sept 5, 1829 have passed the info along so hopefully this will finally get done.


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